WIAW#47 – A Monday of eats


15. January 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!

I’m glad it’s midweek – this week’s been crazy and I can not wait to step on the plane and head off to BERLIN on Friday!

But first, let’s stalk each other’s eats. Cause that’s one of our favorite thing to do, right? Thanks to our hostess, we can do so at least once a week. WIAWbutton

Before I show you my Monday food, I want to explain the mysterious nutbutter I was crazy talking about last week. It’s very rare that I can find something here in Switzerland which my American and Canadian friends don’t know – so I thought you NEED to know about this. This butter is made of the tigernut, also called chufa sedge. For more info check Wiki:


Besides all the healthy benefits, this is probably one of the BEST nutbutters I ever tasted – and that should mean a lot! It’s naturally sweet, which makes a spoonful of it the perfect dessert.

Tigernutbutter Tigernutbutter

Enough of that – here’s a Monday of eats.

It was a very ordinary day, so you’ll see my usual routine, which starts with hot lemon water, and a shot of apple cider vinegar mixed with a spoonful fruit smoothie.Lemon, ACV

Then my bikeride to the gym. I am now on week 2 of the Body Earned Program by James Wilson and I LOVE it. Nutritionwise it’s not very new to me, but I love the big variety of the weight lifting workouts. So much fun and so challenging.

Postworkout – Protein Shake with supplements. I am hooked by the Growing Naturals Protein! I hope it will become easier to order it online.Protein

2-3 hours later it’s time for breakfast – eggy berry oats in a tupperware sprinkled with TVP for additional crunch. Looks weird, is SO good.Oats

I stayed in the office over lunch, which I dislike a lot, but sometimes there’s no other choice. So chicken in a box it was.Chicken

Dessert and the rest of the afternoon was snacking on these – I love this recipe, it’s so quick and they are so easy to pack! Also, you can play around with flavors – so far I made vanilla, chocolate, berries, cinnamon, banana or apple – whatever you feel like, just throw it in and bake. The recipe is from Kierston and I make it probably 3 times a month.

Vanilla Eggwhite Oatmeal Bites

Vanilla Eggwhite Oatmeal Bites

I finished work late and when I got home, my purse, shoes and clothes flew into the corner and my homewear came in handy – there was nothing more I managed to do than relax. And cook.

Greens, Mushrooms, GIANT Prawns

Greens, Mushrooms, GIANT Prawns

Post dinner and bedtime snack was one of the better ones – no fat quark mixed with coconut protein powder and unsweetened choc chips – plus a homemade banana chocolate bite on the side. BLISS.quark

That’s it! Monday Food!!

Do you eat after dinner? What is your favorite dessert / bedtime snack? I used to have the strict rule not to eat after dinner. But since I do fasted and very intense workouts early morning, I need something later in the evening. And quark is something my body handles perfectly before bed.

What was the last thing you baked? 

What did you have for breakfast this morning? 



33 thoughts on “WIAW#47 – A Monday of eats

  1. I always hated staying in the office to eat lunch too. In the summers I would just sit outside to breathe some fresh air but that’s hard in January 🙂 I do have a snack after dinner. Lately I have been trying to eat more throughout the day because sometimes I finish dinner and I am starving and end up eating the whole pantry.

  2. ranchcookie says:

    I’m always snacking on some greek yogurt mixed with fruit and cinnamon!

  3. Rachel says:

    I always eat after dinner! Usually sourdough or ciabatta toast with butter and jam or honey and a cup of tea (it’s a lovely relaxing ritual for me) That nut butter looks amazing! We have macadamia nut butter in Aus and ABC butter which I love but that looks very special! Last thing I baked was a batch of vanilla cupcakes this afternoon (baby shower for a friend!) so cute and I frosted them with lemon icing and little stars 🙂 breakfast this morning was muesli with milk, yogurt and a drizzle of honey 🙂

  4. I’m sure I’ll be itching for a new plan in the gym in the next little while, and Body Earned is on my radar – I may have to pick your brain about it! And as for nighttime snacks – almost every day. I usually go for yogurt and casein protein, or a mug cake of some sort!

  5. I used to always need something sweet before bed! Now I try to eat if I am hungry… but if I am hungry I like some yogurt sweetened with honey or cocoa powder or pb!

  6. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie! Where did you find this new nut butter? I need to try it!!
    Breakfast was again overnight oats with fruits 😉 cant get enough !
    Baking happened on sunday! We had a Brunch At Home so I did a lot: giant cookies, muffins, cakes,….
    I am going to have a look At this body earned program.

    Have a great day!

  7. Glad your enjoying James Wilson’s program- how great is it that its so varied!

    I definitely eat before bed- usually a hefty snack because I tend to work out fasted too! I do greek yogurt and peanut butter or a casein pudding thing (casein mixed with milk until like a pudding) and topped with peanut butter- so good!)

    Stop giving me shrimp envy!

  8. Oh wow, those prawns look SO good – I wish we could get prawns like that over here! I tend not to eat after dinner most days, but if I fancy something then it’s usually frozen berries with yogurt, or some cheese and an apple 🙂

  9. I love the idea of adding a sprinkle of TVP on top of oats… I’m huge on textures, so the more the merrier 😀 And speaking of oats… I haven’t had breakfast yet this morning (it’s 4 AM… don’t ask me why I’m awake), but it’ll probably be something with oats — best way to start the day. And I definitely have to eat after dinner. I usually eat my dinner pretty early, so the thought of going the rest of the day without eating something is just… scary 😯

  10. I ate two donuts and almond butter for breakfast…now I wish I had tigernut butter! I wonder how it would taste with donuts? Are you judging me for eating donuts? I wish I could say they were healthy or protein donuts of some sort but alas they were not. I needed butter and sugar and it was everything!

    Off to my part-time job aka continuing to stalk you on IG….if you think I’m kidding get ready for some serious likes coming your way.

    • Judging you for eating donuts?? Are you kidding me? Haha – and especially when you include almond butter – STILL my favorite! Sometimes we need sugar and fat and salt, so be it. Nothing wrong with that.
      I LOVE your action on IG – makes me feel so celeb-style! 🙂

  11. You need to send some of that fancy nut butter our way! I always need a little something after dinner too. To keep me from getting hungry right before bed and to calm my always raging sweet tooth! 😉

  12. mitchell-james says:

    Those prawns are massive! 🙂 Hahah!

    I had to look up what ‘quark’ was. From the look of it, I’m guessing it’s almost in the cottage cheese family? In which case, sign me up! 😀 That’s my idea of a great dessert, choc chips included 😉

    Your oatmeal bites look so good, and so ‘vanilla’ if that makes sense 😛 Whenever I try and cook something to a vanilla flavoring, I always use such a small amount and it never seems to come through enough. If I use a vanilla concentrate or something, it comes out too potent and artificial 😦

    • Yes, quark actually tastes exactly like greek yogurt – it’s a little ‘drier’ though – but perfect for ‘ice cream and puddings’! 😄
      I used vanilla protein powder for the vanilla bites – makes them a little more vanilla and together with organic ground vanilla you get a good taste.

  13. Julie says:

    Your eats this week look like mine – a simple protein and veggies.

  14. Last thing I baked was bread..oh and, the salmon in the oven right now 🙂 I seriously crave my oat bites. I’m happy you like them too!

    Your berry breakfast looks so good.

  15. I have been meaning to try Kierston’s oatmeal bites, it has to happen soon! I baked protein muffins a few days ago that were a major fail (bottoms stuck to the pan, and the ingredients weren’t fully blended, oops) but of course I ate them anyways. 😉

  16. Interesting you started doing fasted workouts in the am, I used to do that but felt like I always ate WAY more food because my body felt starved! I am loving Plant Fusion Protein powder it is a vegan one that seems to be alright ingredient wise! I always go back and forth on the supplements! Lots of Love C

    • I tried eating before a workout for a short time, but it does not work for me. And with having my shake right after the workout, my hunger is already satisfied for the first part!

  17. That prawn stir fry you’ve got there looks AMAZING!! My father-in-law (who I currently cohabitate with) is allergic to shellfish so it’s rare that I ever get to prepare anything like that at home! I’m so jealous!!! I do tend to have snacks after dinner. Lately it’s a bowl of cereal – like cheerios or special k – orrrrr chocolate milk. 😀

  18. Julie says:

    If I eat an earlier dinner then I’ll have a snack, usually something with protein & a bit sweet.

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