Friday Confessions #1


8. November 2013 by swissfitchick

My first confessions post. Wait, I need a second.

Ok, now.

1. Taking selfies at the gym can be addicting. It’s a good motivation if I don’t want to go to do my workout – I look at one and remember the good feeling I had when I was there. But that’s not all – there is the #emptytwerk revolution going on and I am in. When I took these selfies, there were PEOPLE. I almost had a freaking heart attack. Because, before I take a picture of myself, I look around me as if I were about to steal something. Worse than taking a selfie is someone watching you do it.



Mr. Arman


Miss Laura

Are you in?? Show off those twerks!!

2. This is how I move since leg day on Tuesday.

3. I can not remember when the last time was that I ate from a plate – probably in the restaurant on my weekend trip. If I eat my own food, I eat it out of a tupperware, or a bowl. Is it just me or does food taste better out of a bowl? Same goes with smoothies – they are eaten with a spoon. Believe me. They taste better like that. To top it all, eat them out of a pretty mason jar and you will feel royal.

Foto4. My typing is the worst. I am not educated in the touch system and smash the keys in a finger chaos. Which leads to a gazillion typos per post. My most frequents are: favortie, seflies, ususal, my (instead of me), vicaraciously (which I have NO idea how it is written or spelled correctly and I always need LEO for this word), oh, and the best one is GOOD LICK. You know what that is supposed to mean in a correct way, right? RIGHT?? Good. Happens all the time, I swear! Speaking of typos – my fingers are WAY too big for my phone screen. I fall into a little crisis everytime I have to write a text and make 100 of stupid- %&eç&*//(“rt*/gv  typos!tumblr_mcfoxvFkOR1rw5melo1_500

5. I am so jealous of my American and Canadian friends who can go Shopping in the evening or on Sundays. ‘After dinner, we made a trip to Target.’ WAIT. WHAT??? Shopping after dinner??? Our stores are closed at 6:30, some maybe at 8pm – and then we have VERY few supermarkets with a limited offer that are open until 10pm and on Sunday. I need to move.

Story to that: When I lived in San Diego for 3 months, I made a new membership at the gym and asked: ‘What are the opening hours?’ Trainer: ‘Errr….what do you mean?’ Me (irritated): ‘Well…when does it open in the morning, close in the evening?’ Trainer (amused):’ Well ma chère, this gym is called 24hours – which means we are open ALL THE TIME.’ Me: Fainting. (ok, that’s a joke. haha).

kidding_me6. When God distributed the sense of orientation and geographical sense, I must have been busy doing something else, because I have none. Not only do I have no freaking clue where everyone in the world is if they don’t live 100km around me, I also forget directions the second after I walked them. Imagine me every time I visit a restaurant walking into the kitchen on my way back from the ladiesrooms there. #irritatedcooksstaringatme


7. When I was 13 years old, I was in love with David Hasselhoff. I went to his concert and stood in the first row, screaming: ‘David, David, David!!!’ – I also wore a purple sweater with his head on it and K.I.T.T. I wore it to school, too. Together with my glasses.


Can we still be friends?

7. BUT, I changed my taste and I wasn’t more obsessed by any voice than Samu’s from Sunrise Avenue. Give this song to your loved one. It’s so so so so (did I say so?) beautiful.

8. Sometimes I have these hysterical laugh attacks. For example, when I want to tell a funny story and it’s in my head and I have to laugh so hard I can not even tell the story. It’s when my brother rolls his eyes, saying:’ Oh, no, please no. Here we go again. I see you in 2 hours when she’s able to talk again.’ It’s NOT funny for those listening, because well, they didn’t hear the story yet. But I can not help it, it happens over and over again – and it’s really embarrassing. 45399-ux689gif-NHZY

9. Obviously I am addicted by animated gifs. I should stop now.

What is your confession??

Could you please say that you can relate to one of mine? (It’s ok if you lie to make me feel better)

Happy Weekend!



20 thoughts on “Friday Confessions #1

  1. I need to get in on the twerk revolution. LOVE IT.

    Oh girl, come to California… I have TWO 24-hour grocery stores just in my small college town. It’s fabulous. We fatty Americans need access to food all the time ;).

  2. Hahaha. Those twerk pictures are hilarious!! And totally ingenious!
    I love anything 24 hours. LifeTime Fitness near my apartment is open round the clock and I used to love that, but since moving into an apartment complex with a nice gym, I decided to save the $50 a month that membership was costing me.

  3. High 5 on the lack of direction sense- mine is shameful! I’m so with you about eating out of bowls too- so much more appealing than plates annnnd it comes with the added bonus of a smaller spillage risk ;)! Love the David Hasselhoff throwback- he may not be doing Baywatch anymore but he still looks pretty damn good for his age!

  4. Lisa says:

    I love eating out of jars and bowls. Plates are overrated.
    Haha, those twerking pictures are simply amazing. Pretty sure I won’t be joining but it’s hilarious;)
    I completely understand the laugh attacks. Sometimes when I’m alone I’ll just remember a funny moment and laugh to myself for about an hour. Totally normal.

  5. lotte says:

    the pictures, loving them they are great;p I always eat my smoothies out of pretty glasses or jars because it makes them taste much better for some weird reason haha plates are too mainstream!

  6. Twerk love!!!!!!

    Haha, love it. It really better become a revolution 😉

    Soon the Swiss will have later shopping hours…Australia until maybe 10 years ago had no Sunday trading at all! When I was in America it did feel surreal to go out after dinner! Don’t even mention NYC where everything was open all the time! Love this post and getting to know your admiring quirks 😉

  7. Confession: someone was cleaning up the sidewalks with a snow blower this morning, and woke me up at 3 AM — I want to kill them. I mean… 3 AMM on a Friday? Who does that?? I only managed to fall asleep for a little while after that, so I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long day…

  8. I had to twerk a little bit in the Zumba class I took on Wednesday, do I get points for that 😉 And bowls are definitely the way to go! I can’t even remember the last time I had a smoothie out of a glass…

  9. I really like eating out of bowls. If my cupboards could offer up more space, I’d have a bowl collection 🙂

  10. mitchell-james says:

    That video is going to serve as my inspiration when a leg day feels really tough! Hobbling around will just remind me it was totally worth it 😛

    Most supermarkets in this city are open till midnight, I still wish a few more places opened on Sundays though!

  11. […]  Fueled by dates and tahini, I took a moment to tweak in the empty squat rack for Arman and Lucie.  Refueled with a protein smoothie made with strawberries, raspberries, basil, coconut, and […]

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