WIAW#36 – Short and Sweet


11. September 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Our hostess presented the first pic of her chickpea last week and let’s admit – this is one of the cutest babypics I have ever seen! Congrats Jenn and thank you for still hosting the food party!!


Today’s What I Ate Wednesday will be a short and almost wordless one – I am not feeling so well and don’t feel like talking/writing a lot. Though I will go into more detail in tomorrow’s post.

But for now, let’s go in for some food first, shall we??

Like breakfast.

Eggy overnight oats with blueberries and Quinoa/Almond/Coconut Crunch

Eggy overnight oats with blueberries and Quinoa/Almond/Coconut Crunch


Or like a postworkout smoothie:

Sunwarrior Protein, Blueberries

Sunwarrior Protein, Blueberries, spinach

Like Lunch:

Baked Chickenbreast, sauteed broccoli and sweet potato

Baked Chickenbreast, sauteed broccoli and sweet potato

Saffron roasted Chicken&Mushrooms, with Avocado&Spinach

Saffron roasted Chicken&Mushrooms, with Avocado&Spinach

Not to forget the snacks:

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious

Frozen Whipped Cinnamon Cottage Cheese with mashed blueberries

Frozen Whipped Cinnamon Cottage Cheese with mashed blueberries


I swear it tastes like sweet parfait!

And of course dinner:

Roasted catfish in garlic and parsley, mushrooms on a mixed salad bowl

Roasted catfish in garlic and parsley, mushrooms on a mixed salad bowl

Once again catfish with sauteed spinach&mushrooms

Once again catfish with sauteed spinach&mushrooms

Finally and most importantly…..dessert!

Chocolate packed in protein

Chocolate packed in protein

Almond Butter with Honey and Cacao Powder

Almond Butter with Honey and Cacao Powder

Can you believe that there is no pumpkin involved??!! Am I crazy?? This must change ASAP!!

Sorry that’s it – I am definitely not talky today! I hope you forgive me!

But YOU talk! What is your favorite dessert?

Ever had frozen whipped cottage cheese? It’s soooo good!

Do you have days when you don’t feel like talking?



34 thoughts on “WIAW#36 – Short and Sweet

  1. Bummer you’re not feeling well! Hope you feel better soon! Everything looks delish! I’ve never tried frozen whipped cottage cheese, but it sounds amazing. Thanks for the link love!

  2. Hope your get to feeling better and that everything is okay!

    The whipped cottage cheese looks so un-cottage cheese-like and delicious 🙂 And that catfish looks tasty too. I’ve only ever had fish from the ocean and not any local fish but I should try to get a hold of some sometime.

    Favorite dessert- anything ice cream or cookie dough. I definitely have days where I don’t feel like talking- either I don’t post or I just do a “photo dump.” 😉

  3. Thanks for tagging me! THAT cottage cheese LOOKS AMAZE!!! I must try it 🙂

  4. Aw, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit off. I hope it’s nothing serious and you’ll be okay again soon. I’ve definitely had some of those ‘just leave me alone and don’t talk to me’ days lately. Sometimes we just need a ittle me time to sort our heads out and jump back into the crowd again.
    The Quinoa/Almond/Coconut Crunch looks great. Do you have a special recipe for it? And I’ve never had whipped cottage cheese before. What do you add to yours to make it taste like parfait? Talking about parfait: My mum’s cinnamon parfait definitely was one of my favourite desserts when I still ate eggs. And now? I can’t pick just one.
    Hope your Wednesday’s getting along a bit better already!

    • Thank you so much! Don’t worry, it is not serious, just a little down, nothing to worry about.
      That Quinoa/Almond/Coconut Crunch was sent to me by a blogger friend and is just a blend from the perfect snaque bought in TJ Maxx – if you have one near you you should look out for it, it’s REALLY delicious!
      And the parfait really is just cottage cheese with blueberries, stevia and cinnamon and then left in the fridge overnight!

  5. You know what they say- pictures speak a thousand words so sometimes it’s okay to let them do the talking…and from what I can “hear”, you’ve been eating very well :)! Hope you are feeling better today- sometimes a good night of sleep & unplugging can work wonders! Narrowing down to my favorite dessert is a toughie- right now it’s a toss up between vanilla ice cream and cheesecake…although I’d be equally content with a choc chip cookie or plain ol’ dark chocolate :)!

  6. Hope your doing ok buddy! No need to ever feel like you have to be a happy chicken every post! Some days I really don’t feel like talking, and ignore my phone and emails etc.

    Some amazing eats there- I hope there’s a recipe for that cottage cheese, as, once again- we are on the same wavelength and I bought some for this week 😉 Saffron chicken twins for the win!

    • Thanks Arman, I am ok, just not in the best mood, that’s all 🙂
      The whipped cottage cheese couldn’t be easier – throw 1 cup cottage cheese in a blender, add cinnamon, stevia and blueberries and blend – put in the fridge overnight and enjoy as a parfait the next day!
      And yay for foodie twins!!

  7. Jess says:

    Whipped cottage cheese looks amazing!

  8. Sending hugs, love ❤ I definitely have those days, and while they suck, they also pass. Hopefully you're feeling better already, and if not, then I'm about to e-mail stalk you 😛

  9. cottercrunch says:

    i was just about to ask where the pumpkin was!!! feel better friend. ❤

  10. Juli says:

    THIS Caootage Cheese looks fabulous! Do you have a recipe?

  11. Hopefully you are feeling 100% again soon! All of your eats look so good.. and fresh! I am intrigued by those overnight oats.. they look really good!

  12. kimathungryhealthygirl says:

    I need to try the whipped cottage cheese. It looks delicious! Hope you start feeling better very soon!

  13. shashi @ http://runninsrilankan.com says:

    Love your oats/quinoa/blueberry combo!
    Favorite dessert would be anything with chocolate and peanut butter 🙂
    Nope I have never had frozen whipped cottage cheese – now am so curious!
    Well – I have nights that I don’t feel like talking – but am mostly an annoying talkative person most mornings!
    Hope you feel better soon

  14. I’m definitely intrigued by your whipped cottage cheese, I’ll have to try that! And I hope everything’s ok my dear!

  15. liftsleepeat says:

    mmm that frozen whipped cottage cheese looks delicious – i love how it doesn’t look lumpy as its the texture of cottage cheese that I really dislike!
    Love the look of your eggy oats too; they’re a staple for me!

  16. Lisa says:

    Yum. That whipped cottage cheese looks super creamy and just awesome. Dang lactose intolerance.
    Hope you’re doing okay lovely! Feel better soon!

  17. So sorry you aren’t feeling well! Rest up and get better soon xo

    As for the eats, everything looks so delicious. I could eat all day with you 🙂

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