Berlin, my Love


21. January 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello and good morning!!

Thank you for being patient – it was awkward missing out on the Monday post, but I make it up today with a Berlin recap!

By now you probably know, that I am madly in love with Berlin. It’s also not a secret, that it was my first choice to go abroad during my study time. Whenever possible, I return to this place.

Berlin This time though, the prior reason for my visit was Tim – who I got to know through my gym back in 2006. And yes, there was some complicated love stuff going on back then for about 2 years. We had GOOD times, but I am also beyond happy we overcame the emotional battles and after a few years of radio silence are back in a wonderfully relaxed, enriching and happy friendship. I do consider Tim as one of my closest friend and soulmate.

Tim_BerlinBut let’s start from the beginning. I had to get up at 4:15 on Friday morning to catch my flight at 7am – as a non-coffee drinker, green tea for the rescue. I arrived only less than an hour later and rushed direction city.

Green Tea

Tim picked me up a little time later at a coffee place and I was finally able to drop my unfortunate heavy suitcase (…!!!), catch up on the first chat in person since summer with my friend and then have some lunch before we headed to his gym. Tim works as an independent personal trainer in Berlin and if you ever need someone who kicks your butt in a good way, then call him. I was a sweaty, half-dead but happy mess when finishing my workout.

Berlin TimHe had to work till late, so I made my way back to his place to catch up on some sleep and chill – which was really nice. Even nicer was the bus ride home – it made me feel 29 years old again, when I was all alone in the big city, making my way through the jungle.

I made sure food was ready and we just enjoyed the evening at his place. I cooked up some pretty good food if I may say so myself. I marinated the salmon in my coconut marinade for 2 hours, sprinkled it with coconut flakes and baked it in the oven – along with a handful of roasted prawns and Sweet Potato fries. Yes. Good.

Salmon_BerlinDessert (aka: Crack Swiss Chocolate) was imported directly from Switzerland – the Eggnog in the mini-waffle (aka: ‘Leckelement’ – that’s not what I said 🙂 ) was his contribution.

I DID enjoy every bite and sip. No regrets.

Chocolate Saturday consisted of an outdoor run after sleeping in – and some crazy bootcamp stuff on the playground.

LucieThe day went on with the perfect breakfast – my eggy berry oats&fruit (smothered with almond butter of course), homemade buckwheat bread (to die for) and freshly blended green smoothie à la Tim. Sometimes it’s good to be in the company of someone who is just as obsessed by breakfast as myself.

Breakfast Saturday consisted of a little shopping, homemade late lunch, chilling and then exploring my absolute favorite area in Berlin: KREUZBERG. In my time back then, I lived there – and if I would ever live in Berlin again, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Steamed rutabagas, Squash, Salad Greens, Chicken Breast

Steamed rutabagas, Squash, Salad Greens, Chicken Breast

Germany is pretty advanced with Whole Foods stores….so jealous.

Germany is pretty advanced with Whole Foods stores….so jealous.

Tim IMG_2776We hung out in my favorite bar where I used to be a frequenter during the 7 months in 2008. Oh it was SO nostalgic – oh memories.


Espresso? Nöö, Amaretto….. 🙂

Taking advantage of late night shops…. and talking to strangers, like Harald…. 🙂

Berlin We ended the night late again, and slept in on Sunday – which was my restday and so we headed straight out to grab food. Berlin is very famous for its brunch offers – and this wasn’t a disappointment either. Eggs, Oats, Fruit, Yogurt, Salmon, Veggies…..all I need. Brunch Berlin

He was excited.

He was excited.

I swear!

I swear!

Aww, here we go!

Aww, here we go!

Fueling those guns… is bliss. Lucie Lucie Photo Session – cause I pretend it to be my job.

IMG_2732 IMG_2729 IMG_6280 IMG_2731IMG_2742 IMG_2764 IMG_2775 IMG_2779

Berlin IMG_2787 IMG_2743 IMG_2745 IMG_2753 IMG_2760 IMG_2755LucieAnd then it was time for my blogger meet up!! Miss Polkadot was in town too and of course we HAD to make a date. It was SO nice to see her and to catch up on some blogger talk – except that we hadn’t enough time at all. But I had to rush to the airport right after and so we had to keep it short……which calls for a new date of course!


Blogger essentials - twin cams!

Blogger essentials – twin cams!


I can SO relate…. :-)

I can SO relate…. 🙂

And then it was time to leave. What a great weekend. Spending time with a friend, breathing the air of Berlin, meeting a blend – living my passion of good workouts, good food and photographing, and still indulging on my favorite treats without regretting a thing.

I’ll be back, Berlin, my love.

Thanks to my host and friend Tim for everything!!



32 thoughts on “Berlin, my Love

  1. Sounds (and looks) like such an awesome weekend, lady 😀 You definitely know how to live it up and have a good time, which makes me seriously want to go on vacation with you. Snowboarding in the Alps? Disneyland? A blogger conference? Seriously… one of them HAS to happen!

  2. I wish I could pull off wearing hats the way you can! They always looks so good on you! 🙂

  3. Sounds like you and Tim have an amazing relationship! I think that is awesome how it evolved from what it was to now (even with the little details I have about it, I feel like I can relate). Holy yum! So much fitness and deliciousness… my kind of weekend. Also how have I not made salmon with coconut?! You are a genius. Speaking of your cooking, thank you for linking up your quiche on my post from Sunday! So fun that you got to meet up with Miss Polkadot… I hope to meet you both on my next venture to Europe xx

    • Yes, i am so happy we made it and could develop such a great relationship. it’s amazing and i’m really thankful.
      Hehe, try the coconut salmon! It’s so delicious!!
      And YESSSS for a European blogger meet up – we NEED to make it happen!

  4. You and Tim are precious! I’m not sure what happened btw the 2 of you, but to see how you guys act together, it’s obvious how important your relationship and friendship must be. I also have to say, I’m quite jealous of you & Miss Polkadot’s meet up. Looks like you two really hit it off. YAY!

    • Thank you Hunn – definitely right – we share a long story and a special one, so we truly have a deep connection and I am so glad we’re reunited!
      I totally would have loved to have you there too with Miss Polkadot and me!!

  5. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!
    Nice to have you back here!
    What a nice weekend!! Good food, kick-ass workout, good company (can I say very good company 😉 ),…
    Nice also you could meet with another blogger.
    You definitely need to come to Lausanne 😉

    Enjoy the day!!

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks for beeing around, sharing funny, delicious, sweaty and relaxing time. Thanks a lot for your guidiance through Kreuzberg 😉 and all about our close friendship. Some years ago you took me through Berlin, nowadays i did so with you 😉 Should i mention that Lucie hate doing Burpees…

  7. Lucie!!! Kreuzberg is my favourite place in Berlin too- That’s so funny how you mentioned it, I posted about it in my Spill it post recently- my favourite song ever is Kreuzberg by Blog Party…I roamed around Berlin with it blaring 😉

    So glad you got a blogger meetup and also how Tim is so similar to you in terms of fitness and foodie antics! I swear none of my family are into breakfast like I am.

    • Oh my Gosh, I have to check that song out!! I don’t know it!! Unacceptable.
      And yes, it is pretty awesome if somebody as passionate about food and fitness as me/us – no discussion about almond butter and green smoothies and a workout – it happens naturally!

  8. Jeana says:

    Berlin looks amazing! I do need to visit some day. Germans have the best breakfast ever! Enjoyed your spontaneous photo shoot as well!! Xo

  9. It was amazing – albeit yes, way too short – to meet you, Lucie! Thank you so much for a great time. Fingers crossed for a repeat very soon!!

  10. cottercrunch says:

    ahh berlin! I miss it. so fun! and i love all your pics. You are so artsy. I want to do crazy bootcamp stuff with you next. k?

  11. Looks like you have a fun weekend, for sure! Your friendship with Tim seems awesome – from what I can gather it sounds very similar to my friendship with a good dude-friend of mine, and this is just making me want to hop on a plan to Alberta to visit him.
    If you asked me a few years ago if Germany was high on my list of places to visit I would have said no, but lately I’ve been thinking that it would be pretty fun to see…pretty sure I could get around the ‘I-hate-beer’ thing 😉
    And blogger meetups are amazing – glad you and Miss Polkadot got the chance to hang out!

  12. kimathungryhealthygirl says:

    What fun getting to visit a place that you used to live and still love so much! I love all of the pics, looks like a really special trip.

  13. I have the same camera too!!! Can I be in the club?? So jelly that you met S and that she met YOU. Oh and the whole Berlin part too 😉 Let’s meet up in Berlin cool?

  14. Wow this looks like an awesome weekend! When I studied abroad I wasn’t able to make it to Berlin but now I definitely want to go back! beautiful photos

  15. […] a nutritionist) next Tuesday and will have all of my questions answered. I had a short chat with Tim about it, cause he had the same issues and had great experience with the elimination for these few […]

  16. Great pics!! I’m going to Europe by myself for 7 weeks this spring and Berlin is one of my stops. I can’t wait!! Do many people speak English there?

  17. […] yet – he used to be my Personal Trainer, we had some love stuff going on, but are now just best friends. We change locations of our visits, as he lives in Berlin. This time it is Switzerland. Tim arrived […]

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