WIAW#39 – Spread the Kabocha Obsession!


16. October 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey you all and happy Wednesday!!

It’s midweek and this only means one thing – FOOD PARTY! Celebrate with me WIAW – What I ate Wednesday today!


Thanks to our lovely hostess who doesn’t miss one WIAW even with a newborn at home, whoa!

I must say, that I am so proud. So proud of my co-workers!! Since we have a lot of chocolate and cookies laying around here in the office, I was always hesitant to bring some of my healthy treats as I did not know if they would be annoyed – like:’ Oh Gosh, now she wants us to stuff with her ecological-greenie-crab – no thanks’……So on the officetrip I softly started to talk about kabocha and how delicious it is when roasted etc…..and I felt some interest. So I took the risk and brought a tupperware full of the deliciousness after I stuffed my own face with half of that huge thing. To make sure it wasn’t ONLY healthy, I brought some maple syrup to dip too πŸ™‚

AND? They loved it! They polished off the whole serving in one afternoon and I was so happy! I think I created kabocha obsession in Switzerland which is rare to find if you’re not into Healthy Living blogs! Considering that we do not celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween, pumpkin and squash recipes definitely aren’t that popular here.

FotoOk, now that I got this excitment off my breast, let’s look at my food I had the past few days.


I still start my day with hot lemon water followed by Apple Cidre Vinegar mixed with a little fruit juice. It definitely does my tummy good.

image (7)


I baked this 150kcal protein chocolate microwave mugcake from Laura and I loved it! It took me 5 minutes to make – definitely worth it.

image (2)

Other than that, it was my usual protein shake/smoothie at the gym while getting ready for work.


A little later, time for breakfast!

image (3)

Eggy Oats Tupperware-Style


On lucky days, I manage to fit in a Yoga class over lunchtime. I absolutely LOVE it. Since I got away from the thought that Yoga must be ‘as challenging as possible’ for me to consider it a workout, I can really enjoy it. Rather than looking at it as a workout, I love to enjoy it as an hour of stretching, relaxing my sore muscles, getting some meditation in, BREATHE and enjoy it as a nice change to my intense workouts outdoor or at the gym.

Spirit Studio Basel

Spirit Studio Basel

This does not mean I am less hungry after….lunch is needed!

Parsnip Fries with codfish, roasted brussel sprouts and onions

Parsnip Fries with codfish, roasted brussel sprouts and onions


Chicken spinach wrap with flax/oatbran flatbread:Β 

image (4)

Open wrap with more spinach on the side

image (6)

Closed and cut wrap

You bet I had some crack for dessert.

image (5)

This held me over well until dinner, which was:

#Healthybowl: Saffron Anglerfish with steamed broccoli&spinach, roasted onions and avocado - plus some ketchup added post picture

#Healthybowl: Saffron Anglerfish with steamed broccoli&spinach, roasted onions and avocado – plus some ketchup added post picture


Salad greens with roasted giant prawns, mushrooms and onions

Salad greens with roasted giant prawns, mushrooms and onions

Oh, and you know what…I totally held these hilarious pics back from you. Bahahaa, Sandro and me were laughing TEARS when we looked at them. We actually wanted to take a pic of me jumping like this:


…but that’s how many of them turned out like ( I am dying only by uploading them):





Oh Dear!

Oh Dear!



Haha, oh Gosh, it was TOO funny.

So that’s it for today! Have a lovely and healthy day friends!

Do you bring healthy food for your co-workers to try?Β 

What’s the first thing you eat/drink in the morning?Β 

Favorite pancake recipe? Link up!Β 



31 thoughts on “WIAW#39 – Spread the Kabocha Obsession!

  1. So I’m totally loving the fact that you got your coworkers to try kabocha! I think my obsession has been rubbing off on my parents, because the last time I was over there, I found a squash sitting on my mom’s counter, and she told me she wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Mwahaha! Spread the addiction :mrgreen:

    And I -love- those pictures of you jumping — so much joy and happiness πŸ™‚ Happy Wednesday, love!

  2. I am so glad you liked the mug cake! I make it all the time!

    Even more exciting is the Swiss kabocha invasion. I am so excited they like it! My co-workers are… opening up. I made them the plantain muffins I posted last week and my granola cookies. It went over well. Someone even asked for the recipe! There’s one woman I’m still working on though.

    Love the jump pics. πŸ™‚

    • I loved that cake! I need to do it more often and maybe sneek in some pumpkin too!
      Oh yes, there are some stubborn ones – they really have no idea what they are missing.

  3. You are adorable! Just checked out those flatbreads – oh my, they look good. Perhaps I’ll have to order myself some =)

  4. That is so awesome, you changing the swiss tastebuds, one kabocha at a time!

    Also did you get those flatbreads shipped to Switzerland?! I loved those in America but we have nothing like them here- they are so good!

  5. Everything looks amazing! I love that you are spreading your love of Kabocha too! So awesome πŸ™‚

  6. I can bet you within time your co workers will be bringing healthy treats to work especially after the New Year and they will all be dying to know your recipes! I have to get on the mug cake train, I still have yet to try it, I think I am scared I will be obsessed and make them for every meal since I do that when I find something new I just can’t stop! Hope you have a great rest of your week, and those jumping photos left me with a HUGE SMILE! You are the cutest! <33 C

    • I know, I get addicted by things too, and this one is no exception but it’s so cool since you can bake single servings it’s perfect. YOu need to try it!
      Haha, thank you love!

  7. That’s awesome that you got your coworkers to try kabocha! I made it with dinner once and Eric wasn’t a fan (craziness) so I need to find more people to try and persuade. Although if they don’t like it, that just means more for meeeee :-p

  8. I wish that I could get the hand of pancakes. I love them, but I’ve yet to be satisfied with any that I’ve made from scratch. Would love to hear other people’s favorite recipes!

    Those pictures are hilarious! And your yoga class space looks really lovely!

  9. Kierston says:

    Coffee and oatmeal bites! πŸ™‚

  10. liftsleepeat says:

    I’ve got a presentation on a “new food” to give at uni tomorrow – I’m taking in my beloved kabocha squash, as I’m sure nobody will have heard of it! We shall have to see how they all react hehe! Although if they like it, it means more competition snatching up the rare few that appear at my local store…maybe not such a good idea haha!
    I always have a big glass of water as soon as I get up, then whatever I’m having for breakfast followed by a mug of green tea.

  11. Stef says:

    Hey Lucy
    WHERE do you buy kabocha squash in Zurich??? I ❀ any kind of pumpkin so I keep looking for it but so far never stumbled upon them 😦
    have a great sunny day!

    • Hey Stef! They definitely are hard to find. I found one at the Whole Food Store in Seefeld, and then I found a few at Coop but in Basel. You have to just go every week and see if they have some – and definitely check out the Whole Foods stores and Farmers Markets!

  12. Coffee and protein bites πŸ™‚

    Love the pics!

  13. […] WIAW#39 – Spread the Kabocha Obsession! (fitswisschick.com) […]

  14. billrogan says:

    All are great but i love pancakes hope it so tasty : D

  15. […] WIAW#39 – Spread the Kabocha Obsession! (fitswisschick.com) […]

  16. […] WIAW#39 – Spread the Kabocha Obsession! (fitswisschick.com) […]

  17. […] WIAW#39 – Spread the Kabocha Obsession! (fitswisschick.com) […]

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