Friday Favorites – a short list


1. November 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey friends and happy Friday! I am so ready for this weekend, I can not even believe it!

I am almost on my way to here….

winter_02My present for my Mom’s 60est birthday this year was a night in a fancy hotel in the Swiss Alps! She spontaneously sponsored a second night and now we do a mother-daughter-hiking-wellness-weekend in St.Moritz. I am so excited! Even though I am not so ready for winter yet, I am ALWAYS ready to go there – it’s one of my most favorite places in the world.

I have a quick and short list of my favorites of this week before I leave!

1. The Weather. We had some glorious sunny fall days this week and while almost everywhere in Switzerland fog was going strong, in Basel it was sunny all day. It’s good to have this view when sitting in the office!

Foto 1-10

Though on Thursday it was the first time this season close to 0°C – it was 1°C in the morning and I decided to go for a run! Gloves were definitely needed, but it was nice, clear and crispy out, so I didn’t mind so much.

Foto 2-8 Foto 3-7

3. Summer fruits.

Despite this winter feeling, I still found some summer produce at the store! Blueberries and Baby Bananas. Bliss.

IMG_18384. More food: I was on a Quinoa kick this week. Actually, I just cooked up a huge batch on Monday and threw some spoons in every meal I had.

Spinach greens, curried tofu, microwaved egg, tricolor quinoa

Spinach greens, curried tofu, microwaved egg, tricolor quinoa

IMG_1819Baked salmon, brussel sprouts&broccoli cooked in coconut milk, tricolor quinoa

AND I so love these Tortilla Wraps. I love to wrap up pretty much everything and this sort is really good. Here is the Swiss website where they can be ordered. IMG_18415. Cacao Coconut Butter – I made my own!! First homemade nutbutter. Woohoo! Of course I was too impatient and didn’t blend long enough, so it didn’t get as creamy as I wanted it. Need to work on that. But it was delicious nonetheless!


6. Beauty and Fashion:

Thanks to Amanda I bought this tiny make up sponge a few months ago. It’s the BEST to applicate a perfect base coat.

IMG_1823And THIS is something I bought in an emergency situation and I am so glad I did! The downside of living in 2 cities is, that you always forget things in one of the places – this time it was my make up bag. Gasp! That is pretty much unstandable for this girl. So I had to rush to Douglas to cover my needs. Actually, I want to switch to organic cosmetics, but I didn’t find what I am looking for just yet. This BB Cream is glorious – light, moisturizing and it gives an even complexion without looking maked up.

IMG_1825Eyeliner color from Maybelline New York: I was struggling with the liquid liners forever and instead of rocking sexy smokey eyes, I created a huge mess and looked like a devil after trying to applicate the black line. With this tiny brush and a drier consistency of the color, this works perfectly.


I don’t know how these are called in English, but I love them. Right now, when it’s so chilly, they are perfect and so cozy. I need to knit some myself!

IMG_1836Happy Weekend friends!

Is it already winter-y where you live? 

What is your favorite beauty product? 

Favorite food or food related product this week? 

18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – a short list

  1. cottercrunch says:

    i love those foggy mornings. I remember them in Switzerland. And that cocoa butter is AWESOME! happy friday friend. ❤

  2. Yes to mom-and-daughter-weekends! Hiking and wellness sound like the best combination ever for that. Hope the two of you will have an awesome time!
    As much as I want to switch to organic for all cosmetics, too, I have to agree that the choices are still limited in some parts. Maybe we just need to be a little more patient with the companies? Here’s to hoping.
    Well, food-wise you know I’m SO with you on homemade nut butters. Though your cacao coconut butter sounds even better than plain coconut. What did you add aside from cocoa?
    Happy weekend!
    [I still owe you that mail and promise I’ll write it as soon as possible!]

    • Exactly, I think the companies need some more time to give us a good organic make up! I hope they jump on the bandwagon soon.
      I just put grated coconut, raw cacao and a little stevia and processed it – delicious!!
      Happy weekend to you too lady, and don’t worry about the email!

  3. A getaway in the Swiss Alps sounds absolutely amazing — would three be a crowd? 😉 Have the most amazing time with your mom, love.

    Our weather here has been surprisingly nice here as well. We usually have snow around this time of the year, but it’s still around 10C… we might get snow on the weekend, though. Part of me hopes it doesn’t stick around, but the other part hopes it does so that I can start snowboarding soon.

    And as for favourite beauty product… right now I’m absolutely smitten with the Babydoll mascara from YSL.

    • Oh I would love to pack you in my suitcase!! Unfortunately the season is not open yet, so I can not bring my Snowboard. Maybe next month!
      I need to have a look into that mascara!

  4. Oh wow St Moritz looks beautiful- your weekend away with your mamma sounds like bliss..enjoy every second! Temperatures here in Mumbai are the exact opposite over here- it’s getting hotter by the day. Fortunately that means strawberries are slowly coming back in season (woohoo)! This week I’ve been on a teriyaki stir fry kick- it’s been my go-to dinner for 3 out of 4 nights and I’m still not bored ;)!

  5. mitchell-james says:

    Such a nice present for your Mum’s 60th! Looks like such a beautiful and tranquil place – perfect for a bit of rest, relaxation and catching-up 🙂

    Your food snaps always make me jealous! My curried tofu always just looks like yellow cubes, while delicious, they don’t offer much in the way of presentation 😛

    I love a nice crisp cool morning, but I won’t miss them too much with Summer just around the corner 😉 It’s been a looonnnng winter here!

    • Bahaha, jelly cubes, I totally know what you mean! Mine doesn’t look better, I just dolled it up a bit for the pic 🙂
      Aw, I am so jealous of your warm season right now!

  6. Wow, what a fantastic getaway- so seasonally appropriate!

    ok, you MUST give me the recipe for the curried tofu- it sounds amazing, and while I love my basic baked tofu recipe, I’m up for changing it up!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy it- you deserve it!

    • Oh my, I don’t even think I can call this a recipe – I marinated the tofu in a mix of coconut milk, grapeseed oil, curry powder, salt and pepper and then roasted it! That’s it! It’s really good!

      Thank you Arman, happy Weekend to you too!

  7. Have a lovely time this weekend! I love the re-design of your blog by the way, it looks really nice, and the grey is so good!

  8. I haven’t had a chance to mention it in the last couple of days, but I ADORE the new site design Lucie! Looks so, so good. We had snow last week which was upsetting, but Wednesday it felt like early September again – warm and sunny. I’m hoping that sort of weather sticks around for a little while, I’m not ready for winter or snow yet!

  9. Love that you are making your own nut butter, it took me SO long to get the right consistency just let the blender go a lot longer then you think, I mean like 10 more minutes and it should come out perfectly! Have a fun weekend xo ❤ C

  10. Hooray for your mom and daughter wellness birthay extravaganza! It sounds amazing, and I’d say it’s the perfect way to celebrate a birthday. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend with your mama!

  11. It’s starting to get reallly cold where I live…Totally no ready for winter yet. Although, I’m never ready lol. You are going to have such a great time with your Mama! Have a fabulous weekend xo

  12. I had no idea your getaway with your Momma was this weekend. Have fun my dear & enjoy every second of it.Once you get home you’re going to have to share this nut butter recipe with me.. okay? Okay 🙂 🙂

  13. I am loving all your pics on IG!!! Totally jealous. Have a GREAT time with mamma! 🙂

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