What You Do: It’s Your Choice! – Guest Post


1. October 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey everyone! It’s so nice to be guest posting here today thanks to the ever so lovely Lucie! As she is currently away on vacation (and I’m so secretly wishing I were too), I’ve been asked to come by and visit with you all on this marvelous of a day! So grab a coffee, tea or a protein shake, and stay with me a while as I share with you a little story about my choice to begin on my own journey to health and fitness!


I often get asked the question…

“How do you do it?”

Me:  “Do what?”

“What you do…all that fitness and healthy eating stuff”

Me: “Well, easy…I do it because I love it and I love how it makes me feel both inside and out!”

“But, isn’t it hard?”

Me: “It’s not a question of it being hard, it’s about doing what it takes to stay committed to the lifestyle I have chosen to live by three years ago; one that would involve me treating my body and mind right. My health is my priority and, I will continue to treat it like it is! It’s a matter of choice, not difficulty.”(I’m an expert when it comes to long answers! lol)


A lifestyle in health and fitness isn’t one that came easy or naturally to me…


It’s one that has and continues to require a lot of learning and working through!

To be honest…

It’s a lifestyle I know I will never stop working at because…

It’s a thing of sorts that will continuously require me to learn and apply myself to every.single.day! (Whether it be the exercise, healthy eating and (not limited to) the balance/moderation aspect of it all, it is and will always be a work in progress!)


Working hard 🙂

Everything I have put into this lifestyle…

Be it my heart, soul, sweat, reps, strides, kicks, postures and pedal strokes…

These things, at the end of the day…

Are choices I have made in my commitment to my own health and overall well-being!


My first 10k race after learning how to run!

If anything…

It’s all been worth it because…

I’ve never felt better about myself both inside and out!

I mean…

I’m finally treating my body with the respect and care itdeserves!

I won’t deny though…

Turning my sedentary living habits into a non-couch potato like one was…

A hard adjustment for me to make after 7 years of completely ignoring the fact that I had my health to take care of but…

Eventually (better late than never)…

I finally came to the realization that something had to be done and that…

It was my choice to make and follow through with!

That being said…

Not a day goes by I am not grateful for the guidance and expertise I received in the beginning of it all!


Seeking advice on how to begin on my own path to health and fitness was the best thing I could have ever done in gettingmyself started!

Grateful for everything I have learned!

Grateful for everything I have learned!

Without doing so…

I’d probably still be trying to figure out what to do! (Actually, I probably would have given up by now…in others words, given up on myself.)

3 ½ years later…

I am still living, breathing and loving all the things I’ve come to experience in this new lifestyle of mine!

There is no questioning…

If I was ever given the choice to go back my ‘old’ lifestyle…

I’d say NO!

Taking care of my entire being is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and…

It’s one that has made me the most happiest with myself! (In more ways than one!)

All in all…

What you do is your choice and…

I have to admit…

I’m happy with the healthy choices I have made! (Being healthy has never felt so good!)


What about you? What choices will you make (or have youmade) to better your health and overall well-being?

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14 thoughts on “What You Do: It’s Your Choice! – Guest Post

  1. I love my healthy lifestyle and would not trade it for anything. Yes, my friends changed, those who surrounded me prior did not live a healthy lifestyle but to be honest that is ok, we all grow, we all change and that is what makes life exciting! Beautiful Post!

  2. Linz says:

    i definitely feel better about myself, feel better emotionally and physically too when i make healthy choices! and i find that the more healthy choices i make, the more i WANT to make!

  3. I remind myself of this very things when I’m grouching about not being “able” to eat this or that… I CAN eat crap, but I choose not to. I choose to move and make healthy choices because int he long run that IS what makes me happy (that, and the occasional piece of chocolate cake).

  4. I definitely love my healthy lifestyle and wouldn’t change it! There are still things I need to work on but I’m a work in a progress! Great post Kierston!

  5. Great post! Being healthy and making healthy choices is just that, a choice! I love the way being healthy feels, after a workout or even after a healthy meal. Sometimes it’s not really a hard decision if it’s something you want and actually enjoy!

  6. Ashley V says:

    Good post! I hate when I make healthy choices and people remark, “Oh, you’re so good.” We put so much focus on “being good” or “being bad.” I feel loads better when I eat the right stuff and work out! A few years ago the thought of working out 5 days a week would have probably made me croak, but now, a few years later (and roughly 25 pounds lighter) I’m living it! Like the others I’m a work in progress, but I’ve come such a long way that I try to focus on that!

  7. Thanks for having me over darling xo

  8. Ahhh Kierston always filled with words of wisdom! I definitely don’t find it hard to commit to a healthier lifestyle but I do find it hard to cut myself some slack. I can get too rigid with what it means to be healthy and forget the indulging in treats and rest are also part of a balanced lifestyle. That’s my current goal 🙂

  9. So inspiring as always!! The only thing this post is missing is a photo of Teddy Bear helping you too along the way 😉 hehe

  10. frogifer says:

    Love that first 10k photo, you make me laugh with all your personality!

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