WIAW#43 – the miseries of foodpictures


13. November 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey guys!

Today is WIAW – What I ate Wednesday! I guess you already knew that.

A big thank you to our hostess!!

wiaw fall into good habits button

My camera lives in Zurich. During the week, I live in Basel. Means, my eats during the week are photographed with my iPad or iPhone. Add bad light, since it’s a lot darker these days and you get some disgusting not so nice pictures of my food. I thougth I am not going to show you beautiful #foodporn pics today, but a lot of crabby iPhone and iPad pics which were taken in a rush (yeah, you know what I am talking about – quick and short before faceplant).

Ok, let me just give you one nice shot of my eggy oats from the weekend.

recycled pic

recycled pic

That, because I forgot to shoot all my breakfasts since Monday. But wait – here we go with lunches:

Chicken Burger with random veggies and homemade flatbread by @Khushboo

Chicken Burger with random veggies and homemade flatbread by @Khushboo

'Springrolls' filled with ground chicken and broccoli - more filling on the side, plus another mentioned flatbread.

‘Springrolls’ filled with ground chicken and broccoli – more filling on the side, plus another mentioned flatbread.

Snacks with the background of my office table or while standing on the kitchen counter.

IMG_1956 IMG_1958 IMG_1139I also shot my meal prep I did on Monday night –

Roasted garlic brussel sprouts

Roasted garlic brussels sprouts

Chicken Chilli for the week

Chicken Chilli for the week

Not to forget dinner…..

Chicken Spinach Omelette

Chicken Spinach Omelette

Fish Skewer with shrunken steamed veggies

Fish Skewer with totally shrunken steamed veggies

Warmed up Chicken Chilli plus warmed up Brussels Sprouts

Warmed up Chicken Chilli plus warmed up Brussels Sprouts

Don’t tell me you can make chilli look nice. But let’s be honest – ugly food tastes so good!!

Hey, most important meal of the day?? DESSERT!!

HIS: Coco Roon with Vanilla/Choco Pops plus homemade almond&cacao coconut butter HERS: Roasted kabocha with a Coco Roon and homemade nut butters

HIS: Coco Roon with Vanilla/Choco Pops plus homemade almond&cacao coconut butter HERS: Roasted kabocha with a Coco Roon and homemade nut butters

So you see, my pictures aren’t always perfect at all. Of course it is much more fun to work with my lightbox and getting excited about the great result and drooling over the pics when editing. Though it takes a lot of time, and during my workweek I don’t have any – so these pics must do and that’s actually the real thing! We all know that I don’t decorate my meals with sliced almonds on the side, parsley and baby tomato on top or a perfect slice of lemon on the side, because well, there’s no time I need to EAT! So…..I hope you can live with that 🙂



What did you have for breakfast today?

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to taking pictures?

23 thoughts on “WIAW#43 – the miseries of foodpictures

  1. They may have been taken with an iPhone, but your pictures still look pretty darn good! 🙂

  2. Hahahaha, for every good photo I take, I have about 10 disgusting ones. Especially since it gets dark before 5pm, and the darkness does not make for good pics!

  3. Khushboo’s flatbread is seriously taking over the blog world — I need to try it one of these days! It would make a perfect base for that delicious salted vanilla AB of yours 😉

    And girl… I totally feel you on the photography woes. It’s getting to be more of a pain in the butt, which is why I try to limit how many good pictures I take to just WIAW.

  4. Khushboo says:

    Wahoo the flatbreads look great- so glad you love ’em! Even without a lightbox, your pics and meals look great! Here’s my confession: I haven’t pulled out my camera since I switched over to an iPhone…now with an iPad, my inclination is even less so 😉

  5. Can I be skewered up on that skewer with that salmon PLEASEEEE! And then… I would love to nosh on some of that roasted squash! Best snack EVER!

  6. Two things about this post that’s wrong:

    1. You’re crazy (well not really), because everything looks delicious even on your iPhone.
    2. Going along with #1, you made chili your b**ch. Meaning it doesn’t look awful at all. In fact I want to dive right in.


  7. Your ‘less than stellar’ photos trump mine ANYDAY 😉

    Can we just note the most important things here- you’re meals are leaving me hungry (even while eating dinner tight now…) and have me craving an omelette!

  8. Even though I just had chili two – or three? – days ago you make me crave it again. Which interferes with my plan of switching up my meals so it’s not good – but might happen in anyway.
    Khusboo’s flatbread is great! What did you add to yours?
    Also, you have the best definition of dessert. Who wouldn’t want to eat kabocha with homemade [still can’t get over how awesome your variations are] nut butter? I’d take that over a dry cake any day.
    I’m usually a perfectionist when it comes to taking pictures but with less time to shoot my meals in good lighting during these months I have to cut myself some slack. It irks me but as long as I can usually avoid flash I’m semi-okay with it.

  9. Wow for an iphone, those are some awesome pics! Nicely done girl! When I am out and about I use my iphone but at home I try to use my canon. I don’t have a light box yet but when I have time I am going to work on making my pics better.

  10. I’d say you pull off the iphone pics well! It’s definitely frustrating how all my dinner pictures are in the dark these days…I need a light box!

  11. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    I spyyyyyyyyyyyy KIWI BERRIES!!! Ohmygosh, I miss those little buggers so much! And too funny, I just roasted up a huge pan of brussel sprouts AND made Khushboo’s flatbread today!

    Oh and you KNOW I’m a huge perfectionist when it comes to pictures…though I’m trying to relax a bit more about it because like you, I just don’t have the time during the week and really, if I want to have a life on the weekend, it can’t be spent sitting at home waiting for the perfect amount of light to take food pictures all day! Ha!

    • I LOVE Kiwi berries! It was the first time I had them and I am hooked!
      Isn’t Khushboo’s flatbread the best thing ever? So easy!
      Oh and yes – a life besides food pics is a must, haha, but definitely not easy if you once started to take nice pics 🙂

  12. […] WIAW#43 – the miseries of foodpictures (fitswisschick.com) […]

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