WIAW#38 – Picture Overload on What I ate in Spain


9. October 2013 by swissfitchick

Happy WIAW!! I don’t have much to say about this post, because the pics will do the talk. Some remarks should be enough – enjoy and thank you Mrs. Peas&Crayons for hosting!

wiawphotobuttonI chose the pics randomly, so there’s not really an order – sorry if somehow confusing 🙂

Homemade Protein Chocolate Truffles

Homemade Protein Chocolate Truffles

Salmon on hot Stone (Restaurant)

Salmon on hot Stone (Restaurant)

Chocolate Eggy Oats with roasted pumpkin plus greek yogurt drizzled with honey

Chocolate Eggy Oats with roasted pumpkin plus greek yogurt drizzled with honey

Shared Bruschetta for starter (which was more like a salmon Pizza)

Shared Bruschetta for starter (which was more like a salmon Pizza)

Fettucine with seafood for main course (HEAVEN)

Fettucine with seafood for main course (HEAVEN)

This Pasta Portion might look small – but believe me, it was a LOT. I was so stuffed and then….10 seconds after I swallowed my last bite, the waiter presented the dessert card with pictures like this:


I mean seriously…..how can I think about eating this when I am so full from Pasta and still have tomato sauce smeared around my lips taste in my mouth?? If he had waited for maybe 10 minutes, then I might had taken a second thought,  but like this, I just wanted to barf say no. Of course I DIDN’t say no when this little cutie appeared on the table.

Magnum bite that came with the bill - loved it!

Magnum bite that came with the bill – loved it!

Yogurt mess at the beach

Yogurt mess at the beach (sorry for the naked leg on the side…happens.)

We went to an absolute GREAT Restaurant in Marbella. Not only was the garden and location beautiful, but also the service was perfect and the Food….oh my, SO good.

Fresh Tuna Tartar (Restaurant)

Fresh Tuna Tartar (Restaurant)

The main course looks terrible since it was getting dark, but oh it was absolutely delicious. Steamed carrots, grilled giant prawns, spinach with garlic and baked potatoes which I gave to the man – I am NOT a fan of white potatoes at all.


Me in the Restaurant - spot me?

Me in the Restaurant – spot me?


Yes, I took a selfie with my new sleek pants in the bathroom. #sorrynotsorry


Postworkout Hotel Breakfast! I was happy.

Dinner in Marbella No 2:


Starter: Plain Quesadillas for the man, Hummus with Tacos for me and Edamame to share.


Huge salad with Beefstrips for me – Chicken Wraps with fries for the man.

I was thinking about opening a group for blogger relatives. Maybe it would be good if they could talk to each other about the problem of waiting with eating before the blogger took her/his pics. ‘Oh wait, I need a pic. – Oh, hang on, the flash was on. – Wait, this light isn’t good. Could you turn around the plate please? – Just one more. A little closer. – hang on, one more, just to make sure…..’. Oh the complicated life of blogger relatives.

Second last night – cooking for Sandro’s parents. I made a huge salad with different Greens, nuts, figs and radish. Added my Strawberry Bliss Dressing. On the side, we had fresh grilled Beef Steak (unpictured).


Dessert: Homemade Layer Yogurt Thingy. So good! Recipe coming.

IMG_1562 IMG_1564

Snakcs brought from home.....

Snacks brought from home…..

More Snacks. I found this one in a Whole Food store and loved it!

More Snacks. I found this one in a Whole Food store and loved it!

Grilled Beef with random veggies cooked in coconut milk

Grilled Beef with random veggies cooked in coconut milk

Same but with salmon filet

Same but with salmon filet

Chocolate Protein Pancakes with Greek Yogurt topping. Hmmm.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes with Greek Yogurt topping. Hmmm.

Strawberry Eggy Overnight Oats with chocolatized greek yogurt on top

Strawberry Eggy Overnight Oats with chocolatized greek yogurt on top

Plantain Chips

Plantain Chips

Chocolate Eggy Oats, Berries

Chocolate Eggy Oats, Berries

There you have it! Of course this is not ALL I ate, but a good choice of it.

I promise I will only do one more recap post of my vacation and then I will shut up about Spain. You must be already bored to death, sorry about.

Do you have a favorite Restaurant? Where is it?

Do you like to cook your own meals when on vacation? I love a mix of both. As much as I love to try out restaurants, my belly is a little sensitive and after all I love my homecooked food.

33 thoughts on “WIAW#38 – Picture Overload on What I ate in Spain

  1. After seeing your gorgeous pictures of beaches and sunsets already I’d say the food part of your vacation looks just as good as the surroundings. You might be one of the few people to make me consider giving salad another chance – looks great! – and that layered dessert? Swoon. Will you come cook for me?
    I’m with you on enjoying a mix of homemade meals and eating out on vacation. It’s nice to try local specialties as well as cook in the comfort of your own ‘home’ using all of amazing fresh produce from the markets.
    And yes, please let me know once you’ve started that group for the poor blogger relatives – my family would join in an instant. They just don’t understand the importance of a good food picture ;).
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. … well it’s a good thing I’m about to eat breakfast now that my stomach is rumbling for some food, ha ha! Everything looks delicious, however I think the tuna tartlet looks the best.. okay i lie, it’s tied with those pancakes! I love your black outfit too btw. You can definitely pull of those pants fabulously!

    I do love to eat out on vacation, however I’m not good with trying new foods. Just like you, I have quite the sensitive stomach. It can get tricky for me now too w/ not eating meat unless I know it’s grass fed.

    • Oh I knew you would love the tuna! 🙂
      ANd I am with you on the dining out thing. My stomach is so sensitive too and it’s just no fun to be in pain all night after a dinner out.

  3. WHERE OH WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE AMAZING PANTS!!!!!!!!!!! I need them, NEED THEM! They look like feasting pants, which is exactly what it looks like you DID! ha ha ha ah! This food looks like something my BELLY WOULD LOVE – especially all the fish, that tuna tar tar, SWOON!!! 😉

  4. So.much.good.FOOD! Gah! I can’t even imagine how amazing things must taste in Spain. I’ve never been, but I know that when I go visit my family in Poland, everything just tastes so much better. And I do end up doing a lot of cooking when I’m on vacation because of my allergies — eating out just gets to be a hassle.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure it’s been scientifically proven that we have a second stomach for dessert — no matter how full I am, I can almost NEVER turn down something deliciously sweet after a meal.

    • Exactly, I have a second stomach for desserts too. Most of the time I am not hungry when I eat dessert, but I don’t even consider this as necessary, cause dessert can be eaten at any time, right? 🙂

  5. Vacation food is the very, very best. That layered yogurt thingy is gorgeous, and I want it in my mouth. And that hummus dish? Lick.

  6. SO MUCH delicious food..especially those prawns- YUM! Depending on how long/where I am away, I do enjoy cooking my food to an extent on vacation. As much as I love eating out, it gets old real fast & my body starts to crave simple plain, HOME-COOKED food :)!

  7. Amazing eats my friend- love the variety! whenever I’m on vacation, I need a mix of both- abit to experience the culture, but then at home to make the eating out more exciting!

    That cocoa yogurt….

  8. kimathungryhealthygirl says:

    I’m really jealous of all that delicious looking food!! I’m like you, when on vacation I like a mix of home cooked meals and eating out.

  9. Heather says:

    My husband and I consider finding good restaurants a major part of enjoying vacation. When we’ve traveled with my parents they just don’t get it. They aren’t really into food so are happy to make a sandwich in the hotel room while we’re picking out “another” restaurant.

  10. Umm, can I just have everything you pictured? Especially that bruschetta with salmon…that just sounds amazing.
    Looks like you definitely ate well on vacation! I tend towards eating out all my meals when I’m on vacation, just because we usually end up in a hotel room without a fridge or kitchenette. If we have a kitchen though, I don’t mind doing some breakfast and lunches in! I’ll always go out for dinner though.

    • That’s right, the kitchen there was a huge advantage. Otherwise we would have had dinner out every day too. Though when we were in the US some nights with a Whole Foods Salad in the hotel room happened 🙂

  11. So much deliciousness! Take me back to Spain please 🙂 I love how you were able to balance eating out and coming prepared. It’s super impressive and shows that your lifestyle and eating habits does not need to totally derail when on vacation.

    • Thank you so much Amy!
      Yes, it took me a while to figure out how to do best on vacation, but meanwhile I know the tricks. Of course it is a huge advantage if there is a fully equipped kitchen available!

  12. Everything looks delicious. I love Spanish food.

  13. Lisa says:

    Wow, all the food looks just incredible!!
    I’ve never been to Spain – but I wouldn’t complain with all that deliciousness.
    I usually end up liking it better when I’m able to cook my own food, but I don’t mind going out every once in a while if a group of friends or family want too. After a while I definitely miss my kitchen though!

    • I love my homecooked food too! I just love to use my favorite ingredients and I actually think some of it tastes even better than in a restaurant.
      And I mean, you can not order smoothies for dinner in a restaurant, so that’s another reason 🙂

  14. Spain has the BEST food. Next to Italy, where my favorite restaurant is.

    I love that you don’t like white potatoes either. 🙂

  15. […] Ok, that title is weird. But I really don’t know how to name this dessert, so it’s that ‘thingy’ how I called it when I presented it first in my WIAW post yesterday. […]

  16. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Omg, Lucie! I died over the blurb about the blogger relative support group! Bahaha! Love it! And I’m loving all these eats….all the fancy dishes and homemade eats and hello free ice cream bar!! Yum! I’m with you on the mix of going out and eating in…I definitely hear ya on the sensitive tummy thing!

    • Right?? I feel so sorry for Sandro sometimes, siting there starving and having to patiently wait until I took all my ‘perfect’ pictures. They deserve some support! 🙂

  17. Nadja says:

    wow all that food looks so yummy!! I also love mixing eating at home & eating out because I tend to eat too much when I’m at a restaurant 😉 The plantain chips looks delicious, I must definitely try them!

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