Spill it Sunday #3 – Christmas Edition – Switzerland


22. December 2013 by swissfitchick

Hello and happy Sunday!

I am joining in in the Spill Party hosted by our Aussie Twerker, today with some christmas related craziness.

Spill-it-Sunday-option-2-1Let’s start with the obligatory selfie. Me in my very typical position when reading blogs. There is an almost identical picture of my Dad with the same pose. A little different hairstyle though. And yes, that’s a pile of ignored laundry and a benchpress behind me.

SelfieOk, now let’s move on to today’s questions!

What is a traditional/cultural event you and your family/friends celebrate?

We celebrate christmas, aka Holy Night – typically, we have big dinner with the family on the night of the 24th, some also celebrate on the night of the 25th. There’s usually some pre-drinks, dinner, singing christmas songs and then unpacking presents (at least that’s how it was at our house). All in the light of the (real) candles of the (real) christmas tree.

Christian und Lucie

-> Do you have any traditions which you partake in on a consistent basis?

I send money to my host family in the Philippines every year, and I run at least one christmas race.


-> What is something special you and your family/friends do?

Mom used to bake tons of cookies and gingerbread with us and spending afternoons decorating them. I absolutely loved this and I still admire my Mom for all the patience she had with us and for baking about 12 different cookie versions!

My friend Simone and I always go for a Prosecco on the 24th late afternoon. We’ve known each other since 30 years now and are still  best friends – and this tradition once started maybe around  15 years ago and goes strong ever since.


-> What does a typical day during this period involve?

On December 6, we celebrate Santa Clause Day. Santa Clause brings sweets for the kids who were good throughout the year and the other ones he kidnaps and takes them with him to the forest 🙂 Typical food are doughy men and girls, mandarines, nuts and chocolate. Alond with some cheese and wine of course 🙂

Santa Clause Grättimaa

Also, my Mom visits me every year here in Zurich to do some pre-christmas shopping, watching the christmas lightnings and drinking mulled wine at the christmas market.

IMG_2411IMG_5936 IMG_5933

-> Most memorable event?

Last year, Sandro and I celebrated christmas on the Uetliberg, the mountain of Zurich. We checked in in the fancy hotel up there and had a wonderful celebration.

Uetliberg Uetliberg

How are you celebrating christmas this year? 

Favorite christmas traditions? 



13 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday #3 – Christmas Edition – Switzerland

  1. mitchell-james says:

    Still can’t get over those doughy-men! They looks so thick that they might spring to life at any given moment ;P

    Nothing can beat Mum’s homemade cooking can it! And the dedication to making all the little traditional foods that make Christmas are so awesome and amazing, it is something to really be thankful for 🙂

    The Christmas lights over there are so epic compared to here! There are a few extravagant displays of course, but those lights look so ornate and beautiful. In my street there must be a few grinches, because there is nothing except a few measly mini-lights 😛

  2. I still think the Santa Clause kidnapping thing is a tad creepy 😉 I loved reading about all your traditions Lucie!

  3. Look at that market! I love markets 🙂 And that dough man, that is too cool!

    Have a fabulous holiday my friend! I love all of the traditions that the holiday season brings xo

  4. cottercrunch says:

    can i come sing christmas songs with you? oh how fun! what great traditions and so special! I bet the company is even better than the food!

  5. What fun traditions you have! I love that you donate money each year and run a race. On the agenda for today; making Chex mix, gingerbread houses and going to look at Christmas lights. Have a wonderful Christmas, Lucie!

  6. Christmas traditions make the holidays that much more special, no? 🙂 My family has our big celebration on the 24th, and we’ll spend the whole day prepping food/gifts, sit down to a humble meatless dinner, open presents, relax for a while, and then end the day with midnight mass. Just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without those things…

  7. Lucie I love how you have a host family you support- they are truly blessed to have someone like you there.

    That picture of you singing- priceless. Your really getting into the spirit 😉 Those Christmas lights look SO good- Here you might be lucky to see a few generic multicoloured ones. Fail.

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