Spill it Sunday – Trends (OMG!!!)


12. January 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello Sunday Readers!!

I hope the weekend is treating you well so far – besides my all over sore body I’m doing great – but today’s subject is not about fitness and food, but the selfish Spill it Sunday – as if I wasn’t talking about myself all the time already.

Thank you to our Latte Macchiato Aussie for hosting this fun!


We’re talking trends today. Or let’s say, what we THOUGHT was trendy. Cheeeeeeeesusssssss. I swear, I almost fell OFF the chair when I digged out some of the old pics yesterday morning. Seriously guys, I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry!! I had no idea it was THAT bad!!! I must have totally displaced these trends psychologically. They were nowhere to be found in my brain until yesterday afternoon.

First, a selfie just so you don’t forget how I look today.


Now get ready.

I start with one that isn’t so bad, but it’s just the one and only typical picture of my Dad and me – we were the biggest discussers, arguers, talkers, philosopher – like that, we used to sit for hours and hours and spend time passioning about the world and life, literature, music and people. Dad

But now let’s get on to the real stuff. Here’s one of the really sad ones – just when I started with Anorexia (around 16 years old). I remember this day exactly I was going to go to a party – I had a bite of a chocolate cake midafternoon which wasn’t planned (of course) and so I skipped ALL the food for the whole night and just gulped down uncountable glasses of white wine. I’m also quite amazed by this piece of tissue I wear. And don’t I look so unbelievably sad? The hair looks really weird too.

Lucie_ThinLet’s have some fun now. You will be shocked, I swear. And I hope you will still be my friends after this….(11/12 years old)

Lucie School Do you spot me?? Can someone clarify where the HECK I got this terrible pantsuit from and why I was convinced that huge green/red glasses were made for me??

It’s not over yet. I have worse to come. I wanna die. (13 years old)

Lucie Knight RiderNo words. *fainting*

I don’t even know what’s worse, the glance (I must assume I thought that was sexy), the glasses, the hat or the sweater. I guess it’s the combo of everything that really makes my mind going all blurry when looking at this right now…..

Can you please tell me that I wasn’t the only one who spent hours of posing for selfies in her room?? Cause that’s what I obviously did!! (13/14 years) Ok, today I do the same, but at the gym. #selfishdownanddirty

Lucie TBCan I get a ooohhh emmm geeee – or did you already walk away?? Give. me. a. break. REALLY?? What the F???

What catches my eye are the tanned legs vs. the white belly, PLUS all these stupid black and white LOVE and ROMANTIC posters and postcards. #tossthemforgoodreally

And of course that pants that kind of end somewhere mid-upper-body.

Want more? Here.

Lucie BJThings to note: I wasn’t only a David Hasselhoff groupie, but I was highly obsessed by Jon Bon Jovi. I think I saw him 2-3 times in concert. I actually still like some stuff of him. But can we talk about this massive shirt and my HAIR?? It’s some kind of misscaried colour tone that I made myself and the style……for a very LONG time I thought this cut is doing my look well. #letitgrowletitgrowletitgrow

When I turned a little older and transferred from a groupie to a teenage rebell, I walked around like this (17/18 years):

Lucie HippieInstead of this harmless bracelet, I wore Mercedes stars around my neck which I stole from the cars myself, I smoked weed, I drank, I partied, I used a bad language and I felt so desperately darn cool. I went to Grunge parties and head-banged all night and I avoid my parents. Because they ruined my life (of course). The whole look looked like this (unfortunately I have no pic) source

grunge style fashion vintage hippie bohoI was a grunge-punk-hippie and I was in love with my style and I was convinced, that I would dress like this for the rest of my life.

A little later, after red hair, then blonde hair, I went back to dark – this was just a few weeks after a dramatic break up with my boyfriend at that time, and as the typical symptom of a ‘new life without the man’, I dyed my hair dark/red. My brother was shocked and chew me out big time. I kind of liked it. The colour and the shocks. 🙂

LucieI also wore these fake gel nails – never again.

And to finish this off with a last big laugh – the 80’s called for HUGE jeans jackets and these kind of washed style jeans – oh please, stop. And the glasses again. Really, seriously, please, NO. And WHAT are these shoes??? I can not even remember them!!

Lucie TB

If you made it until here, then kudos!!

Your turn!! What was one of the trends you followed and maybe wouldn’t anymore today? 

Were you a teenage rebel? I was a serious issue. I think my Mom hated me a little sometimes. I can not blame her.



19 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday – Trends (OMG!!!)

  1. Marla says:

    OMG! In the best sense don’t worry 😉 You look so beautiful with brown hair! – blonde bombshell of course suits you down to the ground too, but wow- you can pull off both you stunner! I think I actually stick by all my music taste/trends but fashion- where to start ugh! And I was obsessed with denim for a long time as a little kid (until 13) – denim jackets, overalls, three quarter pants, jeans- loved it all 🙂 you were always cool cool in my opinion, I didn’t even notice the tab legs white stomach combo ( would have guessed just lighting problems ;)) happy Sunday!

  2. LOL your old photos was awesome! When I was younger, I didn’t folllow too many trends just because my parents wouldn’t buy me much new clothes. I was decked out in track pants and neon yellow AND matching Power Rangers sweat pants and sweaters.

  3. Sarah says:

    Haha I’m also in my thirties so I can totally see myself in these pictures, including the glasses (thank god for contacts)! But in a way it’s cool to have been uncool back then and not walk around overly stylish with really expensive shoes and real Vuitton bags and stuff like you see on some teenagers…

  4. Re.veries says:

    I loved your selfies, Lucie! haha

  5. cottercrunch says:

    oh my gosh! dying laughing with the knight rider shirt! LOL! and i have to say, you look your best NOW! xxoo love that Arman is Latte Macchiato Aussie

  6. Oh my god, that hat. I’m positively dying right now! And was I teenage rebel? Yup…right now to the spiked bracelets and black hair 😉

  7. You were a chameleon- rocking all those DO’s like a boss- seriously. The posing in front of the mirror for hours at a time- the number of times I walked in on my sister doing just that..awkward! I ‘tried’ to be a rebel e.g. pretending I liked to smoke but never knew how to inhale lol!

    ….Can I borrow that pantsuit 😉

    • You bet that pantsuit does not exist anymore and I’m glad it is so 🙂
      I love your sister. She wants a GHD straightener and she was posing in front of the mirror. Maybe she’s my sister too??

  8. Julie says:

    Oh I remember all that denim and decorating my bedroom with posters from magazines. Now my walls are bare!

  9. Enora says:

    Those pictures are cool! Its nice you can see them from time to time and that you share it with us!
    You look
    Good as a brunette as well!!

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