NYE recap & 5 Tips for working out early morning


2. January 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy new year everyone!

I was skipping my post yesterday, not because I had a hangover – my hangover was on Tuesday. Oh yes. My best friend Markus hosted the traditional end-of-year-party on the 30th again and we rocked it.

Party Food

Party Food

What's that? A Hedgehog?

What’s that? A Hedgehog?

Markus, my best friend and scary me

Markus, my best friend and scary me

Psy, errr my boss and more of scary me

Psy, errr my boss and more of scary me

Waking up the neighbours

Waking up the neighbours

I think I was in bed around 4am and I slept through until 10am – I didn’t have that many drinks, but since I decreased my alcohol consumption drastically in the last year, I always feel it the next day when I drink. The weather was gorgeous when I woke up and I decided to run the trail to sweat everything out.

Recycled Pic

Recycled Pic

VitaWe had breakfast and then drove home to Zurich – and stayed home all day and passed out before midnight! Shocking I know, but I just couldn’t stay up anymore, I was knocked! I even had the most un-festive meal on New Years Eve…

Shirataki Spaghetti Chicken Veggie Bowl

Shirataki Spaghetti Chicken Veggie Bowl

The good thing with not celebrating NYE is, that you are up early the next day and on your own, wherever I go. My bike had a flat tire, so I took a walk to the gym which was pretty darn beautiful – and the gym was EMTPY.

IMG_6090After my first workout in 2014 I walked back home with more gorgeous views and with the pleasant anticipation of breakfast. Lake

Quark Pancakes with a mandarine and chocolate quark. What a surprise.

Quark Pancakes with a mandarine and chocolate quark. What a surprise.

Now to today’s subject – morning workouts. Many of you know that my favorite time of the day to workout is the early morning. Even on the weekend I get up early (if it’s not my restday) to get my workout done – I just feel the BEST at this time of the day and I feel even better once my workout is done and I can tackle the day. Running Lake If I do  my workout outside and it’s already dawning, it’s even better – I had so MANY beautiful views all around the world in the morning.

IMG_1382 Foto 4If I go to the gym in the morning, it’s just very quiet and peaceful which I love. There are people, but very few and the ones who are there are in a good mood (they’re obviously early birds), not stressed (there’s not a lot you can stress about at 6am in the morning) and with a smooth, blurry and half-asleep mind. Harmless.

Gym GymI know this doesn’t work for everyone, some love to workout later in the day, some even shortly before bed – but if you are thinking of getting up early in the new year to get that sweat on before work, then I have some tips and tricks for you to make this project easier and to kick that inner temptation to stay in the warm bed (which sounds very tempting to me too, believe me)!


Just DO it. When I lay in bed and my alarm clock goes off, I definitely have the thought of staying in bed and just skip the gym. But I stop immediately and get up. I did it once and I regret it – I had to go over lunchtime when the gym was packed and I hated it. Don’t let other thoughts come up and convince you about something you did not intend to do. Get up, get going, don’t think. You can ALWAYS find an excuse why to skip it, but you can find even more great reasons why you should DO it.


Make sure you don’t have to run around in your appartment and search and collect your things. Lay out your workout clothes and accessories you need – filled water bottle, sneakers, underwear, clothes, watch, iPod, headband – whatever you need, prepare it so you can just grab it and get dressed. If you workout at home, then that’s it, if you go to the gym and from there to work like I do, fold your work clothes nicely in your gym bag together with make up bag and jewelry, and have your food for the day and protein shake ready to go. Other than cleaning my face&teeth, meditating, drinking my lemon water and getting dressed, there’s nothing more I do. I grab all my ready stuff an leave the house. I don’t want to stress around half asleep and blind and then be late and get in a bad mood before I even started the day.



As said – stressing around and being in a hectic first thing in the morning definitely doesn’t set a positive vibe for the day. Make sure you have enough time to do everything you need to do before you go. If that requires to set the alarm clock 5 minutes earlier, then do that – it won’t make a big difference. Your body will get used to the early rise. Even if rough in the beginning, I wake up almost every morning a few minutes before my alarm clock goes off. Make it an easy time. Put on some quiet music, make yourself a warm cup of coffee if you are a coffee lover. I always schedule a little more time, so I can be sure I don’t get into a hurry.good_morning_coffeeSource



Make this one of your favorite times of the day. Don’t think ‘let’s get this done’ – because this puts too much negativity on the whole thing. If you struggle with gettting out of bed, think about the feeling you have when you accomplished your workout. Enjoy the morning peace, the fresh air and the emptiness everywhere. I cycle to the gym every morning and I enjoy it – it is my warm up and I can go fast because the streets are deserted. When I arrive at the gym, I plug in my headphones and listen to my favorite playlists. This puts me into a good mood immediately. Mixed with the endorphins from my workout – a perfect combo for a great start into the day. When I sit on my bike to ride to the office, I feel fresh, full of energy and strong – and it’s only 8am, I have the whole day ahead of me. I wouldn’t want to miss this feeling anymore. And this is exactly what I visualize when I have a hard time with throwing back my blanket in the morning!

selfieAnd let’s be honest – there may be many excuses why you don’t have time to workout after work, but there’s not that much you can do at 5am in the morning.

quote5. MAKE GOOD FOOD! 

I personally can not eat at 5am in the morning which is deinitely not ideal considering the intense weight and cardio workouts I do at the gym or outdoor, but I just can not do it, I tried. Even more I make sure I refuel right – I have my protein shake&supplements immediately after my workout and about 2 hours later I have my eggy oats. And I always look forward to it during my workout 🙂 Having good food to look forward to motivates to push even harder – at least that’s the case for me. And it feels just AWESOME to sit down to a good breakfast after accomplishing a great morning workout! If you can, then eat something beforehand – a small combo of protein and carbs is ideal.



Let’s get these morning sessions started! Happy New Year once again!


Are you an early bird? 

What is your favorite time of the day to do your workout? 

Do you eat before you workout? 



23 thoughts on “NYE recap & 5 Tips for working out early morning

  1. Kim says:

    Great tips!
    I’m not an earlybird but I do work out early every day (5:00 am) and I think your first tip is my #1. I don’t think about it I just get up and put on my stuff (already laid out!).
    Now, if I had some of the views you do it would be even better!!

  2. Julie says:

    Wait, did you cook the hedgehog?

  3. I am an early bird, I LOVE rising early setting my day up for success and writing out my workout to do at 11 AM, I would LOVe to workout before starting my day but with being in a different time zone and needing to work right when I wake up it makes it hard but I do well at 11 AM and have a workout all written up for me to do which makes it exciting for me:) Happy New Years beauty, you look gorgeous in all of your photos!

  4. Greta says:

    Great post, Lucie!!
    If I’d ever wrote a post on working out – I’d wrote the same things. For me early morning or nothing 😀 I can’t even do it at 10a.m. 😉 (too late)

  5. Lucie….is that RAW meat? :s That looks like the mince meat I use before I cook it lol!

    I LOVE working out first thing in the morning- it’s my preferred time, but sometimes work gets in the way. It really does set the tone for the day- strangely, any intentions of working out after 12pm is = failwhale. I never eat before a workout if it’s first thing in the morning, as before bed I have a pretty large snack!

  6. Rachel says:

    Your scary face is still gorgeous!! Your NYE looks like it was a lot of fun 🙂 I don’t workout formally- but I tend to go for a walk- hmm, actually it’s very random and just whenever I feel like it haha. I was an early bird- but ever since I have been in my latest relationship my sleeping patterns have changed and I seem to be waking later and later. I tend to always have eaten before I walk anywhere- I ate a lovely Bagel with cream cheese and olives before my last walk (and a white chocolate bar- but that’s hush hush ;)) Happy New Year Lucie- you rock!

  7. Great tips lady! Ideally, my workouts are mid morning, but a lot of the classes I like to take are around 4 or 5 pm, which have actually been going on for me. I’ve done the 5 am workouts, and I could only do it for a month or two before switching to evening workouts – I just can’t do the super early mornings.

  8. Victoria says:

    #1 is definitely so true. I get up and going so fast that before I have a chance to question the workout, I’m 10 minutes into it.

  9. That hedgehog! Oh my goodness lol

    I do love working out in the morning, although I typically workout later in the afternoon. As I’m still on holidays, I am training in the mornings, but not super duper early. I’m enjoying my extended coffee time in the a.m 😉

    Great tips!

  10. Before moving to Kuwait I ALWAYS worked out first thing in the morning.. usually between 5-6. However now that I stay home all day, I hit the treadmill or weights whenever I’m the mood. Sometmes first thing in the morning, or sometimes between 2-4. It just depends what I’m doing at the time. Ha!

    Btw- I am always in complete awe of how beautiful the scenery around you is. I mean those sunrises are breathtaking.

    • I love to do a later workout on weekends too! Sometimes it’s good to sleep in or running errands in the morning.

      You definitely need to come visit me here asap so we can go for walks together!!

  11. mitchell-james says:

    I love that hedgehog! Such a great idea than your usual hum-drum platters that you see 😛

    I admire your commitment to early morning workouts, and I am exactly the same. I like ticking it off my list first thing because then it is done and dusted for the day. It feels like you’re a machine getting things done haha

    The key that works for me in getting up and working out early is the second you hear the alarm is to get out of bed immediately and brush my teeth. Such a weird little habit, but brushing my teeth always seems to make me ‘wake up’ … splashing water on my face works too 😉 One minute I’m a zombie, the next I think ‘Hello WORLD!’ 😛

  12. I only wake up early to work out in the summer (usual0y bike rides before work… or bike to work and use my company gym or the Grouse Grind). I have absolutely no motivation to wake up early in the winter and that’s fine with me. I like gym ratting in the winter! Hehe. I do wake up earliER to bike to work though so I have time to stretch and roll after.

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