Marvelous in my Monday – Based at the christmas markets


23. December 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey Folks!

Ready for christmas? I’am almost there. I have 2 more presents to finish, which I DIY today, and then I’m done. That’s pretty huge for me, considering that I normally stumble through the massive croud with hot flushes and cursing on the 24th.

But we’re here today to celebrate Marvelous in my Monday thanks to the lovely Diva!

So the last few days, I literally lived of mulled wine and spent most of my time at the christmas markets – and then inside with a terrible cold. But listen up. My friend Anne from Zurich came to pick me up in my office in Basel to celebrate the beginning of my holidays. I have 2 weeks off now, and that needed some good girlstime. It was time to leave the office, I was tired of the year and of all the sugar overload we had there. Seriously, it was CRAZY, we were DROWNED in cakes, cookies, truffles, wine and chocolate!!OfficeWe spent a good time at the christmas market in Basel.

IMG_5932 IMG_5931A little more christmas spirit happened on Friday, when Mom came to visit me in Zurich. It became a tradition, that she comes here for some shopping before christmas, for the market, and to watch the christmas lights. I did my workout (Shoulders, Chest, Abs, Cardio) in the morning, so I was ready and clean when she arrived. But NOT without some breakfast in my belly:

Pumpkin Porridge with melting coconut butter

Pumpkin Porridge with melting coconut butter

christmas ornaments christmas market wine

Unfortunately, I caught a terrible cold with being outside all that time and felt completely under the weather when I arrived home. Thankfully, there was a wonderful sweet surprise waiting for me – a christmas card directly from Kuwait from one of my favorite blends, Jessie!!

IMG_5939I made sure I fueled my body with clean food and vitamins….

Bakes Catfish in Saffron, roasted veggies&onions

Baked Catfish in Saffron, roasted veggies&onions

I passed out ridiculously early only to have a horrible night with waking up from my own snorring (sorry, but isn’t it the worst to sleep with a blocked nose??), sneezing and freezing. Only in the morning I actually fell asleep and spent haf the morning in bed. The rest of the weekend was accordingly quiet, we did some final christmas shopping with several Starbucks breaks….

IMG_5944….and a #strangebutgood dinner in the evening. Asian/Mexican Fusion, yes!

Corn Tortilla Wrap, Ricepaper Wrap, stuffed with salad, spiced quark and giant prawns

Corn Tortilla Wrap, Ricepaper Wrap, stuffed with salad, spiced quark and giant prawns

I slept way better that night, but still managed to get in 9 hours of sleep. I was in the mood for pancakes, when I woke up and that was what happened.

Pancakes Pancakes Lack of berries meant pancakes with mandarine oranges. Linking up Kierston’s Recipe Friday! 

Mandarine Oatmeal Flaxseed Pancakes

1 mandarine orange chopped in small pieces

3 eggwhites

1/3 cup of oats

1 tbsp flaxseeds

2 tbsp fullfat coconut milk

1/2 tsp baking powder

cinnamon, vanilla, dash of salt

Mix all the ingredients together and half of the fruit pieces. Heat up a skillet medium heat and spray with cooking spray. Form 3 small pancakes and cook them 3-4 minutes on each side. Top with remaining fruit.

If you love chocolatized quark just like me, then top them with it and dip them in it. It’s heaven, I swear.

IMG_2579 IMG_2577Sunday was spent with wrapping presents….

IMG_1298 1 IMG_1299 1…a VERY short visit to the christmas market….

Mulled wineAnd then we spent the night with another delicious table grill dinner and my most favorite christmas movie. Sandro wasn’t a fan that that was the plan (the movie, not the meat), but ya know….he just had to. Though he was ok by the time when Billy gave his radio interview (#beyond). And I am a fan of Natalie and the Prime Minister (#octopusinacar) and the hilarious Colin. Oh, and let’s not forget Colin Firth and the portuguese language. LOL. Tischgrill

TischgrillLove ActuallyAnd since it is christmas tomorrow, I have a GIVEAWAY for FOUR of you guys!! It will be worldwide, so you better check in tomorrow to see what I got for you!

Did you ever have mulled wine? 

Do you have christmas markets where you live? 

Do you have to work this time of the year? 



23 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – Based at the christmas markets

  1. llanderson says:

    Love that movie-my girlfriends and I are watching tomorrow! I am so into that chocolatized quark you mentioned-I’ve had regular and that sounds amazing. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. mitchell-james says:

    You know my thoughts on Colin Firth and his speaking Portuguese 😉 Not to sound too creepy, but we have the same remote for our TV 😛 Just had to point that one out!

    That melting coconut butter is the most beautiful looking food picture I have seen all day! It looks so LUSH and gorgeous! Like it was meant to be on top of that porridge 🙂 A marriage made in heaven 😀

    Merry Christmas Lucie, have a fabulous holiday full of family and fun 🙂

    • YAY!! We’re TV twins! Sandro bought this one years ago and it’s nearly as big as a cinema screen. Ridiculous, but I like it 🙂
      Coconut Butter and Porridge definitely are made for each other.

      Merry christmas to you too, Mitchell!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Mmmmh mulled wine! And I spot some nusstorte on one of the pics! I went to heiliger bimbam Christmas market in Zurich, it was cool. And now two weeks off, yeah! I wish you a great Christmas!

  4. Living off mulled wine certainly doesn’t sound like such a bad life. 😉 Although the cold not so much! We have Christmas markets, but from the video yours looks much nicer/cuter. Also, Mexican/Asian fusion is genius. I’m thinking you need to open a restaurant. I would so travel there to eat at it. 😉

  5. Amy says:

    So much joy :). Love Actually is my fav Christmas movie too- love all the love ;). These pancakes look amazing- you are a creative genius of pancakes. Have you ever tried lemon sugar pancakes (usually plain crepes sprinkled with lemon juice and then topped with sugar) they are my favourite sweet breakfast in the world! I do have to
    work right up until Christmas Eve and I will be back on Friday after Boxing Day. But at least that doesn’t stop me from enjoying all the fabulous baked goods and chocolates my family makes for Christmas Day 🙂 Merry Christmas Lovely Lucie

  6. So with the way everyone keeps talking about Love Actually, I’ve decided that I actually need to see it this year 😉 I never have! Annnd now I think I need some pancakes for breakfast…

  7. Wow the holidays are SO beautiful where you are, nothing really going on out here besides some decorations! I think I will try those pancakes Christmas morning <333 C

  8. That Christmas market is -so- sweet. We don’t really have anything like that around here, unfortunately. This year they’re even slacking on the lights and decorations that they usually put around the city. Scrooges. So don’t mind me if I live vicariously through you instead 🙂

    Sorry to hear that you were out for a bit with a nasty cold, love — I hope you’re feeling tonnes better! ❤

    • I think we should arrange a plane ticket for the holiday season next year for you to see the market, the lights and the alps! …..and then one for me to check out the rockies with you….
      I feel much better, thanks so much!

  9. cottercrunch says:

    oranges in pancakes? You’re brilliant! i bet it was refreshing, yes?

  10. […] I just want to drop in quickly to announce the giveaway I promised yesterday. […]

  11. Sorry to hear you caught a cold this close to Christmas. Fingers crossed you’ll be back to your old happy healthy self by … tomorrow. Is it really Christmas yet???
    Great minds think and act alike: my mum and I watched Love, actually on Saturday, too. She wasn’t sure at first but it’s a must-watch for me and I just looked it up online [super cheap by now] and decided I’ll finally get the DVD. No way I’ll risk the last one to be taken at the rental store when I’m arriving one day!
    It’s almost [or is it?] sad to admit I didn’t visit a single Christmas market this year. I truly enjoy the atmosphere, looking at the different stalls and all the lights with friends. There’s a really nice one where I live but now temporarily living in the countryside we didn’t have any. At least none that would last longer than two days and they actually were more like extended farmer’s markets – talk about boring. Sigh … next year again, hopefully.

  12. The Christmas markets- That is what I miss about Europe- They were EVERYWHERE in Germany! Oh Lucie, I hope you feel better zut alore! I’m stoked to hear you have 2 weeks off- I hope you get some amazing Rest and Relaxation.

    I’m not even going to comment on your food pictures. Seriously- WHEN you and Sandro visit, we’d be all set- I can see us subsiding on seafood, pancakes and … yeah repeat.

  13. […] that was my christmas! I was already in the gym yesterday morning and it felt good. After coming down with that mean cold last week, it was nice to be back in full power. I also made sure to get in as much clean foods and vitamins […]

  14. […] Marvelous in my Monday – Based at the christmas markets ( […]

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