Marvelous in my Monday – Officetrip and surprises


14. October 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey marvelous people!

I hope your week is off to a great start. I try to make this post not tooo long, but I have some fun stuff to share with you. So thankful for the Diva and her Monday party to host this marvelousness!


As mentioned in my Friday post, me and my working colleagues were invited to go to an overnight trip to the Europapark, a fun park in Germany. We started right off with drinks at the office on Thursday afternoon.


The busride to the park was one of the funniest I ever had…..we had a huge bus for ourselves and it reminded me of schooltrips in the past. Music, drinks and silliness all the way.


After checking in the hotel, we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. And OMGGGG it was REALLY fancy. We were served a 5 (or 6 or 7, I can not remember) course meal. Every course was really small so I didn’t feel stuffed in the end, and it was absolutely BEYOND delicious. I didn’t dare to take pics all the time, but here’s dessert and the treats that came with coffee which I think I ate 2/3 myself. Everyone passed out, but we all know by now that I hardly can say no to dessert.

Tiny banana squares, caramel/banana sauce, banana bread muffin with a caramel plate on top, salted caramel peanuts and peanut butter cream in form or peanuts. Whoa.

Tiny banana squares, caramel/banana sauce, banana bread muffin with a caramel plate on top, salted caramel peanuts and peanut butter cream in form or peanuts. Whoa.

Baby cheesecakes, macaroons, crunchy chocolate cornets

Baby cheesecakes, macaroons, crunchy chocolate cornets

In the morning, I checked out the pool and Spa – and was amazed. The pool was outdoor and heated, so I could even sneek in a swimming workout and swam 1km. The others joined later and then we all went to the Spa.


Side note: the pool was free of people! 🙂


Hunger hit in pretty soon and we met at the buffet – where I loaded up on food to eat and…..


….food I stole to eat later. #sorryIneedfoodinmypurse

IMG_5248The day consisted of riding the rides. ALL the rollercoasters. Jeeeez, I had no idea I could do this! It was SO much fun.

IMG_0930 P1010012

I was getting hungry all the time when looking at the decoration all over the park!


Group picture fun… abs are sore from laughing, I swear.

IMG_5268 P1010026After riding back home with the bus, I took the train to Zurich and was picked up by my man at the station, which was sooo nice. Not only this, but he surprised me with such a NICE present….

IMG_0929 1

A Light Box!!! Woohhoo! I was so happy. I didn’t try it yet, as I need some cables and stuff, but I am so excited to start working with this thing.

Please don’t ask me what I did in Saturday. I slept in as I was SO knocked out from the trip and then just hang around all day doing THINGS. A workout. A walk. Grocery shopping. Stuff. Lunch.

Chicken Wrap with sauteed spinach

Chicken Wrap with sauteed spinach

Hm. OH!!!! Another surprise happened – my sweet friend Jessie sent me some goodies from her vacation to the US! She spoiled me big time and I am so excited to try all the stuff.


She also sent me this peanut butter, but because I opened it right after discovering it in the package, I couldn’t lay it down for the pic….. 🙂 It’s so good!

wild-friends-peanut-butterjpg-764e50c5aecd5c86Sunday morning I joined the Bootcamp class at the lake. I was fighting my inner lazy duck to get up and out, but I was SO happy I did. Not only was it a GREAT workout, also the weather was beautiful and fall-y sunny which I LOVE.

IMG_5269Breakfast was much needed after this morning action.

This is still one of my favorite recipe – so easy and so delicious! Though I wished I had seen the pancake queen’s post sooner, so I would have made these sexy babies here….


The rest of the day was easy and relaxing. Cinema…..


…..and dinner.

Baked salmon, roasted brussel sprouts&broccoli, Shirataki Noodles with roasted onions

Baked salmon, roasted brussel sprouts&broccoli, Shirataki Noodles with roasted onions

By the end of this weekend I was thankful, really thankful. I have the privilege to work at a great office with crazy lovely and wonderful people, I have a sweet and caring man who I love, I have a lovely home right at the lake and I have a healthy family and great friends – real ones and ‘virtual’ ones. These things are not a matter of course. There are enough people out there who are unemployed, lonely, sick or hungry. I don’t take these things for granted and I am grateful for every moment I can live a healthy and happy life.

Having said that, I am thinking of my Dad today. He would have turned 68 today. His last Birthday we celebrated 13 years ago. Love you Dad.


What are you thankful for today?

Ever been to a funpark? Do you like funparks?

What was the best food you had on the weekend?



27 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – Officetrip and surprises

  1. Renatus der Traber says:

    that’s what we cannot buy… family – hope everyone can enjoy every single day they spend with mom and dad, brothers and sisters… and if there is a grandma/grandpa sitting somewhere 😎 – great!

    hope all of you can start into a sunny and successful week

    renatus der traber

  2. I love that you have so much to be thankful for, Lucie 🙂 You’re such a sweetheart and deserve all the happiness in the world. Right now I’m super thankful for my family. It’s Thanksgiving here today, and spending the day with my mom and dad just reminded me how blessed I am to have them in my life.

  3. Every time you speak of your job it’s always good things. You truly are lucky to work in an environment that you so dearly love along side fantastic co-workers. If there is any one out there who should be blessed – it’s you. You’ve dealt with so many obstacles in your life, yet you’ve come out on time every single time. You’re more wonderful than you even know, girl! Enjoy your goodies – hopefully Sandro will let you get a spoonful of the pb =)

    • Awww, Hunn you’re such a sweet heart and I am especially blessed to have you as my friend! Thank you so much for your words and your ongoing support!!
      Oh, and you bet I took a few spoonfuls when he wasn’t looking, haha 🙂

  4. Glad you enjoyed yourself- you truly deserve it Lucie!

    So much fun had this weekend- Lucky you with the lightbox! after my exams finish I’m going to work on the photography skills….currently they are so bad compared to everyone else!

    That peanut butter looks amazing! enjoy, bella!

  5. Sarah says:

    My Dad would have turned 64 yesterday…and died exactly 9 years ago tomorrow. Let’s think of all the good memories we have from them and cherish the time we have with family and friends.

  6. So that theme park looks SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I am a kid at heart and riding huge roller coasters is something I LOVE doing, I love the feeling of getting twisted, turned and flipped upside down. Food looks amazing and that dessert tray wwoowwee! This week I am grateful to be able to travel and get a taste of new culture! Lots of love!

  7. Gaynor says:

    I cried at this post Lucie but tried to hide it as my housemate walked in…why do we hide our tears? You are an amzing little vegetable…you grew upwards and now outwards to others. I’m blessed to have found you…your crazy little English friend..Gaynor

  8. luna bars are amazing. The best thing I had this weekend was caramel cookie crunch gelato. and an amazing burger.

  9. Thinking of you and your dad today and sending you tons of love!

  10. That looks like such a fabulous trip Lucie – I’m happy that you enjoyed yourself! It’s great that you have so much to be thankful for. I’ll be thinking of you and your family today!

  11. cottercrunch says:

    that’s one great weekend and bf! can i join you next time?

  12. caileejoy says:

    Let me just say it is so refreshing to hear you say how thankful you are for your life! I recently started a new column on my blog called “Thankful Thursdays.” It is great to see that you notice the many ways in which God has blessed you! Thanks for the great post and I’m glad you had a fun day!!

  13. liftsleepeat says:

    Wow!! Looks like you had an amazing time; I love theme parks but its been ages since I’ve been to one!! All the food you had looks incredible…and that sesame cranberry peanut butter?! It sounds like perfection!!

  14. Kierston says:

    That baked salmon looks delish!

    Looks like you had a marvellous time 🙂

  15. […] I make my hours through to lunch with – well – office work. And a few chats here and there with my adorable office colleagues. […]

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