Marvelous in my Monday – Saturday night Kabocha Date


16. September 2013 by swissfitchick

I mention it again, in case you didn’t notice yet – my new url is! Finally! More design updates and tweaks to follow!

This one will probably turn into a new version of WIAW, but instead of Wednesday it’s Weekend – I spent some time in the kitchen and have some drool-worthy pics for you! Perfect for today’s Monday Party thanks to my favorite Diva and her family!

MiMM-2I had a super quiet weekend without ANY plans and after last weekend’s cycling madness, it was so needed. Also, after a few rough days, it was nice to finally enjoy some peace for my mind. Even though I was totally jealous of many of my blogger friends who attended this years Healthy Living Summit. I SO wished I could be there!!

I started Friday morning off with a good HIIT session – Sprints at the lake, followed by running stairs in my home, followed by alternating bike sprints&jumping rope. Followed by an Outdoor Bootcamp class at lunch in the sun – that was definitely enough and screamed for a restday the next day!!

IMG_0595 IMG_0562

No doubt there was food to fuel, so I made my eggy oats for breakfast.


Saffron chicken with roasted pumpkin, a little cucumber salad and organic glutenfree crackers on the side for a late lunch.


We stayed in on Friday night and just enjoyed the relaxing time. Food: baked salmon with broccoli and avocado.


Saturday I….have not really an idea what I did. One thing, I cycled to my friend’s place for a girlschat over tea and magazines, cause she broke her foot and couldn’t get out.


Then I went downtown with the man to do some errands, and later rolled out my Yoga mat for a much needed Vinyasa Session, Stretching and Meditation.

IMG_1212I wore my Yoga Pants from ZimmerliΒ of Switzerland – such GREAT quality, I absolutely love them. I swear, you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything in these! πŸ™‚ So comfy! I am totally sorry for that mess in the background. I swear, it wasn’t me. Don’t give me that look, it’s true!


Sandro was out for a business event in the evening and I had a date with this babe…


I bought a huge kabocha squash, and prepared ALL of it! I couldn’t be more excited, I am officially obsessed by this vegetable. Cut it…

IMG_1166Season and sprinkle with coconut oil, curry powder, ginger and a ton of cinnamon….

IMG_1167…include it in meal prep – savory with garlic chicken and broccoli….


…or as a dessert with healthy protein chocolate dip. I swear, this is SO delicious, it tastes like cookies with chocolate cream. To DIE for.Β IMG_1209IMG_1198….ooooorrrrr enjoy it in a destroyed protein pancake postworkout. I hit a heavy weights session on Sunday morning and was starving for them. Despite the ugly look, they tasted so good. Topped with Almond Butter Syrup (sugarfree syrup, 1 tsp ab, water).



I will do some tweaks on this recipe so they don’t fall apart and will post it soon. Besides that, I will do a little Pumpkin Recipe Roundup next Friday with all these goodies, so stay tuned!

I had a blast on Sunday. The weather was rainy and nasty, so after breakfast I digged up my photobox filled with old pictures of me….oh my. I SWEAR guys, I HAVE to make a Throwback post soon – you are all going to have such a GOOD laugh! Sheeesh, I couldn’t believe what I considered fashion 20 years ago….too funny, Sandro and me couldn’t stop laughing. Also, some precious, fun and beautiful memories came back. I LOVE spending Sunday like this!

A sneak peek…

IMG_4896 IMG_4895

These are harmelss….believe me, I got some good ones.

Late afternoon, we went for a rainy walk, where we spotted this beauty….


…and then sat down for dinner.

Roasted Catfish with sauteed mushrooms on mixed salad greens

Roasted Catfish with sauteed mushrooms on mixed salad greens

And to finish off this weekend and post….some more japanese deliciousness for dessert.



Happy Monday everyone!

Do you like kabocha squash and what is your favorite way to eat it?

What was Sunday night dinner at yours?

Don’t you love to spend hours looking at pics, even better old ones?



34 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – Saturday night Kabocha Date

  1. Love those yoga pants! They look so comfortable. Kabocha squash is my favorite. Can’t wait for it to start appearing in the grocery store!

  2. I SO wish you could have been at HLS this year! It would have been amazing to meet you. And you were seriously torturing me with all those pics of kabocha on IG πŸ˜› I had to go 4 days without one and was craving them so bad – I cut one up pretty much as soon as I walked through the doors to my home today and it was heaven. And those pics of you when you were younger – omigosh I can’t wait to see more!

    • Yeah, I am still sad I couldn’t be there! We’ll have to make it happen next year!! Haha, I know, I went all crazy with the kabocha this weekend πŸ™‚
      I will do a throwback post, promised!

  3. Mmmm how have you managed to get me craving kabocha squash at 9 am in the morning?? It looks so good! I usually buy the butternut variety but will have to start switching ’em up! Although it sounds kinda weird, I LOVE roasted squash topped with nut butter & cottage cheese…such an easy way to get in a balanced, not to mention delicious, meal! Those pictures are priceless- please do a flashback post soon!

  4. Wow what a fun weekend and your stomach looks amazing look at those abs wahoo! Sunday night I had some new banana almond flour muffins and boiled peanuts I know so random but that is what I was craving and my workouts were great I am starting to feel more like finishing my sessions I was having a hard time due to lack of motivation but I am out of the slump and back in it πŸ™‚ I love looking through old pictures it makes me remind myself of who I am and who I was you look like a supermodel in yours πŸ™‚ lots if love to your week ox Courtstar

    • Yay, for havi9ng the motivation back girl!! I know sometimes it is hard, and I can imagine with all the new experiences you make over there this can be pretty tiring too.
      And thank you – working hard for them (abs) πŸ™‚
      PS. I LOVE the sound of your dinner!!

  5. No need to answer your first question. you should know, being twins and all. :p Glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend- I hope the kabocha chopping counted as the upper body workout ha! Cannot wait for your flashback post- brings back so many memories looking at old pictures!

    What protein powder do you use for your chocolate sauce? Looks so good!

    • Actually, I had to get the man to cut it first, it’s the hardest part!
      And yes – I am pretty sure we got separated at birth.
      YOu can use any protein powder for the sauce, I add unsweetened cacao powder to the mix, which makes it so chocolate-y!

  6. We had left overs… so boring. I worked all day and wasn’t about to cook! lol. Looks like a great weekend!

  7. Can I come over for a kabocha date and chat? As you know I’m totally obsessed with kabocha, too, and meeting up would be awesome. It really is a pity HLS always takes place so far away.
    Looking through old photos is awesome – especially when you do it with somebody else coming up with so many memories. Both good and bad ones, hilarious stories to remember, realizing how much things have changed … I think I should really get out those many photo albums and even more loosely flying around pictures the next time at my parents’ again, too. Thanks for the reminder and I can’t wait to see more of yours!
    Oh, and did you ever share the recipe for your protein chocolate dip? I usually eat kabocha steamed with [Rapunzel] almond butter but that seems like such a sweet [literally] idea, too.
    Happy Monday!

    • Yes and yes!! Kabocha and a meet up, I am all for it!!
      No, I didn’t shre the chocolate dip recipe, but here it is:
      1 scoop protein powder (any is possible)
      1 heaped tbsp unsweetened cacao powder
      optional (not really) almond butter
      mix it and dip!!

  8. Totally had a date with kabocha squash on saturday night too lol! Except I baked them into brownies! I think people would stop reading my blog if they saw my flashback photos. Yours on the other hand I NEED to see more of πŸ˜‰

  9. Audrey says:

    Kabocha!!!! Yum! I need to eat it more often. That protein pancake still looks great!
    Sunday night we ate penne pasta with turkey italian sausage and basil pesto, then we went walking on the beach. It was great.
    YES i love looking at old pictures. I can do it for hoursss on hours

  10. I wish you could have been at HLS too! I seriously would love to meet you someday. And I’m loving those old pictures, I want to see more of them! I’m sure we all question our fashion choices from a decade ago πŸ˜‰ Those yoga pants look so comfy! I’m in desperate need of some new ones.

  11. So with you on the slow down and peace of mind! πŸ™‚

    Love the yoga pants. You are totally rocking them!

  12. Oh my gosh stoppp everything looks amazing!! I am a recent kabocha lover. Need to buy more! Can’t wait for the pumpkin recipe roundup

  13. Lisa says:

    Definitely obsessed with kabocha:) It’s the best.
    And I adore your throwback pictures. I love looking back at old pictures! Some are quite mortifying;)

  14. Love those yoga pants! They look so good on you! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend to yourself. Lots of fun! πŸ™‚

  15. Ok first, LOVE those yoga pants! Adorable! And secondly, I need to go buy some kabocha. I keep seeing it pop up on blogs and I am so curious… I’ve never tried it!

  16. I’ve never even heard of kabocha squash but the way you prepared it looks so delicious!

  17. […] Marvelous in my Monday – Saturday night Kabocha Date ( […]

  18. […] Marvelous in my Monday – Saturday night Kabocha Date ( […]

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