MIMM – Ladies in the snow


25. November 2013 by swissfitchick

Happy Monday friiiiiiiiends!!!



I hope your weekend was great and your start of the week is treating you well so far this Monday. Let’s make this a marvelous one thanks to Katie and her lovely family!

I was lucky and felt good enough to join my girlscrew (we’re the FIVE of us)on the way to Winter Wonderland. We had a VERY relaxing, fun, joyful and happy time.

It’s pretty much always exceptional funny when we’re together. It started with a little comedy movie which I did not even realize that I was filmed. And unfortunately I had no freaking clue that while I tried to translate COMB from German to French, at the same time the snowboarder behind me just undressed himself. Seriously, sometimes I just DON’T GET IT!!!


The weekend was filled with hanging inside most of the time. We did go out to get food (obviously!!) – but that was all. The weather was really nasty, windy and snowy and after a few minutes walking in the storm we were more than ready to head back inside.

IMG_2271 IMG_2279 IMG_2280 IMG_2282 IMG_2288

IMG_5529 IMG_5541

We made sure we had stuff to keep us busy….

IMG_2270And later in the day started with predinner snack plate and drinks.



Of course I had to bake some pumpkin bread!! IMG_5527 IMG_2305While the whole appartment smelled of cinnamon and pumpkin, we loaded up some wood in the fireplace….

IMG_2299And then had fooooood! IMG_5535We roasted up a bunch of winter veggies (parsnips, fennel, carrots, sweet potatoes) and had a juicy piece of red meat with it.

A good glass of wine, which I always have to skip 😦 my body shows some really weird reactions on red and white wine (hot flushes, bad headache, hot feet and bad sleep). Which is sad, cause I really love the taste of a good red wine.


Dessert was a matter of course….

IMG_2315 IMG_2317

We also did some taste testing with gummy bears – at least what you can taste out of artificial flavors 🙂

We enjoyed the rest of the evening with chatting, laughing and just enjoying the warmth and comfort of the house and our get together.

IMG_2316 IMG_2309 IMG_2300

We had a good night and slept in – BRUNCH happened around 11am and I completely forgot to shoot our nice buffet! 😦

We hang around the afternoon looking at old pictures and doing NOTHING until it was time to go home 😦


When I arrived home, I did some meal prep and unpacking, and gave my body a nice clean dinner. I did indulge a lot of the dessert the night before and even though I am a lot more relaxed when it comes to indulging events, the anxieties and guilty feelings like to creep in pretty soon. Still a lot of mental work to do here.

Spinach Salad, coconut cooked veggies, roasted codfish

Spinach Salad, coconut cooked veggies, roasted codfish

Besides that I was SO happy to spend my weekend with some of my favorite ladies and it was just the perfect girls weekend!

Has winter arrived where you live? 

What do you prefer to do when it’s nasty outside? 

Do you drink wine? 



16 thoughts on “MIMM – Ladies in the snow

  1. LOVE your stocking cap! It is so pretty :).

  2. Omigosh that seriously sounds like the most amazing weekend. Good food, good friends, and feeling all warm and cozy when it’s snowy outside? Perfection. Winter has definitely hit around these parts, but thankfully some of the cold let up this weekend and we actually got temperatures that were close to 0 — much better than the -25 we were dealing with last week. I took full advantage and went snowboarding, but you better believe I’m curled up on the couch with a good book when things get really nasty outside.

  3. Girlscrew! Haha, what a name :p

    I’m so jealous of your weekend- Wish we could have swapped! Trust you to make pumpkin goodies for them…at least you didn’t chase them around with a spoon and nutbutter! When its nasty outside, I like to be inside snickering at everyone who is outside. Just kidding, I just like to be damn warm!

    • Haha oh my gosh, imagine this!! Considering we listened to christmas song, this picture of me with the nutbutter and the spoon (and George Michael) is even more hilarious…..

  4. That sounds like such a perfect weekend! Our weather is looking a lot like yours right now, and I definitely spent it huddled inside.

  5. carlyjg says:

    Nail polish, baking, good food, and good friends = the PERFECT weekend.

    No winter here in California yet — it’s going to be 60 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. Not complaining ;).

  6. […] Since that didn’t happen (I continued sinking deeper into my couch and all I ate was oats, eggs and kabocha) I at least did my best to heal so I could join the crazy girlsride to winter wonderland. […]

  7. Winter has arrived…we have 25 cm expected by the end of the day today!

    Love your jacket and hat btw. Very cute!

  8. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Awww, looks like you had a great weekend despite the weather! Love all the pics! And you are too cute all bundled up like a little snow bunny! We haven’t actually gotten any real snow, but it’s winter as far as I’m concerned…temperatures BELOW freezing do not happen in the fall! Brrrrr! I think I may need to borrow your warm furry coat! 😉

    And I can completely relate on the thing with the sweets. I can be fine in the moment, but sometimes it gets to me later on. I actually didn’t have any sweets for Thanksgiving though…wasn’t really feeling it, but I was ALL about the turkey and dressing! 😀

  9. […] MIMM – Ladies in the snow (fitswisschick.com) […]

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