MIMM – #FitFriends Dates and Soreness


13. January 2014 by swissfitchick

Hey friends!

Happy Monday. Happy MARVELOUS Monday!



Now my week was filled with #FitFriends dates. Which I love, cause usually I workout on my own and kicking ass with friends is just more fun.

It started on Thursday evening with my friend Linda – we went for a run along the river after work and it was BEAUTIFUL. Also, we are starting our training for the Survivalrun in March – it’s high time!!

Linda Run Run Linda Run Linda Run Linda Run LIndaIt continued on Friday with a GRIT class at lunchtime with my friend Oli – as always, we were kind of dead after.

Oli In the evening, we had a very spontaneous dinner night. Sandro came to Basel and we met up with one of my oldest friends, Barbara and her boyfriend Chris. She’s a dancer and I was her student when I was 16 – and then became her inofficial younger sister. She has my heart and it was a wonderful evening with DELICIOUS food!!

Barbara BarbaraI chose the seafood platter and I was overwhelmed. Like, just wow. The side veggies made a little sad appearance…

Seafood VeggiesOn Saturday, I went on my last #FitFriends date for the week – I went to the ‘Bring a Friend Day’ at Crossfit Basel. You remember that I did Crossfit before, but that I had some issues with anxieties and the professionality of the Box. Today, I am in a different mental and physical place and this box is a whole other level.

Crossfit Basel Cossfit Crossfit Basel

We started quite harmless with a warm up (Burpees – #Ihateyou, Squats, Sit Ups, Push Ups, Split Jumps), then did some strength rounds (Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Kettlebell Shoulder Presses) and at the end the Partner Workout…

Crossfit WOD

And then I was dead.

Crossfit LucieMy friend and coach at the box, Christian, at least was soaked in sweat himself. I made him doing the workout with me. Haha, byebye hairstyle. πŸ™‚ It was worth it – we were strong and fast!

Christian Crossfit

I didn’t do anything but resting my muscles for the rest of the night – I was almost too lazy to shower. Don’t worry, I did. While whining about my already sore muscles.

Sunday, every human being who corssed my way had to go through my swearing and whining about my soreness. Believe me guys – I wasn’t faking. My body HURT. Everything, everywhere, all the time. I couldn’t even get dressed properly, and now don’t even get me started on how I walked down the stairs. Watch this and you know what I’m talking about.

But despite it – I’m hooked and I will most probably make another try. I just love it!!

Sunday was fuel day – for all those workouts and to let my muscles grow and rest.


Quark Berry Pancakes

Whole Wheat Tortilla with chicken breast, broccoli&mushrooms

Whole Wheat Tortilla with chicken breast, broccoli&mushrooms

Roasted catfish, vegetables with sprinkled parmesan cheese

Roasted catfish, vegetables with sprinkled parmesan cheese

And meal prep…

Berry Eggwhite Oats for the week

Berry Eggwhite Oats for the week

Baking Chicken

Baking Chicken

Piles of Vegetables

Piles of Vegetables

And that’s it!

Did you do Crossfit before?Β 

Do you like Seafood?Β 

Are you a friend of group/friend workouts? I love both – the group or friends can be so motivating, but sometimes it’s just so good to clean my brain with a workout on my own.



32 thoughts on “MIMM – #FitFriends Dates and Soreness

  1. I keep thinking that I need to try out one of the Crossfit boxes around here…but frankly, I’m a little terrified πŸ˜‰ and after reading that, I think I should be! So intense.
    And do I like seafood?! I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and I would never get sick of it. So good.

  2. Girrrrl you are so badass and beautiful! I have the joints of a 95 year old so no crossfit for me but can we still be fit friends?? We can go on lots of walks and do yoga and then eat all of your glorious food! Say yes!

  3. That seafood platter looks to die for. I lovvvvve seafood. I’m visiting Boston this weekend so I’m gonna go crazy on all that fish. Box jumps are crazy they’re so underrated…they kick your butt (literally) πŸ™‚

  4. Julie says:

    Looks like some intense workouts! I need friends to do runs with because I really dislike running!

  5. A couple things worth mentioning; your hair has gotten so long, you are becoming quite jacked (in a good, and stunning way of course), I want to eat all your meals & of course I love seafood! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. You know my thoughts on seafood…….FACE. PLANT. (I wrote egg plant first…oops).

    I’m so excited to try my first Crossfit class in Sydney- its so rare in Melbourne! Workouts like circuit ones etc would be mad fun with a friend- but a set lifting workout- Solo is my preference πŸ™‚

  7. Tina says:

    I love doing things in a group! It’s so much more fun to me! I adore seafood! I ate linguine with clams and white wine for dinner! Quark berry pancakes look amazing! I love quark too- I highly reccommend mixing it with a bit of orange juice and then freezing it- sounds weird but it’s like an orange ice cream. Happy marvellous Monday!

  8. I love working out with friends when I’m trying to have more fun and make the time go by faster, but if I’m working on improving or meeting some kind of goal, I usually prefer working out by myself — I’m way more focused that way. And new on Crossfit for this girl. I have a few pesky joint problems from past snowboarding injuries, and Crossfit just looks way too aggressive for them. You look pretty darn bad*ss doing it, though. Love you, lady!

    • It’s quite impressing how focused I was during that Crossfit workout, cause usually I silly around when working out with friends πŸ™‚ and yes, it definitely is pretty aggressive – not a good idea for pesky joints….. 😦

  9. awwww love your round up of fit friends!!!! Definitely makes me wish more of my fit friends lived closer! great meal prep for the week too!

  10. That looks like a beast of a workout! I love trying different things to keep my body confused… but lifting is still my #1. πŸ™‚

  11. You’re gorgeous. and your taste in food is impeccable. AND your workouts at KILLER!! You’re a bad ass beast! Working out with a buddy always makes the time fly, but certain workouts are definitely meant for head-clearing and getting the aggression out.

  12. I used to LOVE crossfit it can be SO fun and challenging and a GREAT way to switch up the routine, I did get hurt so I had to stop but trust me I always enjoyed it when I used to do it! So happy you are enjoying crossfit! xo C

  13. Good food, good workouts, and good friends seriously make for the perfect weekend!

  14. Oh WOW, that seafood platter looks amazing – I am so jealous right now!

  15. Love seafood! Glad you had such an energizing weekend!

    That oatmeal pot, yum.

  16. cottercrunch says:

    crossfit it killer!! how did you survive? haha i would be so sore. and looooove that you got to see your old friend who is way older but looks so YOUNG! WOW!

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