WIAW#42 – What I ate in the Swiss Alps


6. November 2013 by swissfitchick

Hello and happy Wednesday!

It’s WIAW and I am excited to share all the goodness I had on my weekend trip with my Mom!

Head over to Jen’s page for more deliciousness and foodspiration!

wiaw fall into good habits button

After doing my weights and cardio at the gym and checking the webcam for our weather….


I prepared my eggy oats with berries and a leftover baby banana for on the go…


When we arrived on the top of the mountain, we took a short walk, but it was FREEZING – so we rushed inside and ordered a snack plate with prosecco – can’t get any better than that.


We then rode back down and checked in at the hotel to chill for a while. When we got ready for dinner, I was starving – I realized that I definitely didn’t have a lot of food throughout the day. We went to the hotel’s pizzeria and after checking the menu 7496243 times, I made my decision:

IMG_54304 different kinds of bruschetta – cream cheese, tomato, olive and mushrooms. Mom went for a mushroom cream soup, which I forgot to take a pic of. #hangry

Second course was absolutely HEAVENLY – I chose the grilled prawns with seasonal steamed veggies. SO GOOD.

IMG_5431Momma went for tagliatelle with white truffel. I had a bite. It was amazing.


The next morning, we slept in which was so blissful. When getting up daily at 5 am, it’s so nice to just stay in bed as long as I like. Ok, not really – hunger hit in pretty soon and forced me under the shower and down to the buffet.


Swiss cheese and veggies, oats with cottage cheese and low fat quark, PEANUT BUTTER and tea on the side. I also shared a scrambled egg with Mom, but it was stuffed in my belly before I remembered to shoot it.

Then we went for a little shopping tour and stopped at a nice cafe – and I drank COFFEE!! Who am I?? I was really craving a Latte Macchiato – heaven knows why. Though I mostly just eat the milkfoam and the chocolate bite and leave the rest……but this time I actually drank the coffee. It was ok, but it will never be my friend.

IMG_5435After dropping our stuff back in the hotel, we went for a long walk which was sooo nice. We returned around 4/4:30 pm to the hotel and thank GOD the pizzeria is open all day with warm food – we were just starting to chewing our arms off.

First, I attacked the salad bar and entered some carbs into my system….

IMG_5447Followed by PIZZA! I can not even remember when I had pizza the last time and this one was to die for. We ordered the one with spinach and egg and shared it, which was a wise decision because this baby was HUGE.

IMG_5448We skipped dessert as we wanted to spend the evening at the spa and with a overstuffed belly ย that wouldn’t have been a nice experience.

I slept like a baby after this day and was ready for a good sweat session in the morning.

IMG_5454Followed by the same breakfast as the day before ๐Ÿ™‚

We headed off to the road after checkin out, and after a fee hours of driving I grabbed a snack I fortunately packed…

IMG_5456….which wasn’t enough of course, so when arriving ย home, the first thing I did was whipping up a chocolate protein smoothie.

IMG_1950Added TVP for some crunch…

IMG_1952And was happy about homemade food in my cosy home for dinner! Nothing beats homemade stuff, right? Right. So Shirataki/Zucchini Noodles with baked salmon it was. Yes.


So some may wonder that I had that fatty snack plate or pizza, and even alcohol – but this is moderation for me. I eat clean 90% of the time, I have a clean plan and I stick to it – but I definitely indulge here and there and this is exactly what keeps me away from bingeing and makes me happy because I can enjoy pizza, chocolate and alcohol once in a while and still get my results. One unhealthy meal isn’t going to spoil any progress and all I wanted was to relax and enjoy this weekend – and that’s exactly what I did.

Have a lovely day friends!

What is your favorite pizza topping?ย 

What is your opinion regarding strict food rules and moderate indulging?ย 

What snacks do you bring when you travel?



34 thoughts on “WIAW#42 – What I ate in the Swiss Alps

  1. Egg on pizza is the BEST thing EVER!!! That looks so amazing.

  2. You had coffee!! I’m so proud! We’ll have you coming over to the dark side soon ๐Ÿ˜€

    And I completely agree that indulgences are necessary. I love to eat healthy and I genuinely crave healthy foods, but I also need a sweet treat on a daily basis or the crankiness starts creeping in. It’s all about balance — the more I try to resrict something, the more I want it… Better to just eat, enjoy, and move on.

    • Haha, let’s see! At least I didn’t hate it ๐Ÿ™‚
      That’s right – I crave a lot of healthy food too, but when I want chocolate, then I need it – and move on. Amen.

  3. cottercrunch says:

    i’m with amanda, yay for coffee! welcome new addictions. LOL! and um, i welcome prosecco and that platter any day! wow!

  4. OMG that pizza- I drooled on Instagram and can’t help but do the same right now…YUMMY! I don’t think I’ve ever had a runny egg on pizza but I need to rectify that ASAP! I completely agree with your approach to indulging- so long as you’re eating healthily most of the time, eating the occasional nutritionally-void foods won’t do harm. If past experience is anything to go by, it only tends to have a positive effect by making me crave healthier foods again :)! It’s all about balance right?

  5. Egg on pizza – why have I never tried this concoction before.. wait why have I never tried TVP as a smoothie topping either?! You my dear just gave me a ridiculous amount of ideas from one single post!

    p.s. I’m still no coffee fan either. I just can’t do it. I try & try in hopes that my taste buds have changed, but nope. Besides, I’d probably burn my tongue again hahaha!

  6. That all looked so delicious!! Especially that bruschetta plate! Talk about a work of art.

    I wonder if I can paleo-ify your protein smoothie… it looks like it was to die for!

    • That smoothie definitely was delicious – i am sure you can paleoify it – just replace the protein powder by cacao powder or almomd/coconut flour(not sure if these are paleo)!

  7. Lisa says:

    Everything looks delicious.
    Ohh, you are totally going to come on the coffee train, I believe in it ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s addicting, I swear.
    I definitely am all for moderately indulging; usually for me it’s once or twice a week – I used to totally be against it, but I figure whatever works for you is what you should do.

  8. mitchell-james says:

    *drooling* Absolutely amazing! And you’re so right about indulging without feeling guilty – maintaining a balance is the key (and it’s hard to remember sometimes!)

    Looks like an incredible trip, and I hope you Mum had a really special 60th. With food like that it would hard for it not to be amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Yummy! I love pizza and since I can’t have cheese I get a vegan pizza whenever I go to San Diego which is not often but when I do that’s first thing I go for! While on vacation I always try and make breakfast so that is always healthy and at dinner I always go for desert and some wine all things I normally do not have but on vacation I always do! I love all of your eats and am glad you indulged in some coffee, nothing beats a delicious coffee drink! Missing you gorgeous lots of love your way C

    • I absolutely agree on the heaรถthy breakfast!! It’s so ideal to start on a healthy foot!
      Vacation are here to relax and i am so glad you and i are able to do that!
      I miss you too girl, we should chat sometime soon!!

  10. ummm those prawns are amazing!!! I LOVE seafood and would have faceplanted that.

    You don’t regularly drink coffee?????!!!!! Please say this is a joke!

    Love your approach- very balanced in all regards ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. How in the world do you manage to make me as a non-smoothie person think that chocolate one looks sooo good?! And adding TVP for crunch? Great idea! Though I’d be wary if it worked with the sweet flavour but I’ll just trust you on that one :).
    It’s great to see you’re at a point [again] where you can indulge in everything you want – no matter how ‘unhealthy’ others might deem some of the foods – and be okay with it. I’m not quite there yet but you inspire me to try again on the next trip I take.
    When travelling I ideally pack a little bit of everything – salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy – in terms of snacks just so I’m prepared for every craving that hits.
    Happy Wednesday!

    • Tvp is pretty neutral in taste, so it went very well with the sweet smoothie – you should try it ๐Ÿ™‚
      And i am glad I could inspire ypu to let go more and more on your next trip! It feels so good, I swear!!

  12. Despite the whole “i’m obsessed with eggs” thing – I’ve never tried egg on a pizza before! I’m a little ashamed of myself…must get on that. Like immediately.
    I’m all for indulgences in a diet. I love to eat my veggies, whole grains and proteins, but I still need some sort of indulgence on a regular basis, otherwise I go a little crazy when I finally ‘allow’ myself to have it. I’m a firm believer that any approach to food has room for treats!

    • Me too!! When I saw it in the menu, I was like, whaaaaat egg on pizza, perfect!!! I need to recreate it!
      And i am the same – if I restrict myself from all things sweet or treats, I go crazy overboard one day.

  13. I totally agree with the “all in moderation” approach! It’s important to indulge from time to time, because a life without any indulgences whatsoever is just, well, sad. The 90/10 principle is spot-on! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Gosh you had a TON of delicious food over the weekend! How was the egg on the pizza? My husband and I are eating at a new brick oven restaurant on Friday that offers that option and I can’t decide if I should try it or not!

  15. I can’t decided what looks the best! It all looks so good!

    The gym is cute too ๐Ÿ™‚

    All in moderation. Absolutely. Enjoy!

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  17. Wowโ€ฆ Just, wow. This all looks unreal. I’m especially dying over that bruschetta plate.

  18. […] WIAW#42 – What I ate in the Swiss Alps (fitswisschick.com) […]

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