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16. December 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning friends!

This is my last week before 2 weeks off. If this isn’t marvelous then I don’t know what is.



I had a few events the past days and I’m glad this week will be a lot more quiet! I don’t manage lack of sleep very well but I swear, all these events were worth it. It started on Wednesday with a nice get together of former working colleagues…..

IMG_5835I brought the dips and veggies, so I was sure there is something healthy to grab 🙂

Even though I didn’t sleep a lot and was running around to prepare everything for the events, I still got all my workouts in. It’s what keeps me sane and on track in crazy times like this! IMG_5837 IMG_5836So Thursday evening was the christmas party from our office. I wasn’t sure if I should wear my hair open or ponytail and debated over it on Instagram (thank you for ALL your advice! Loved it!!) so ended up with lose hair, but anyway….



…..we had to wear a Santa Hat all night. LOL.

IMG_5838 IMG_5841 IMG_5878 IMG_5872It was a TON of fun and pretty exhausting too – I think we started at 4pm and ended at 4am. That’s the truth. And that’s how I felt the day after 🙂

Clean Eating was curing my hungover in no time….

IMG_1250…and tea.

IMG_5879On Friday, we went to the christmas market in Sandro’s hometown which I totally missed to take some pics of. Anyway, it continued with mulled wine and a few cookies – but I definitely kept it to a minimum that night.

Saturday was a sleeping in kind of morning and a run. It was so GOOD to be out with fresh air and sweating. Especially when looking forward to my current favorite breakfast….

I spent some time in the kitchen and have some new and very, very delicious recipes coming up for you!!

IMG_2444 IMG_2458 IMG_2462 IMG_2467 IMG_2492Sunday was raceday!! Like last year, I ran the christmasrace – this time only in Zurich. But it was fun! It was a 10k through the city and through all the christmaslights. I fueled with a destroyed oatmeal omelette….

IMG_5902Had my number ready….

IMG_5900….beautiful sky above me….

IMG_2560 IMG_2559

….and off I went! Looking like a whale with tons of LAYERS of clothes because it was FREEZING!!!

race 4 race 2 race 3 Race1I made it in 50:30 which I’m happy with – I didn’t run so much lately, so I took it easy. I was still 172th from almost 1600 runners in my category.

I can not believe I forgot to take pics together with my fans – my best friend and his girlfriend came to watch and we had dinner at our place right after, but I just turned off my brain and drank Prosecco and enjoyed my post race endorphin flash.

But here’s one of me at least 🙂


Not a fan of this stuffed winter layers style!

And yes, I love pink. I am a #sweatpink ambassador after all! 🙂

Oh, I found one of the dinner as well! A huge bowl of rainbow veggies, codfish and parsnip/sweet potato fries on the side (unpictured) AND a piece of this very delicious treat I will present to you soon for dessert….

IMG_2503 IMG_2472Happy Monday to all of you!

Did you ever participate in a christmas race?

What was a highlight of your weekend?

Are you having a lot of holiday events lately? 

16 thoughts on “MIMM – Christmas Events

  1. Victoria says:

    Those photos of the sunrise are breathtaking! And 50:30 is an awesome 10k time, congrats!

  2. Well, way to go against my advice with the hair 😛 Either way, you looked gorgeous and I’m glad to hear you had a good time. I was up in the mountains doing some snowboarding this weekend, and a couple days on the slopes followed by late nights partying with friends means I’m probably not going to get out of bed for the next 2 days. So.very.tired.

    • Yeah, I’m really sorry Hunn…but the ‘lose hair opinions’ predominated in the end….but anyway – I had to wear this ‘lovely’ hat all night 🙂
      Your weekend sounds like crazy fun too! Snowboarding and partying – perfect combo! THough I feel you on the tiredness….I am half dead after this week.

  3. Umm, 50:30 is a KICKASS 10k time!! Congrats Lucie, you did awesome! Eric and I haven’t really had any ‘real’ holiday events yet – it’s a quiet season around here! I’m actually a little jealous, your parties have all sounded like so much fun!

    • Thank you so much Sam, I was surprised too, as I did not really run a lot lately!
      I’m honestly looking forward to a quieter week, it was a lot of fun, but pretty exhausting too!

  4. 4pm-4am… phew! I’m impressed you were able to hang that long. You could probably of found me curled under a desk fast asleep. Ha Ha!

    You look gorgeous in every single photo – jealous of your natural beauty!

    I can hardly wait for the recipes you’ve come up with. Anytime I see some type of bread I can’t help but smile.

    Confession: I had a blonde moment. You know how you have snow falling on your page? Well I totally thought it was snowing in your running photos. I was confused @ first how it looked so real. Ha Ha Ha

    • Oh girl, I love your blonde moment so much. I have so many every day and I am really happy that you join me once in a while 🙂
      Thank you so much! And – the bread recipe will be up tomorrow!

  5. I am just giggling like an idiot to myself right now because I accidentally read ‘On Friday, we went to the christmas market in Sandro’s hometown’ as Sandro’s bedroom and was like…thats a strange place for a Christmas market…

    So proud of you for the race- rocking it in the PInk! We don’t have a christmas race here. No joke, we have an UNDERWEAR race which is really famous…maybe I should do it.

    And your photography makes me want to smack my head against the computer to get a taste.

    • Bahaha, you crack my up boy! That would definitely be weird, even for crazy Swissness here 🙂
      Oh please, DO that underwear race!! I bet this is the funniest thing ever!!
      Recipes will be up this week 🙂

  6. Milly says:

    Congratulations on your race! Go you! Highlight? Hmm going to the beach- I love in Aus summer time here) so that was nice! But my husband just lost his job- so that was the lowlight! There are certainly lots of Christmas events on at the moment (your spread looks fantastic- veggies and dip rule) But I am really enjoying the excuse to eat lots of cake and a bit more red wine than usual (as well as biscuits, chocolate and lollies which seem to hang around at this time- yum!) Happy Monday!

    • Oh wow I am so jealous of your weather!
      I’m sorry though that your husband lost his job – cross fingers for a new one soon!
      I totally agree – it is a season to enjoy and with it some treats here and there!

  7. […] A very quick check in to share some of my new recipe I teased you with yesterday!  […]

  8. Oh how fun! Looks like the race was an awesome time 🙂

    Love the outfit too! I’m on holidays. It’s been great!

  9. […] The new year begun, and I was very pleased since I had a wonderful December full of Christmas Spirit and loads of fun parties. No anxieties and no binges, just festive atmosphere, friends and a nice, […]

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