Recipe Roundup – Lunch


4. December 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I do something really crazy today – I do a different post than usually on Wednesday! Ok, I admit it, I was just lazy with taking pics of my food and aside from that – my food looked the same like last week including horrible light. So I thought I spare you with dry chicken in orange light…..ok?

So today I continue with the Recipe Roundup and today we’re having lunch! I don’t know about you, but lunch is my least favorite meal of the day. Somehow I’m just not comfortable with eating in between working hours in the office or at a crowded restaurant. I manage to go home for lunch sometimes, but this way it’s even more difficult to return to the office 🙂 So it’s even more important to cook something up that is worth looking forward to!

Like a good sandwich. Around here, sandwiches count as junk food and yes, if you buy them at the take away near my office, they certainly are. But what if you bake your own whole grain bagels and fill them up with yummy things like hummus, or quark as a base, vegetables as a side and some tofu, chicken or tuna to make it perfect? Sounds good?`Here you go – my recipe for whole grain bagels. This comes in handy for people living in Switzerland, as healthy bagels are almost nowhere to be found.

bagelsYou want a tasty salad on the side? No problem. The Powerfood Salad with my favorite Strawberry Bliss Dressing is a perfect match!!

dressing saladOk, but currently it’s cold outside and we might crave warm food. At least I do. This might mean a little more prep, but perfect to throw it into the microwave at lunchtime and eat FRESH and warm. Very convenient to prep and take along is the Chicken Broccoli Meatloaf. It lasts for the whole week and can be paired with some vegetables, spread with spicy yogurt dip, hummus, ketchup, dijon or eaten on its own – even cold if you prefer that!

Meatloaf1 meatloaf2Another meat dish that is great for meal prep are burgers. Come on, a good burger is great once in while! And this one is even healthy.

Carrot Beef Burgers

BUrger burger1Last but not least we all know that the best lunch is BRUNCH – Breakfast for Lunch. Agreed?? I knew it!!

You could aim for sweet eggs…..

sweet scrambleOR one of my favortie all-time-of-the-day meal is the Pumpkin-Banana-Porridge. SUCH an old one but sooo delicious and comforting!!

porridge2Ok, I NEED to get in the kitchen and whip up some porridge and knead some burgers. Have a good day!

Where do you usually eat your lunch? 

Favorite lunch meal? 

Do you like to eat breakfast for lunch? 



27 thoughts on “Recipe Roundup – Lunch

  1. thekoshercavegirl says:

    I love lunch! I’ve never thought of trying sweet eggs… I always make them savory, but I can’t wait to try this!

  2. Yum to every thing. I’d never seen your beef & carrot burgers (or maybe I have and just forgot??), but they look and sound quite divine!

    I really don’t prefer breakfast over lunch only because I can make whatever I want at home. However dinner… idk, I’m just not a huge fan of dinner meals Ha Ha.

    Favorite lunches are always salads or sandwiches.

  3. I usually really enjoy lunch, if I have time to eat it properly! Also, I’m loving the snow on your blog! How cool!

  4. I’m loving these roundups- it highlights to me that you are a little chef outside of oats and pancakes.. 😉 Not that its bad seeing as I crave them EVERY.TIME.

    Lunch for me is constantly changing- depending on my mood. Sometimes, ok often its pancakes!

  5. mitchell-james says:

    Pumpkin, Banana Porridge! It’s the stuff dreams are made of 😀 Looks so good, and perfect for the wintery Swiss days 😉

    I love my strawberries, but I’m reluctant to try them in salads – I feel the same way about mandarins too, it just seems weird! But a little weirdness can be good I suppose, I just need to take the plunge 😛 I tried watermelon and feta salad recently on a gamble, and it was really amazing!

    I am so making that broccoli chicken meatloaf! It looks spectacular! I’ll be sure to take a pic, but I’ll bet it won’t look as great as yours 😛

    • You’ll love the porrisge, it’s so good!
      And you should try strawberries in salad – it might sound strange, but it’s so good!!
      I hope you’ll like the meatloaf!!

  6. Lunch is the bane of my existence. I dislike it a little less when I’m actually home to eat it, but having to pack lunch to work or school was always a pain in the butt. Sometimes I just forgo lunch and snack the afternoon away, or I try and make sure that I eat something extra delicious that I’m actually looking forward to — usually some kind of breakfast meal. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of kabocha smoothies, and that’s definitely made me look forward to the lunch hour a little bit more.

  7. Oh, I love the idea of the protein + veg creations! I’d never thought of making meatloaf with broccoli in it (or burgers with carrots), but that’s an awesome idea. 🙂 Well played!

  8. I’m definitely not a big lunch fan – usually I just empty the contents of my fridge into a bowl and call it good enough 😉 I usually end up with a salad, leftovers, eggs, or a smoothie – or I just go with a snack plate.

  9. Lisa says:

    Love this roundup, Lunch is definitely the meal I have the hardest time trying to enjoy. Since it’s usually eaten in a rush or on the run so leftovers are a big thing for me. I’d like to start putting a bit more effort into it though.

  10. Kierston says:

    I love a good chicken salad for lunch. I don’t often each sandwiches, but when I do…I pick the right place…or the right ingredients to make ’em myself 😉

  11. Whoa BABY! GiGi wants some Chicken Broccoli Meatloaf!!!!

  12. cottercrunch says:

    whoa whoa whoa, carrot beef? Oh that sounds good and hearty! sign me up!

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  14. That chicken broccoli meatloaf is such a weird idea but wow does it look good!! I’m imagining slathering it with ketchup now…yum!

  15. […] for recipe posts. I have roundups for breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners and desserts. But still – I have too many recipes to just choose one, so I will […]

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