Throwback Thursday – the past in pictures


24. October 2013 by swissfitchick

We all know by now that bloggers have some kind of a narcissistic gene, I mean most of us write about ourselves and love to post selfies in all kinds of situations. So this post today really IS about ME – BUT it will be desperately entertaining for you, as some of the pics are freaking hilarious.

Ok, let’s start.

One thing – my childhood was HAPPY. I love to think back, as I was a really happy child. We lived kind of hippie-style, means, we owned a huge house in Basel City including a big garden, tons of animals (mainly me – I had chinchillas, bird, cats and rabbits) and we lived together with another family with 2 kids our age plus a single person who rented one floor of the house.

Fact: I looked like a boy when I was a child.



That smiling cutie is my bro.


I definitely was Daddy's girl....

I definitely was Daddy’s girl….

AND Mommy's girl.

AND Mommy’s girl.

I also thought I was the most amazing person ever. Even though I had a patch over my left eye and socks til under my waist, I thought I was pretty darn awesome.


My Dad clearly had Β the same attitude – even tough I honestly think he looks pretty cool. We coudl discuss the hairstyle yes, but oh well….the 70’s….IMG_0989

Momma was and still is simply beautiful.image

Bro was a cutie as well – until the moment when he started to tease me. Seriously, he was really mean sometimes πŸ™‚


The glasses….these GLASSES!!IMG_4894

Here’ me and my best friend Simone – we met at kindergarten and we’re still best friends. Actually, we celebrate 30 years anniversary THIS year!! (she’s far right, I am second right)



And aaaalways these glasses!

NO - DON't ask. I DON'T KNOW??!!

NO – DON’t ask. I DON’T KNOW??!!

bahahaha. Give me Mickey Mouse.

Teenage years came and my best friends were cigarettes, alcohol and parties.

IMG_0993But we also spent a lot of times doing these wonderful photo shoots…


My self-love started to flake when the teenage years came on strong. I didn’t show it, but my body did.

IMG_1008 image IMG_1005 IMG_1001

Posing has always been a favorite thing of me to do…..

IMG_0997 IMG_4895I got older and became a Flight Attendant with Swissair….

IMG_0995 IMG_0996And spend my time with playing the saxophone together with Dad – which I did since age 10!


A late get together of the ‘HOUSE’ – this is the ‘community’ we lived together for about 21 years! Besides the fact that I obviously had a few drinks too much, I love this photo and I love these people!


What really sad is, that I don’t have a lot of pics from the very beginning of my teenage years, where I was a freakish GRUNGE-chic – think about disrupted and patched jeans, doc martens, red hair, batik shirts and earrings in form of the cannabis plant. Definitely a SPECIAL time in my growing up years and I have to go and dig some more to see if I can find a pic of that look!

I also have hardly any pics of the skinny years, and I am not sure if I want to show them here – they could be triggering, and I think on some of the ones above, I already look very hungry! The worst state is really not nice to look at, so I spare you that.

The pics from my time at Swissair was one of the worst in case of bulimia – which you can tell by my bloated face. I loved the job, but it was a disaster in terms of my Eating Disorder! Speaking of which – I realized, that on my About Me page is a very short roundup about my story, and I think I want to do 1-2 posts about it in detail. If you are interested let me know!

Ok guys, I hope we’re still friends even though you know more of the truth about myself than you might wanted to! Ha!

Happy Thursday!

Do you like to look at old pics?Β 

What was your style when you were a teenager?Β 

The style of your parents when you were young – yay or nay? I always thought it was awful how they were dressed, but meanwhile I SO love that retro-style!



21 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – the past in pictures

  1. Omg!! I love this post more than words can say. You were a truly fabulous child with that eyepatch, and your teen years… GAHH, love.

  2. Lucie, I -loved- this! And you better believe that I was rockin’ a pair of fabulously dorky glasses when I was growing up too πŸ˜› I went through soooo many awkward phases throughout my years, and omigosh… I can’t help but cringe and laugh whenever I look back at old pictures. You’ve always had that same gorgeous smile though πŸ™‚

  3. caileejoy says:

    You look beautiful!! So fun to look back and relive memories!
    Sincerely, Cailee @

  4. LOVED this post- you were such a cutie, especially in that striped shirt and glasses! I used to think my dressing was too cool for school back in the day- how wrong was I ;)!

  5. You rocked those glasses like a BOSS.

    I never knew you for an air hostess! Was it for Lufthansa or Swiss airways? There are some photos I look back on and want nothing more than to burn them!

    • I worked for Swissair, they grounded I think around 2001 – I loved this airline!
      And yes, I think I would want to burn some of the pics too, but it’s just always so fun to look at, even if they’re horrible!

  6. Wow, this post is just amazing, Lucie! If you consider this a narcisstic post I’d vote for more of them because sharing old pictures and telling more about you is such a great idea – and not one you’d see frequently on blogs. I’d have to be honest and say that while I like to look at pictures from back in the day I’d be too self-conscious to blog them. But you look so cute in yours that it was a great decision to share.
    And that picture of you and the guinea pig? Believe it or not but I swear I have one of me holding one of our guinea pigs [which happened to look like yours] which looks eerily similar! Yes, including those glasses.

    • Thank you so much! oh that’s so sweet that you have the same pic with a guineapig! I loved them as a child, now I think they are a little annoying. And I am glad I wasn’t the only one with these glasses, haha πŸ™‚

  7. Tim says:

    Uuuuiiii… i like the glasses and socks most.;)

  8. This post was such a joy to read and probably a blast to produce. I love seeing you evolve from baby girl to a gorgeous lady! I love seeing old photographs of others it really puts who you are as a person into a beautifully painted picture. Love this post xo C

  9. I love this post so, so, so much!!! It makes me want to do one. Looks like you had a really fun childhood and I feel like I know you so much better now, too!

  10. Haha we would have been friends if we went to high school together πŸ˜‰ I had the all-black wardrobe, piercings, fishnets…definitely fell into the ‘other’ sort of cliques.

  11. […] so healthy. He did not care at all how old he is. Both him and my Mom were silly and when we had a party at our house, they used to rock the dancefloor until the end. I felt awkward, but I was a […]

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