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27. December 2013 by swissfitchick

Hello lovely friends!!

It seems like ages I’ve been here in the blogger world and it feels GOOD to be back! I took a few days off the Net, though I had to do some work at the office on Wednesday and Thursday. But now it’s vacation time until January 6, woohoo!

I have a very short christmas recap for you. Probably everyone will post christmas pics these days, so I try to keep it very short. It starts with my travel from Zurich to Basel – though I would have LOVED to have continued my journey to Paris!! Basel Paris

I only celebrated on Wednesday evening together with Mom, Sandro and Mom’s partner, nice and quiet.

When I woke up in the morning of the 25th, it was grey and rainy outside, like pouring rain. I had a run planned, and I definitely didn’t feel like going – but then I went. I knew, that the trail in the forest would be empty and with the right clothes and some good beats, I would survive. I am so glad I went! Despite the weather it was a fantastic run and I felt SO good under the warm shower after.


Effed up and messy sweaty wet, but happy

Run Watch

I enjoyed my quark pancakes postrun with some unpictured raspberries on the side and then went off to the office……..

Pancakes….which felt like this. I had a TON of paperwork to be done and I almost teared off all my hair.need-help-gif-pagespeed-ce_-cdgaw0uneI got in a little hurry, and had to be quick with make up, hair and outfit when I got home. Thank God some of the hair was still there.

Selfie SelfieChampagne and snacks were ready when I arrived….

Apero Decoration and table set….

christmas christmas…and then the first course…a salad. YAY! 🙂 saladOn my wish, Momma cooked salmon. It was perfect. And I forgot how much I love steamed carrots. salmonI snacked on white chocolate stolen from the tree in between courses. Yeah, I do that. chocolateI had no time for a manicure!! Unacceptable.

And THEN the festive part began – lightening the candles, listening christmas songs and grabbing unwrapping presents. christmas treeIMG_5989I got definitely spoiled, especially by Mom….

ringThis whole manicure thing needs to be fixed. ASAP.

Dessert wasn’t missing of course!! My creation. I made healthy brownies (of course no one noticed) paired with vanilla ice cream and more white chocolate. Hmmm.

Brownies/Ice Cream Sooo, that was my christmas! I was already in the gym yesterday morning and it felt good. After coming down with that mean cold last week, it was nice to be back in full power. I also made sure to get in as much clean foods and vitamins as possible all week long.

#uglybutgood mushroom Omelette with raspberries on the side

#uglybutgood mushroom Omelette with raspberries on the side

roasted giant prawns on cucumber salad and microwaved egg

Roasted giant prawns on cucumber salad and microwaved egg

Hummus-Spinach-Chicken Wrap

Hummus-Spinach-Chicken Wrap

Lamb Lettuce with smoked salmon & tumeric caulflower

Lamb Lettuce with smoked salmon & turmeric cauliflower

Soooo, that’s all I got for you today! I have a very quiet weekend with no plans ahead of me which I am looking forward to a lot. I need to be rested, since we will have a traditional pre-sylvester party on Monday, which always ends in a LONG night with drinks&dancing – I better catch up on some sleep beforehand. I’m sure it will be as fun as last year 🙂 Dancing My best friend Markus

And hey, just regarding my manicure….at least I managed to have my toes done!pedicure


One last thing – don’t forget to enter my giveaway! You still have time until Sunday!

Have a lovely weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? 

Are you back at work already? 

Best Food/Workout this week?? 



17 thoughts on “Random Friday

  1. I’m impressed by your ability to run in bad weather – as soon as I see even a suggestion of snow or rain, I’m hitting the treadmill 😉 I hope you have a fun weekend Lucie!

  2. LOL. #Uglybutgood. You are the best.

    Honestly, I’m not surprised you had to work on the 25th- my best friend interned at the Zurich Film festival last year and her hours were like… 8am- midnight half the time! I’m glad you didn’t pull your hair out…otherwise how else can you whip your hair back n forth?

    And truth- steamed carrots are massively underrated. Those raw, non sweet ones always get the microwave treatment. 😉

  3. I love that you ninja the chocolate ornaments from the tree — I used to do the same exact thing when I was younger, and I’d always make sure to reshape the wrapping to make it look like the chocolate is still in there 😆 I’d probably still do it to this day, only my parents stopped putting chocolates on their tree 😦

  4. I ain’t looking at the mani, I am looking at that white chocolate chunk of HEAVENNNNNN!!!!!!!

  5. Emily says:

    Looks like ou had a ball!! How fabulous- you look absolutely beautiful too! White chocolate is my favourite kind (I have eaten so much of the white stuff in the past three days- it’s just amazing) Have you tried white lindor balls- gosh I love them. And I made macadamia but butter and white chocolate truffles- the combination is a real winner that I would highly recommend (obviously a great combo for cookies and ice cream too :)) I am back at work already too. This weekend I am just resting ( I ended up in hospital on Christmas with food- poisoning- so need the rest!) Have a great weekend Lucie 🙂

    • Ok, this macadamia and white chocolate truffle idea – droooool!!
      And oh yes of course I know and LOVE the white Lindor balls!
      I am so sorry to hear you had poisoning on christmas!! How mean! I hope you fell better by now!

  6. Kim says:

    Sounds like you have had a pretty great week!!! I love the candles on the tree – I would probably be too nervous to light them but I really like it!!
    And, all of that food looks tasty!!!

  7. I’m on holidays until Jan.6. I’m enjoying all of the festivities, and the relaxing part of it all 🙂

    Looks like you’ve been having a great holiday!

    That prawn dish looks amazing! xo

  8. cottercrunch says:

    ugly but good food is the best! i’ll take it!!!and you look gorgeous, even in the pouring rain post run!

  9. […] to be honest, I don’t even have so much to tell you about this weekend. As mentioned, it was VERY quiet after the christmas week and with New Year’s ahead. I had some good food […]

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