WIAW#40 – I am not crazy, I am #strangebutgood.


23. October 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

Happy WIAW!

Let’s jump right into it. Thank you Jenn for hosting our favorite party of the week!


I get stared at a lot because of what I do. No, I am not crazy, but people obviously think so. For example, if I eat my eggy overnight oats with roasted kabocha at 6:30 am in the train. This is not crazy, but it’s #strangebutgood!

Foto 1

Or when I go grocery shopping with my bike after arriving at 7:30 in the morning and riding home with a packed bike like that. For me it’s normal, for some it seems to be crazy, the way they stare at my basket when I get to the counter.

Foto 2Now let me tell you, even if I only run into the house to drop my groceries, and come back to head off to the office, I still lock my bike. The thieves are crazy, I mean THEY are crazy, not me. I once let my bike standing unlocked to go and pee behind a tree (RHYYYYYYYYME!!!) – WAIT, I need to mention that I was 18 years old and drunk – and when I came back, my bike was gone. That person stole my bike while I was passing water. Now that’s mean. And you’re right, it’s not ok either to pee behind a tree (I really like that rhyme).

Clearly, I digress. Back to the subject from today. I did get some good stuff on that early Monday morning:

Hummus, lemons, purple carrots, quark, eggs, coconut milk, apples, brussel sprouts, codfish, salmon, broccoli, sweet potatoes, chicken

Hummus, lemons, purple carrots, quark, eggs, coconut milk, apples, brussel sprouts, codfish, salmon, broccoli, sweet potatoes, salad, chicken

I also brought my prepped meals I did on Sunday.

Roasted veggies and Sweet Potatoes with some chicken under there somewhere / Giant prawns and greens in coconut milk curry

Roasted veggies and Sweet Potatoes with some chicken under there somewhere / Giant prawns and greens in coconut milk curry

I am really thankful for the time I invest in meal prep every week. Coming home later that day, I went for a run in the forest, and before jumping in the shower, I threw my dinner into a bowl and into the microwave. I was clean, I was hungry and I had food. Bliss. Not strange, but still GOOD!

IMG_0985Some other things I ate/drank during this week…

Purple carrots! I just love them cause they look so pretty. Pile on some hummus and have a perfect snack. Definitely #strangebutgood!

IMG_0982 IMG_0986

Green smoothie…


Eggy Oats with fresh farmers market’s raspberries….

And I am officially CRAZY obsessed with coconut milk. Not only do I use it a lot to cook my veggies and proteins in it and eat it curry-style….


……I also found out, that Rooibos tea, especially the candy flavors from David’s Tea mixed with a splash of coconut  milk and stevia taste like a decadent dessert.

Chocolate Mint

Mint Chocolate

Birthday Cake (with sprinkles!)

Birthday Cake (with sprinkles!)

…OR you can also bake these moist delicious chocolate-apple-muffins I baked over lunchtime on Tuesday and dunk them in the coconut milk. WHAT. SO GOOD. Recipe to come!


I definitely deserved it – my trainer gave me new exercises for my workout structure and he definitely took it to the next level – unstable basements. This is so challenging, especially with heavier weights. This one here is cable squats into shoulder press while standing on the balls (Haha, I said balls!).Foto 3

Oh, and unbelievable news! I switched up my breakfast!! CRAZY!! Ok, it’s just a slight twist, but it’s really good and I actually made it a lot in the past, I just forgot about it. It happens to all of us, right? Don’t tell me you didn’t rediscover how much you love nut butter (ok, that’s a bad one, how can anyone forget the love for nutbutter?)!

Eggy Buckwheat Porridge. That IS #strangebutgood.

IMG_0981It’s basically the same like the eggy oats, but it takes a little longer when you take the raw buckwheat groats. I cooked a big amount of them and then added eggwhites for about 3 breakfasts. Did I mention that I used almost one jar of cinnamon for that mealprep?

Happy Wednesday! Oh, wait, a little announcement – if all goes well, I will do the Throwback Post tomorrow. Loads of OLD pics – it’s WORTH to check in, promised 🙂

Do you do things that people think isn’t ‘normal’?

What food did you love, forgot about it and then incorporated it back into your meals? 

Coconut Milk – like it or not? 

19 thoughts on “WIAW#40 – I am not crazy, I am #strangebutgood.

  1. Purple carrots?? Those are awesome!! I want to find some near me.

  2. Lol I can’t believe someone stole your bike! I’m actually super paranoid about leaving anything of mine around… Like when people get up from their computers to go to the bathroom in Starbucks?? I’d never be able to do it!

    And very much YES to coconut milk. I love the stuff, but it’s one of those things that I kid of forget about until I have it again and remember how much I adore it. I should probably pick up a can…

    • Oh yes!! I would be in PANIC when I would leave my computer laying there for anyone to grab?? Never.
      I would even guess that coconut milk pairs perfectly with coffee 🙂

  3. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    Tee hee I love your story of pee! (And hope you appreciate my rhyme) I indeed do crazy things, eating lamb for breakfast at work was a recent one that I found perfectly normal… Colleagues did not. I say they’re the crazy ones!

  4. I ❤ purple carrots, they are seriously delicious! I love the tea idea, I need to try shaking up my teas although I did discover TWG this past week and OMG I am so in love! You know me and my teas 😉 I have been switching up my breakfasts too and its been fun. I will have to get on the groat train again I was off of grains for a bit but I think since adding some recently I need to get back on it full speed! Love your way ❤ PS peeing in public…been there DONE that haha! I am sad to hear your bike got stolen though LAME!

    • Thankfully my current bike wasn’t stolen, it was years bakc when that happened with the peeing 🙂
      Oh yes, I know your love for teas and I can only recommend to add a little coconut millk, it’s SO delicious!

  5. As if someone stole your bike! I was under the impression Switzerland was one of the safest places on earth- crazy!

    I’ve actually never tried coconut milk that was not out of a can- does it taste similar? I should give it a go!

    • Haha, yes, I thought the same! It’s NOT – it wasn’t even my first bike that was stolen, it happened 1-2 times before! Ugh. But this was all several years ago, so far my bike was safe, touch wood!
      I love the milk out of the carton, it’s as delicious!

  6. You’re So organized, Lucie! The muffins look really good. Have a great day!

  7. LOL at the pee in the tree- you are a poet and you just don’t know it ;)! Although it’s hardly strange in the HLB world, I don’t think eating Greek yogurt out of a near-empty nut butter jar screams “normal” to non-HLB-ers!

  8. Normal – what is that??? Haha, yes, I definitely do lots of things people consider crazy. But really, it’s totally necessary to lock your bike even when you drop into the store for a minute only. Or to triple-check if you turned off the stove before leaving the house [why yes, it’s normal]. And yes, I need to have a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me because I get grossed out when touching door knobs and the likes while out.
    Mint Chocolate tea?! I might just be jealous you got some David’s tea.
    If I ate eggs I’d totally give your eggy oats a try. They look so good and not strange in the slightest.

  9. NEVER do I ever do things that are considered normal. I am very much a weird, odd-ball, but WHATEVER. I am totally hunky-dory with that title. Hunky-dory? What the heck does that mean? yep. Not sure.

    I also don’t know why I look at WIAW posts at 9:20 am. I am flipping hungrier than a pack of wolves now. I WANT YOUR LUNCH x10 right now!

  10. That sucks about your bike! I’m so paranoid about stuff like that – mine got stolen out of a driveway when I was about 18…so I’m being really careful with my current one! And I’m sure a lot of people think it’s weird that I’ve been eating cold roasted squash for the past couple of weeks, but that’s ok because we all know it’s delicious :-p

  11. You certainly are all kind of #strangebutgood! Love purple carrots. I think they have a short season here – I saw them all over for 2 weeks and now they are gone.

  12. Prawns and eggy oats look amazing. Strange but good is great in all ways 🙂

  13. […] WIAW#40 – I am not crazy, I am #strangebutgood. (fitswisschick.com) […]

  14. […] WIAW#40 – I am not crazy, I am #strangebutgood. (fitswisschick.com) […]

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