WIAW#44 – from bootyshaping on the couch to bootyshaking at the gym


27. November 2013 by swissfitchick

Yeeaaaah, that title is so cheesy, ain’t it??

But now let’s face it.

I was home and sick 2 days last week forming a butt-shape into my couch from lying around and watching trash tv, trying to figure out what my tummy would accept in terms of food.

tumblr_m8ytg669Dh1qezqfno1_500Since that didn’t happen (I continued sinking deeper into my couch and all I ate was oats, eggs and kabocha) I at least did my best to heal so I could join the crazy girlsride to winter wonderland.


And yes, it was a blast. It was absolutely cosy and funny. Though there’s 2 things I have to admit about it.

1. I had no freaking CLUE where we were.

I followed the given train timetable and was picked up when I left the said train. I sat in the car seeing nothing (it was foggier than in a steambath) and then being expulsed in a warm house. The only thing I know is that the 3-4 people I saw during these 48 hours and who were not my girlfriends  spoke french and that we did not leave the country. Also, the village had a meat market and a church covered by a gazillion ton of snow. That’s it.

where-the-fuck-am-i-cat2. Furthermore, I did not get to learn where we were, cause we did not leave the house at all nor move in any other way. Ok, that’s not exactly true. We drove to the car park of the supermarket and spent 30 minutes to grab everything eatable that looked appealing and then drove back to the house seeing nothing (more fog). Then we walked 10 minutes in the snow to buy meat and fled back to the house immediately after that. From then on, the only movement we did was reaching for more champagne and taking the pumpkin bread out of the oven. I did not even take a shower I think though I used the bathroom once in a while and cleaned myself. Basic stuff. Other than that, hanging, drinking, eating and laughing were the only signs of me being alive.

giphyWhat I wanted to say – even though I loved being a lazy bum and eating everything in sight, I was glad to be back to my routine of cleaner eats and my workouts this week. Let’s take a butt-shake-twerk-selfie to celebrate this fact!

FotoAnd let’s look at a day of eats under normal circumstances. But not under normal light. With really bad evening kitchen light.

Breakfast and preworkout meal: Eggy Cinnamon Oats in the ugliest tupperware ever.

IMG_5564After demolishing this attractive something, I’m off to the gym for my strength and cardio before work. Post Leg Day Protein Smoothie: Vanilla&Apple and ground flax. Yes, I love ground flax in everything.

Foto 2Paired with Coconut Water!! I was thrilled in excitement when I saw that it is back in the shelves of my NORMAL Supermarket – no trip to some special healthy whole&expensive foods store needed. For my Swiss Readers – I found this one at Coop! Foto 1Monday and Wednesday I manage to squeeze in a Yoga class over lunchtime. I absolutely LOVE it, even though I have the hardest time not to fall asleep during savasana and irritate everyone around me with my snoring.

Lunch is simple but delicious: Baked Sweet Potato with Chicken, Salad greens and Coconut-Milk/Dijon Dressing.


Dinner was either codfish with a veggie mix and added ketchup…cause ketchup makes everything better. You might disagree and that’s ok, but me, I like ketchup.

IMG_5557 IMG_5558….or a huge deconstructed omelette with 1 egg, 3 eggwhites, chicken, mushrooms, spinach and shredded zucchini. AND some added nutritional yeast&TVP. Not as good as ketchup, but hey, I’ll take it.

IMG_5554Hang on, that’s not food. It’s my winter manicure.

Here we go….gosh, I just realize how bad this looks. But honestly, it was darn good!!

IMG_5563 IMG_5559Eating clean means having dessert, right? >>

Best combo ever: dark chocolate (the one that is usually used for baking – I swear, it’s the BEST!) and almond butter. Awe yes….my homemade almond butter is in Zurich waiting for me in the pantry (hoping it doesn’t get all eaten by the man). I thank God for the genius person who invented these packs. Life savers, honestly.


And now ladies and gentlemen rush over to Peas and Crayons and check out some more foodspiration in a better light!!


Happy Wednesday!

Tell me your favorite Combo. Chocolate and _____ OR Almond Butter and ______

Are you active all the time or do you love to be lazy at times? 



34 thoughts on “WIAW#44 – from bootyshaping on the couch to bootyshaking at the gym

  1. I love the look of your lunch, looks delicious!! Almond butter & chocolate definitely = winning!! Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Chocolate and almond butter, and almond butter and chocolate 😉 There really is no better combo, but to play fair I’ll go with chocolate and my face, and almond butter and banana. As for being lazy, sometimes I definitely crave a day of doing absolutely nothing, but I can only handle so much of that before I start getting a little stir crazy and craving movement — I figure it all balances out in the end.

    PS – Love your nails!

  3. Gosh, I missed so much when I didn’t have internet. You were sick? You poor thing!!! Glad you’re feeling better. Perhaps it was from surgery? Or no? Looks like you had a fabulous time w/ your girlfriends – minus the nasty weather.

    I’m quite curious what all went into your smoothie? It looks thick & filling!!

  4. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!

    As always your food looks yummy!!
    I always need to move, its like I cannot stay quiet for a day :-(.
    For me the best combo is chocolate ( dark one) by itself, or peanut butter with banana. Love it!!

    Your nail polish is from Essi?

    Cool for the coco water in coop!! For the moment I buy them in Sunstore.

    Enjoy the day! And bravo for the yoga classes!!!!

  5. Ketchup? Nooo Sriracha all the way 😉 OR mixed together.

    For sick meals- oats, eggs and kabocha sounds borderline normal 😉 Glad you had a good weekend…even if it was in the middle of nowhere!

  6. Chocolate and greek yogurt, I am eating greek yogurt on occasion now since my Dr. said I need more calcium in my body and OMG mixing those two together is like insane, chocolate mousse YUM! Happy Holidays Beauty <33C

  7. At times being lazy is a must, especially when you’re not feeling all that great. I hope you’re feeling much better. Love your winter manicure and those little packets of nut butter are one of the BEST inventions, huh? 😉

  8. Hope you are feeling better!

    I do enjoy my rest days now 🙂 I really enjoy spending time in my PJs too. That said, it always feels great to get back at it! It’s very fulfilling and it feels good!

  9. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    That girls trip sounds like the most perfect vacation. I’m coming next time. LOL!

  10. Those lazy days are so necessary sometimes – I swear, Sunday I only moved off the couch to eat and to hit the bathroom every once in a while! Not something I’d want for every day but so nice on occasion.
    Chocolate and peanut butter, almond butter and oats 😉

  11. Love the color of your manicure! And lazy days are my favorite 😉

  12. Almond butter and cereal, or chocolate and MORE CHOCOLATE! I’m glad you’re feeling better!
    I love ground flax in anything and everything too, but HATE ketchup!

  13. Bootyshaping on the couch is a much better way of naming a lazy/sick day. I’m glad you’re feeling better by now!
    There is no favourite almond butter combo for me because everything (!) tastes better with almond butter.
    By the way: I’m currently trying to figure out how to make it to Berlin that weekend in January. Here’s to hoping I’ll find a way!

  14. I loveeeeeeee maple almond butter from Justin’s! And with chocolate… so good!

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  16. […] WIAW#44 – from bootyshaping on the couch to bootyshaking at the gym (fitswisschick.com) […]

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