Review: Good for you Dessert Bars


7. November 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

Today’s post is a review of organic dessert bars which were kindly sent to me by Rhythm 108 for me try.

Why 108? 

With a penchant for all things sweet and some culinary alchemy, The Yogi re-concocted the good-for-you dessert recipe 108 times before he was truly satisfied.  The results, unveiled at a secret round table in presence of epicurean connoisseurs and the health elite (why, held in Davos of course!), were regarded of suchexquisite flavour that they challenged dessert.  “Impossible!” gasped the President of the esteemed International Council of Dessert, and in his amazement exclaimed the nomenclature “Good-For-You Dessert Bar!” source

I was sent the 5 different flavors and I already loved the presentation. Everything was packed so cute and lovingly. It looked pretty and it even contained a little magnifying glass, so you can be sure to read all the ingredients!


Speaking of the ingredients – I love the nutrition label (this one is from the banana muffin bar):

How good is good-for-you?

  • Whole, nutritious, and simple ingredients
  • All organic ingredients
  • No GMOs
  • No added sugars or syrups
  • Rich in calcium, good source of fibre and protein
  • 1 of 5 a day
  • No unpronounceable industrial processes 
  • Best of all – healthy without tasting like bird-food, delicious like a dessert!

 Secret ingredients:  

Organic whole Swiss milk (31%), organic dates (28%), organic almonds, organic banana (18%), organic amaranth, organic apple cider vinegar.


Per bar Per 100g
Energy 167 kcal 398 kcal
Protein 5.1g 12.1g
Carbohydrate 18.4g 43.8g
Fats 7.4g 17.6g
Of which saturate 2.2g 5.4g
Fibre 3.5g 8.2g
Calcium 109mg 258mg (32%)

A tip from The Yogi:

Best served warm!  To pack in more flavour and Omega-3s, spread over a small spoon of pure walnut butter! (< great idea! 🙂 ) 

I love all the organic ingredients, though I would stick to half a bar, since they can add up in calories pretty quickly with 167kcal per 42grams.

The flavors:

Banana Muffin


To be honest – this one was already gone. The man ate it. And he loved it – which is the best approval anyway! I love all things banana and I am pretty sure this would have been one of my faves. Oh, and imagine you warm it up!! It would taste like a Banana Muffin right out of the oven. BLISS.

Apple Pie

Our-products---apple-pie_1I am not a huge fan of apple pie, but this one tasted really fresh. I tried the bars with my Bestie and I think she loved this the most. You can’t really go wrong with the combination of apple and cinnamon, right?

Coconut Macaroon

Our-products--coconut-macaroon-ENGYou bet this one was my favorite. I love everything coconut, and they also contained cashews, which  is one of my favorite nut. I could taste the coconut flakes too, which I know is not liked by everyone, but I love that texture. I wonder how this one would taste warmed up? Yummy!

Choco-Walnut Brownie

Our-products---choco-walnut-brownie-ENGI  must say, that this one was my least favorite. When it comes to chocolate, I am so spoiled and picky too. It just tasted a little too dry for my taste and it contained too many nuts. But maybe it’s also because I am not the biggest brownie fan – brownie lovers, I am sure this one is for you!

Lemon Pie

Our-products---lemon-cake---ENGI was very skeptical about this one, since I had lemon cake bars before and I disliked them – most of them tasted too artificial, sour or just weird – anyway, so far my experience with lemon desserts wasn’t the best. But I have to say that this one convinced me! Maybe it was the nutty flavor that made it more hearty and I am not sure if it was different and better because the lemon was dried. Anyway, it tasted fresh and yummy!

Overall, I am very happy I got to try these dessert bars and I liked them all – if they would be available in our store around here, I would definitely splurge on them once in a while. I say splurge – I think the price tag is a little drawback. If you buy 10 of them, 1 bar costs CHF 2.40 (which is about 2.60$). The price lowers if you buy more, but I still think more than CHF 2.00 is too much for a bar. It would probably be cheaper to make them at home – considering that the recipe is provided!

Besides that, I love that the ingredient list of these bars is so simple and fresh. No added scary stuff and things we know and know how to spell.

The consistency is perfect for my taste, a little chewy but not too much, they don’t fall apart and my favorite part is the packaging which I think is superpretty and cute! Enjoying them on a girlsnight on the couch after a delicious dinner – perfect!!

IMG_1033 1If I made you drooling, you can head over to their site and order your own bars! For more updates follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Rhythm 108 was so kind to offer me their bars to try, all opinions are my own.

If you live in Switzerland, have you heard of the Good-for-you-Dessert-Bars? 

Everyone: what do you think of these bars? Which flavor would you want to try? 



14 thoughts on “Review: Good for you Dessert Bars

  1. I love how they’re so transparent about -exactly- what’s in each bar — no gimmicks and fillers. These do sound really good, though, and I love that they’re made from whole ingredients. Banana muffin sounds delicious, buuuut that might be because I have a slight obsession with bananas 😛

  2. WOW these bars sound riiiight up my alley- what a stellar ingredient list! They sound a lot like Larabars which I love. The flavors which sound the best for me are Banana Muffin & Coconut Macaroon. Love how honest they are about the product, to the point that they have listed quantities- sign of a company that’s confident with their product :)!

  3. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!

    Thanks for the review. I want to order the try-pack with a bit of each.
    I discover this swiss brand thanks to you when you posted a picture a while ago on your IG.
    I like everything natural so I might give a try. But as you said, Will be cheaper to do it on our own. I guess its a good choice for a little pick-me snack .
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Yum what a great sounding bar- so little ingredients! Glad to see the Swiss contingent start their own version of larabars- I swear each country has their own!

  5. I love how they say whats exactly in each bar, that is so honest and truthful it makes me want to support there cause! I would love a healthy cookies and cream bar if that were ever possible I would be in heaven ❤ Lots of Love C

  6. These sound great and it almost makes me want to try and make them! It’s probably cheaper to buy them though.

  7. It’s great to finally see more variety in the healthy bar department in Europe as well. No full-of-weird-ingredient Corny or any other only marketed as “healthy” snacks when it’s actually naaasty.
    Picking just one flavour would be too hard as I’d be curious to try all of them. Maybe the Apple Pie one would be a first one I’d take a bite off because it fits perfectly with the season.

  8. […] 108 was there too – the ones that make the Dessert bars I reviewed last week. They provided me with a fair amount of my favorite […]

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