Currently – January 2014


17. January 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy Friday my Dears!

While you are reading this, I am either: trying to pack my suitcase in a reasonable way (never happened before and probably won’t this time either) OR: get a few hours of sleep before I have to get out at 5am to the airport OR I am already in Berlin. I visit Tim this weekend and it’s going to be fun! As you might know, I lived in Berlin for 7 months in 2008 to work with criminal young men as a social worker. I loved the job, but I even more fell in love with the city.

Reasonable Packing did not happen

Reasonable Packing did not happen

I will probably be unplugged for most of the time and my Recap will only follow on Tuesday – I hope you are ok with that. If not, then I’m sorry and I buy you a chocolate bar.

Before I head off, I leave you with a CURRENTLY post – one of my favorite surveys!

Current book: As always, I choose stories from the 19th century where the main role is a woman. I can not get enough of this setting – I love to empathise these ladies.


Current music: On repeat. For a badass weight session?? Hell yeah!!

Current guilty pleasure: Spending too much money on workout related stuff:

1. Crossfit membership

Crossfit Basel

2. Garmin Forerunner 210 Garmin 3. Protein Powder  (more on that later)

4. Continuing my Yoga membership

Current TOE-nail colour: bright red. I went with a darker one before which I liked better for winter, but I’m ok with this one too. My fingernails are NAKEEED! image (4)

Current drink: Water, water water. Especially when I fly – there’s nothing worse than travelling on a plane and being dehydrated. I hope I can grab a Chai Latte at the airport – a very rare treat when I’m on the road – and by tonight I want to hold a nice glass of Prosecco in my hand. Chai Latte

Current food: Maybe not current, but the last I had – eggy/flax oats with chocolate quark for breakfast, a tupperware full of saffron chicken, broccoli and eggwhites on the train to Basel and scrambled chicken eggwhites with broccoli for dinner. Yeah I obviously had some broccoli to use up.

Eggy Oats Chicken Scrambled Eggs Current wish: Spring. I must say that we were very lucky with the winter weather this year – so far no snow and hardly any below zeros. Yet, spring is SO much nicer and I’m fed up with looking like shit a stuffed sausage when leaving the house.

catCurrent need: Time to work on my recipage!! I already transfered several of them, but I’m nowhere yet – and I’m creating new ones weekly. ARGH!

Protein Bars
Sugarfree Raw Lemon Protein Bars

Current outfit: Black Diesel, baby denim jacket and missing high heels.

OutfitCurrent bane of my existence: Waiting for my Ninja Ultima Blender. I know this is ridiculous, but I’m out of Almond Butter (SCREAM!!!) and I NEED to get it soon so I can make more of my homemade nutbutters – especially the Cacao Coconut Almond Bliss!!

NinjaABCurrent indulgence: NOT nutbutter 😦 but I will definitely have one of Berlin’s famous brunch plates at a restaurant there this weekend – ridiculously good.

Current procrastination: Recipage. Recipage. Recipage. Anyone interested in a little part-time job?

Current blessing: Being healthy, making progress in my recovery and fitness goals. VERY current: travelling in Berlin, my favorite European city.

Current excitement: See my current indulgences: starting crossfit again, having a Garmin Forerunner finally and finding my favorite Protein Powder HERE in Basel, Switzerland just around the corner of my office!! growing naturals PLUS – I’M IN BERLIN!!!berlin

Current mood: Relaxed, excited, happy.

Current link: The weather in Berlin – so far, so good… least on the days when I’m there! FotoHappy Weekend my friends!!

Pick 2 Currently’s and answer them!



11 thoughts on “Currently – January 2014

  1. Umm, I’m not ok with this…so do I get a chocolate bar now? 😉
    Current nail colour: both my toes and fingernails are naked. Oops.
    Current book: re-reading A Clash of Kings.

    Have a fabulous time this weekend!! ❤

  2. Have so much fun in Berlin! I lost my dignity in Berlin about 4 years ago…NSFW but if you keep sucking me in with your blog I’ll tell you about the most epic night of my life. It involved a rave, a freezer, sunrise on the roof of a skyscraper and McDonald’s…


    Cannot wait to hear about your recap, and I’ll be mean and nasty so you have to bring chocolate for me 😉

  4. mitchell-james says:

    Hope you have an absolute ball Lucie! Take plenty of pictures 🙂

    Europe is so fascinating that you can jetset between so many different cities in such a short amount of time! Australia is so spread out from each one 😛

    Be careful what you wish for about the weather, it might just come true 😉

    Berlin is a city that I would love to visit, but I’m scared that I would:

    A) Fall in love with it, and take it in my stride
    B) It would completely overwhelm me, and gobble me up whole!

    Ever since I saw Cabaret, I had a vision of the city as the beautiful, fun place, where I go perform in a night club and have a few adventures ;P hahaha

  5. Have a fantastic time Lucie! My current excitement is that I’m being sent to America for work next month 😀 My current nail colour is naked – I need to paint them something bright and cheerful to remind me that Spring is coming!!

  6. Current Read: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett–HILARIOUS! and Current Indulgence: Cereal with Almond Butter. I can’t get enough! My fingernails are nakey bakey too!

    Love this post, and YOU! Have a great trip!

  7. I’m so excited you’re able to get my favorite protein over there. 🙂

    Not that I know that’s possible. I’m ready to move. Can you hook me up with a job???

  8. cottercrunch says:

    ohh are you getting growing naturals?? yay if you are! and safe travels your pretty woman you!

  9. Current nail colour – bright pink!
    Current need – MY BLENDER. Summer in Argentina = constant smoothie cravings… *cry*

    Have an awesome weekend, I love Berlin!

  10. Current Nail Color: Barbie Pink
    Current Need: a Vitamix, I used my girlfriends and it was literally a game changer!

    Love this post <333

  11. Una says:

    Fun! You look fabulous in your current outfit by the way 😉 current food- sausages- weird addiction at the moment! And white chocolate! And a new obsession with buttered toast 🙂 Current outfit- lots of bright colourful dresses (I live in NZ). Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

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