29. November 2013 by swissfitchick

Happy Friday!!

Are you ready for the weekend?? I definitely am. It was FREEZING this week and I start to remember how it is when winter is here. Ugh.

But let’s stop whining but get on today’s post – it’s been a while since I did a CURRENTLY…. post – so here we go!

Currently reading….

cover_7I LOVE her style to write. It’s like you’re there – in Sansibar. Beautiful writing and touching stories of women in this country.

Currently eating…..

I am obsessed with eggy oats in a jar topped with chocolatized quark. I swear it tastes like dessert. I hope I won’t develop some kind of allergy because of too much eggy oats.

IMG_1207Also – beets are back in my life! I don’t even know why I stopped eating them, weird. Anywho, the red velvet phase is back again.

IMG_1206Currently feeling…..

In party mood!! I can not wait for tonight – we will dress up and go to a crazy hitsong party. We did the same last year and it was HILARIOUS. Oh my Gosh I nearly fall off my chair even by thinking about it.

IMG_1205Currently missing…..

Snowboarding!!! I can see the snow in the alps only a short drive from here and it’s been way too long since I rode the slopes. Need to go ASAP!!!168003_475030611845_4926375_nCurrently listening to…..

I think no band before made it on my favorite list for that long. I absolutely LOVE them!! Bonus? I get to see them AGAIN life in February!!

Currently watching….

I hope this weekend it will be Catching Fire….

HUNGER-GAMESCurrently wearing…..

At work:

Black tights, leg warmers, heel boots, long black shirt

Black tights, leg warmers, heel boots, long black shirt.

Jesus, that selfie looks weird.


My flares! I finally digged them out!

My flares! I finally digged them out!

At home:



Current wishlist…..

Come on, you know it. This baby. I told Sandro. Let’s hope he gets it. You know men. Sometimes they just don’t get it. Sorry Arman 🙂
NINJA Ultimate with fruitCurrent guilty pleasure….

satcI know you understand me. Right? No explanation needed, right? Thanks.

Currently crushing on….

As mentioned above…..


Samu from Sunrise Avenue

Current needs……

That was fixed yesterday – and believe me it was HIGH time and MUCH needed!!


Have a great weekend friends!! I’m off to parteeeeeyyyyy!!!


Currently? Answer 2 questions! 



17 thoughts on “Currently…..NOVEMBER.

  1. The Ninja Ultima is awesome!! You should definitely have that on your wish list :).

  2. Ha Ha Ha — Sandro my dear, you BETTER get my dearest friend that Ninja Ultima 🙂 🙂

  3. mitchell-james says:

    I love a good post like this 🙂 It gives you a snap shot into somebody else’s discoveries and piques your own interest 😛

    I am a total egg-white convert thanks to you 😀 They are so fluffy and wonderful, it makes all my past oat breakfast pale in comparison. I’m not much of a fan of putting my meals in jars though … how do you expect to lick the plate otherwise ;P

    Can’t believe how easy it is to go snowboarding for you! Would you believe I’ve never seen snow? lol Damn Australia!

  4. Lucie, I would totally buy you that magic bullet. Buuutttt…I asked my mum once to get me almond milk from the store. She got me a carton of milk. And a packet of almonds. FAIL.

    Ohh be careful with the eggy oats- I developed an intolerance from eating way to much oats all the time and actually Amanda told me its possible to develop it from egg whites too- just be wary mon ami! 😉

    Have a blast tonight- have a shot or 10 for me!

  5. Lady! Too much to say about this post! Snowboarding — remember you promised to take me to the Alps when I come visit! Catching Fire — it was AWESOME and I definitely recommend going to see it. I’m considering dragging J along so that I can go see it again 😆 Thank you for introducing me to Sunrise Avenue, eggy oats are brilliant, and have the most amazing time at the party tonight! You look adorable!

    PS – your new hair looks amazing as well ❤

  6. I still need to see Catching Fire! Maybe one night next week – I’m supposed to be going as a triple date with friends and their significant others, so we’re just trying to find a night that works!

    And I’m with you on hoping that I don’t develop an intolerance from all the oats and eggs that I eat…oh well, I’ll just keep going with it until it’s a problem 😉
    And speaking of shopping, I need to head off and get started on that soon!

  7. cottercrunch says:

    okay, so i have to ask….. what is chocolatized quark? it looks amazing! hope the weekend was fun!

  8. kolya says:

    New American reader here with a question…what is quark?!?!?!

    Currently in November,,.. mission is kabocha seeking and hoarding (:


  9. […] the evening, Sandro came to Basel and we headed right over to our friends to get ready for the PARTY. It was a hitsong party with loads of old […]

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