Hello from Spain!


2. October 2013 by swissfitchick


Since it is or favorite day of the week I wanted to check in quickly and see what’s going on in the cyber wordl!

I hope you are all well and having a fabulous week so far. I am excited to see all the guest posts going up here, love all these brilliant writers! Thank you all again for your time and effort!

I am in Spain since 10 days now, and I can definitely not complain. We had beautiful weather almost every day and enjoying the beach and the sun to the fullest. We stayed at Sandro’s parents beach house near Malaga all these days and yesterday we drove along the coast to Marbella, where we will stay in a nice hotel until tomorrow and make a short trip to Ronda which is said to be beautiful.

The vacation so far was what it has to be in my books – relaxing and doing things I love.

Getting up to catch the sunset and a workout….

20130929-211322.jpg 20130929-212308.jpg 20130929-212415.jpg 20130929-212424.jpg 20130929-211304.jpg 20130929-211233.jpg 20130929-211155.jpg


People may wonder why I would get up early to workout on a vacation – fact is: I love it. I obviously love these breathtaking and beautiful views I catch when the sun rises, I love to have the privilege to have a huge beach on my own as a playground for my workouts, I LOVE to move first thing when I get up and I love to sit down with my food when the air is still fresh and I don’t have to rush to the office or anywhere else but can enjoy the morning hours, my favorite time of the day.

Besides that, it’s so nice to switch up my workout routine here a bit from the ususal. I definitely miss the heavy iron, but I really enjoy creating my own bodyweight strength circuits and the blast through my HIIT sessions with stair sprints or sprints at the beach (brutal!).

Breakfast happens on the terrasse of the beach house in peace.


You bet I roasted some squash the first day I arrived here! Unfortunately they did not have any kabocha….


More. Just to make sure….

Anhang 4

Chocolate eggy oats and fresh strawberries


Strawberry/Spinach/Protein Smoothies with dried Goji Berries

I did sleep in, don’t worry, and took restdays. Then I grabbed the Yogamat and went down to the beach for my meditation, stretching and soft Yoga. Being there completely on my own is pure bliss for me.


When lunchtime arrives, it’s beachtime. Sleeping, reading, swimming, walks along the shore and hours and hours of FRISBEE. I LOVE it.

20130929-211402.jpg 20130929-212257.jpg 20130929-211341.jpg 20130929-212250.jpg

Chasing seagulls :-)

Chasing seagulls 🙂

Let’s not forget dinner…..,most of the meals we prepared at home which is always the best if you ask me. I save the pics for next week’s WIAW, but ut definitely wasn’t too exciting – meat with roasted veggies, chicken wraps, baked codfish or salmon etc. – but let’s have a look at the dinners we had out!

Liquid 'food' - just as good. Especially when they are as big as my head. Cheers!

Liquid ‘food’ – just as good. Especially when they are as big as my head. Cheers!

A mix of Spanish tapas, Ceasar Salad with prawns and a izza with smoked ham.

A mix of Spanish tapas, Ceasar Salad with prawns and a pizza with smoked ham.

Sometimes it’s just so GOOD to eat 1-2 slices of pizza. Even though my tummy grumbled and was upset after, it was worth it – so delicious. I refused to eat the croutons and the dressing though. Ugh.

Somehow the picture of my amazing fettucine with seafood plate go lost – so sad, it looked incredible and tasted like heaven. I guess I will do a huge WIA in Spain next week to update you with more food 🙂

Besides food and workouts there was some extreme shopping on a cloudy Saturday….


XL woolen sweater, white basic tee and XL scarf – everything from Zara / black skinny jeans with leather patches from Pull&Bear / Lace Boots with fur from Marypaz

Well, I have to prepare for cold weather, right?? A fashion post will follow as soon as I am back – I created some cool outfits to share with you!!

Creating a new recipe…

Raw Protein Chocolate Truffles

Raw Protein Chocolate Truffles

It’s so easy:

1 ripe avocado

1 heaped tbsp honey

2 scoops chocolate protein powder

3 tbsp grated coconut

2 heaped tbsp raw cacao powder

4 packets of stevia

1 splash of coconut water or liquid of your choice

Mash everything together until well combined.

Form balls and roll in cacao powder.

Put in the fridge for about an hour and then enjoy!!

So delicious and fudgey and, yes, MOIST! Sorry, it had to be said. Definitely #strangebutgood.

Ending this post and my days with evening walks at the beach. See you soon, Lovelies!!

20130929-212325.jpg 20130929-212343.jpg 20130929-212334.jpg 20130929-213058.jpg




15 thoughts on “Hello from Spain!

  1. So I’m slightly jealous, but mostly super glad that you’re having such an awesome time. All of the sights look gorgeous, and your eats are looking super good as well. Can I hide away in your suitcase the next time you go? 😀

  2. Can your vacation sound anymore perfect? As much as I’m dying w/o our chats, I am so happy you’ve been having such a wonderful vacation so far. All of your photos look breathtaking, and girl – you are adorable!!!!

  3. Looks like you’re having a fabulous time Lucie – enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  4. Wow Spain looks amazing and I am so jealous of your trip! The beach looks amazing I am dreaming of the day I get to visit a beach out here in Bangkok! So happy you are enjoying your trip I can not wait to see more photos lots of love C

  5. So glad to see you having a blast- and still lol’ing that you smile mid workout- love it! Ola Espanola!

  6. Beach walks and workouts, gorgeous sunsets and relaxing – it sounds like you had an amazing holiday which makes me so happy to hear. The area looks beautiful and I actually spent a vacation in a city near Malaga with a short visit to the latter several years ago.
    Enjoy the remainder of your time in Spain, Lucie! … and send me some of those truffles …

  7. Wow,it’s so beautiful. Enjoy the rest of the trip!

  8. Okay, I NEED to go to Spain. It’s absolutely gorgeous. As are you, my dear! Have an awesome vacation <3.

  9. Glad you are having such an amazing time! It looks incredible there! I like working out on vacation too, easier to get the day started and feel accomplished before going off to do whatever the day has to bring!

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  12. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Awww, looks like you had one AMAZING time! Love that you were able to get a good mix of movement, relaxation, and fun while on your trip! And I meant to say in your other post…HECK YEAH for the water keg weight! You’re a beast, babe! Total BEAST! Love love love these truffles…you know I have a thing for chocolate and avocado! And I love your blue shirt! And your bathing suit! And your pizza! And your FACE! xoxo

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