MIMM – Chasing Christmas Lights and Holiday Season Food Anxiety


9. December 2013 by swissfitchick

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you had a relaxing weekend. Today we celebrate MIMM thanks to Katie and her family!!

MiMMIn Switzerland, we celebrate Santa Clause day on December 6. The legend is, that he comes with his helper and his donkey to the kids. If they were good throughout the year they get treats, if not, then he will pack them in his bag and take them with him to the forest.

And on christmas, the Christmas Child brings the presents. I think it looks a bit like an angel. But I’m not sure. Swiss readers? Christkindli? How does it look?


Today, obviously Santa doesn’t come anymore, but we still celebrate with traditional food. Little baked men and ladies or a big part of it, plus mandarine oranges, nuts, dried fruits and chocolate.

As per my request, Mom also made different salads, plus smoked meat and trout.

IMG_1229 IMG_1230 1 IMG_5769 IMG_5768And yes, I ate the whole doughy girl. And some chocolate too. Just sayin’ again – nothing happens when you eat unhealthy at one meal. Even 2 unhealthy meals do not make you fat. So you bet I enjoyed this dinner without guilt but with the pleasure to be in Mom’s warm house with good people and talks.

Saturday we travelled back to Zurich and since I skipped breakfast – I was still full from the night before – I was hungry for lunch, but didn’t prep anything. So lunch from the supermarket it was. Cottage Curd Cheese, cold chicken meat, cherry tomatoes and coconut water.

IMG_5771The rest of the day I just kind of existed – between the couch, the computer and the kitchen. For dinner, I had my favorite wintersalad: lamb’s lettuce with roasted brussels sprout, smoked trout and quark dip on the side. BUT before that, Sandro and me shared a Sashimi plate while cooking….

IMG_5773IMG_2358Sunday morning called for a long run cause the weather was AMAZING!! It was ‘warm’ (as warm in winter) and beautiful sunny.

IMG_5786 IMG_5782 IMG_5794 IMG_5801After showering I put on my lazy-home-outfit, prepared my favorite green tea flavor from Davids Tea and put up the christmas deco.

IMG_1234 1

Trashy Boyfriend jeans (my favorite), Nike Hoodie, messy braid, no make up

IMG_1231 IMG_2343 IMG_2352I will share some of the weekend food next Wednesday – so you have to wait till then, sorry…..unless you stalk me on Instagram, then you’ll get a sneak peek! Though let me show you the ugly non-daylight breakfast I had: Carrott-Zucchini-Oats. Oh so #strangebutgood.

IMG_57761/3 cup oats, 3 eggwhites, 1 grated carrot, 1 grated zucchini, nutmeg, sea salt and ginger. Mix it all and cook in a skillet. Trust me. Yum.

Later, when it started to get dark, Sandro and me grabbed my camera and went out to make some nice christmas shoots. We were literally chasing the lights, forgot about the cold and ignored the crowd – just focusing on good images and my canon.

Blogger at work….


IMG_2368Chasing the lights…..

IMG_2380 IMG_2376 IMG_2392 IMG_2421 IMG_2428

IMG_2394 IMG_2401 IMG_2411This one is in the main shopping street of Zurich and is called LUCY 🙂

Now with all this beauty of the holiday season, which I really love, I must say that it is still a tiring time for me. For example this week, I have 3 social evening events in a row. Wed, Thurs, Fri. On some of them I will have the chance to stick to healthy food, but in any case, there will be drinks and a lot of temptations. Don’t get me wrong – as said, I love to indulge once in a while and I never want to go back to 100% clean and restrictive eating. Still, social events are triggering for me. Being around all this ‘unsafe’ food – which is the drug in my relapses – isn’t so easy and when it happens that I overeat on sweets and treats, the failure thoughts arise and there’s the risk of a relapse. I know I might have more relapses to come, but if anyhow possible, I want to avoid it. I hate binges, I hate to relapse and I don’t want a fun social event to turn out in a disaster. So send me some strength and relaxation to get through this with joy rather than fear. And if you have some helpful tips and hints would you give them to me for free?

Besides all the nice things about the holiday season, do you feel stressed out?

If you are from Switzerland, do you still celebrate Santa Clause? 

What is your go to snack if you didn’t bring any food? 

27 thoughts on “MIMM – Chasing Christmas Lights and Holiday Season Food Anxiety

  1. thekoshercavegirl says:

    All of your pictures are gorgeous! (And I love Santa’s shoes haha. Very authentic).
    That green tea looks so interesting. I’ve never thought of adding coconut or pineapple, let alone nuts!

  2. Santa Clause day! I can’t believe my parents forgot about it this year! They used to always get me mandarin oranges and little sweets, but nothing this year… le boo. That’s what we get for being away from the homeland for so long 😉 They don’t really have that tradition here in Canada.

    And those are some gorgeous shots of the lights, lady. I wish it wasn’t so cold this weekend because I would have loved to take a walk outside. I’ve been stuck inside for a couple of days and I’m starting to get cabin fever.

    • Oh no!! You have to celebrate next year (I’d suggest you just come here 🙂 ) I love it!
      I admire you for surviving in these cold temperatures – i would be dead by now. I am such a wimp with the cold and being stuck inside might be nice for a day, but then I would turn crazy!

  3. mmm – your Mom is quite the baker. Her dough gingerbread men turned out fantastic. Next Christmas, let her know to save me a seat =) Ha Ha!

    How do you still lok so beautiful even in your lazy clothes… jealous

    You did such a fabulous job capturing wonderful angles of each light shot. So fabulous!

  4. mitchell-james says:

    Merry Christmas Lucie 😀

    First of all – your Christmas table setting trumps anything I’ve ever seen for one reason: dates! Hahaha, I could go on and on about how much I love the sugary things, but I’ll just leave it there for now 😉

    It looks so magical over there with all the lights and beautiful old buildings to compliment them 🙂 I think it is the real meaning of ‘Winter Wonderland’ because it just looks so cute and picturesque 🙂 Still hard to imagine a Christmas day in winter, it’s all t-shirts and shorts over here 😛

    I understand completely what you mean about trigger foods and special ocassions. Usually I find it easier to say no in public than when I am alone with food, but being around the food still provokes anxiety and stress. It is such a fine line to walk, but you’ve taught me that it gets better 🙂

    • I love dates too!
      And vice versa – it is so strange for me to think about summer and christmas. Maybe one day I come to celebrate with you, so I know what this is all about swimming and eating ice cream during December!
      I feel exactly the same way like you and as you say, it is such a fine line. Let’s see how I manage this week!

  5. Your photography skills are amazing- I love how you and Sandro pressed pause on the craziness called life for a while and just embraced the outside beauty. I’m enjoying learning about Swiss traditions- so different to other parts of the world- ironically, the forthcoming spill it, sunday will actually be about holiday traditions!

    I know you will be anxious and it can be triggering but seeing how far you have come- you are MUCH stronger than you give yourself credit for. If you need a reminder, you wrote two amazing posts just last week 😉

    • I can not wait for the holiday tradition Spill Sunday, so fun!
      And thank you so much for your words of encouragement my dear. You are probably right and I should be more confident – let’s see how I manage this week!

  6. Would love to know what the toasted walnut tea tastes like?? What an interesting combination!

  7. What a neat Christmas tradition! I love all of your photos…. you are becoming quite the photographer! Have a great week and try not to stress too much about all of the holiday parties. 😉

  8. So i have to say, the Swiss Santa Clause is a lot more hardcore than the North American Santa…if you’re bad, NA Santa just leaves coal in your stocking, but the Swiss Santa kidnaps you? Intense. :-p
    And I hope you’re able to enjoy the holiday events this week – don’t let yourself get too stressed about it!

  9. Ashley @MilesonOats says:

    I really love that your so honest and open about your struggles. Just what I needed today, a reminder that it’s all a process. I adore all of your pictures and interesting combos of food! I can wait to add some veggies to my spiced oats!

    Happy holidays lovely 🙂


  10. The pictures of the holiday decorations around town are BEAUTIFUL! I’ve only traveled abroad once, to Italy, but I’d love to go back in a heartbeat… Especially during the holidays to experience how other countries celebrate!

  11. Julie says:

    I love this version of Santa and I love that everything around you is beautifully lit up. Also, you look adorable in your relaxed outfit!

  12. […] eats are from the weekend! More precisely from Sunday. As you may have read, Sandro and I went for a run on Sunday morning. But before we went off, I squeezed in a heavy weight lifting session (yes, I have some iron at […]

  13. Jeana says:

    I have never struggled with an eating disorder but more so disordered eating. Lately I’ve found myself unable to turn off the eating mode and be satisfied with what I KNOW is enough. This is leading me to seek God’s wisdom and help through prayer and fasting. I know I need help and I have started to ask for it. I share your concern as my Christmas season is just starting and I have more family gatherings to resist the urge to overeat!! I’ll be aending peace your way as I seek it for myself!
    I love your mom’s table! I am going to make our family table look like that! My ancestry is Swiss and so your traditions intrigue me 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words Jeana! I really appreciate it. And yes, peace is very important in this crazy and tempting time. Our bodies know what they need, we just have to listen!
      So funny that your ancestry is Swiss! Let me know how your table turned out!

  14. […] MIMM – Chasing Christmas Lights and Holiday Season Food Anxiety (fitswisschick.com) […]

  15. […] MIMM – Chasing Christmas Lights and Holiday Season Food Anxiety (fitswisschick.com) […]

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