Marvelous in my Monday – back at work


6. January 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

I’m back at work after a 2 weeks break – give me wine and chocolate.

It’s ok – as much as I love the holidays, it’s good to be back in a normal routine and actually do something else than just hanging around, cooking and working out.

Let’s start this week on a positive note with the marvelous diva!


It didn’t really feel like weekend, since it was weekend since 2 weeks anyway. BUT – good things happened anyway. FINALLY our new blankets arrived. It took me a lot of effort to convince the man that we NEED new ones – and then it took weeks for them to get here. At least they arrived before I left back to Basel and I could get one night of sleep in in them!

Of course the left side is mine. Just sayin'.

Of course the left side is mine. Just sayin’.

Sandro was out on Friday night and I had time to take care of my feet. Really important, I swear.

pedicureAlong with my new favorite dessert. Recipe coming tomorrow!!

Protein BarsSaturday morning was Yoga Time. I love doing Yoga on my restdays, it lengthens my muscles and gives me a little grace back which I feel I sometimes lose with all the heavy lifting.

YogaLater in the day we went to see Sandro’s parents, it was his Dad’s birthday. Always a fun event, love this family. FerrariWe then went on – on a date night! It’s been way too long since we went out for dinner together – we just love to cook at home 🙂 We had a voucher which we won at a race last year and so we enjoyed it at the Radisson hotel at the airport in Zurich. I was very tempted to jump on the next plane.

We started with predrinks – I had a simple Campari Soda. Can’t go wrong with this.

Campari Sandro There was this huge glass cave in the bar filled with bottles, and everytime when a bottle of wine was ordered, a dancer went to get it. It was pretty cool.

IMG_6111 DancerIn the restaurant, I ordered beef entrecote with seasonal veggies. It was HEAVEN. PERFECT.

BeefThey served such a nice bread basket with it – olive and tomato foccacia, grissinis and some kind of rosmary cracker. BreadAnd you won’t believe it, but I had an Espresso after the meal. Shocking. I gulped it down with my eyes closed and grabbed the biscotti for rescue. Sounds stupid, but it’s good to have coffee in my belly after a meal. Despite hating the taste. I normally drink it with triple amount milk, but I didn’t want to fill me up before bed.

CoffeeSunday morning I was ready for a killing workout. I did legs and Bench Press at home and then cycled to the gym for some HIIT and steady Cardio. I prefer to do my strength at home, I have all I need here and don’t have to fight for the bench.

Weights WeightsRest of Sunday was easy, chilling, meal prep and then travelling to Basel to get ready for the new week.

Meal prep

The lack of food pics will be compensated on Wednesday, promised!!

If you drink alcohol, what’s your favorite drink? Mine is obviously prosecco or vodka/campari. The drier the better – I choke on sweet drinks.

Where do your workouts happen? Home, gym, outdoors? 

How do you drink your coffee? 



26 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – back at work

  1. llanderson says:

    My alcohol is wine or vodka, my workouts are outside when possible, and my coffee has some almond milk and fake sugar in it!

  2. Kim says:

    I love wine – sweeter the better!!
    No coffee for me!
    And, pretty much all of my workouts are at home!

  3. Erika says:

    ha sweet drinks ONLY!, my mother who is from Germany but married and moved to USA gave me my first taste of alcohol. Schnapps! bleahhhhhck 😉

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I am not a huge drinker (I used to be in college) but now I keep it simple with a vodka soda with lime. Yummy food prep! Happy Monday lovely. xx

  5. mitchell-james says:

    Coffee, yay! 😀 Black or if with milk, strong! 😛

    The dancer getting the bottles of wine is the coolest, and yet freakiest thing I’ve ever seen! It boggles the mind! I was turning my head to the left, to the right trying to figure out if I as looking at the picture the right way up 😛

    I am looking forward to this recipe, because it looks like shortbread. It may not be, but anything shortbread related or looking is good in my book 😀

    I wouldn’t be able to leave the right side of the bed like that if I made the left side. It would drive me insane! 😀 hahaha

    • Haha, yes it seemed so confusing until I realized she’s on ropes 🙂
      My side is so much better, right ? 😄😁😉
      You will love the recipe. It does have a little taste of shortbread actually!

  6. Julie says:

    I love champagne and beer! I stopped drinking sweet drinks – it’s horrible!

  7. LOL…The first picture of the dancer I thought she had ‘forgotten’ her top….;) That is such an amazing concept though- what a workout she’d be getting!

    As much of in shock I am at the fact that you had coffee, I’m also shocked you had it before BED!!! Actually, my German friends all would have espressos after dinner and I’d be so perplexed as how they went to sleep! I’m so envious you have a bench at home…I never warm up before workouts because I have to sprint to the bench or squat rack as soon as I get there lol. I chock on sweet drinks too, but this weekend I had a gummy bear cocktail…so good! Can’t wait for that recipe tomorrow! Teasing us on insta with it 😉

    • Haha, yes, she does look naked indeed! Lol
      It’s funny – i can drink coffee like crazy and still sleep like a baby. That’s probably why I don’t drink it in the morning, it really does not make ANY difference in my waking state!

  8. I’m actually quite glad to get back to work too – it’s nice to get the routine back! My favourite drink is champagne, or failing that prosecco or cava – anything with a nice amount of fizz 🙂

  9. I’m quite glad to be back at work too, it’s nice to get the routine back. My favourite alcoholic drinks are red wine or champagne/prosecco/cava 🙂

  10. What a great weekend, dear! I cannot get over how alike Sandro & his brother (assuming it’s his brother) look. I can only drink coffee if it’s cold & has some type of flavor – peppermint extract or vanilla.

  11. While I’m definitely not much of a dancer, it looks like that would be a pretty fun job to have! Definitely one way to get a workout it 😉
    And as for favourite drink, it depends on my mood – sometimes I like a glass of Riesling or Moscato, but if I’m going for hard liquor I like Tom Collins or a vodka cranberry. Occasionally, I’m in the mood for something really sweet, like a bellini or margarita. I’m just not all that picky 😉

  12.!? 😯 You’d think I’d be more impressed by that wine-bottle-cave dancer, but you know how much I love my black brew, and now my dreams of sitting down to catch up over a cup of coffee with you are one step closer to becoming a reality. Of course, we still have to work out the whole “different country” thing, but… pft… details.

    Happy Monday, lovely lady!

  13. Ellie says:

    Omgnesssssss that wine dancer thingy is soooo crazy looking! I’m not a drinker so I can’t say anything for that one, haha, but when it comes to coffee…..oh man, I love it so much. I normally drink it with just milk or soymilk–no sweeteners because I like to taste the flavor of coffee–but I don’t drink it black anymore because my stomach is kind of sensitive! 😛

  14. I’m back to it as well! After three weeks, it was hard not sleeping in that extra hour (or sometimes two longer!) lol I like my coffee black, with a stevia to sweeten. Workouts typically take place in the gym.Spring, Summer and Fall, my cardio is typically outside 🙂

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