WIAW#35 – #pumpkinobsession


4. September 2013 by swissfitchick

Yesss, it has started! Pumpkin season was just around the corner and now they are out!!


I even spotted Spaghetti Squash today, I can not WAIT to cook one up and mix it with Zucchini Noodles! Get ready for some colorful superbowls next week.

I bought a tiny one for myself and prepared it with coconut oil and cinnamon that went right into the oven for roasting.

IMG_0514 IMG_0517 IMG_0518Half of it, I used to make Pumpkin Protein Mugcake/Muffins. Unfortunately I had a blonde moment and forgot to add oats to the mix. So it came out completely messed up, but hey, it worked as a postworkout fuel as a replacement of my usual shake. It was delicious!


And yes, I also ate other things than pumpkin. These are some meals of the last 2-3 days and not of one entire day.

Salads big as my head:

Topped with blueberries and baked codfish

Topped with blueberries and baked codfish


Topped with roasted chicken&avocado, olive oil, balsamic&dijon vignairette

Topped with roasted chicken&avocado, olive oil, balsamic&dijon vignairette

Postworkout Smoothie: Vega Power Performance Chocolate Powder, Blueberries and topped with a blend of Coconut/Lentils/Almond/Quinoa Crunch I got in my Foodie Penpal package. SO GOOD.


A literally BLUE-berry Porridge! Yes, that turns blue when you cook it long enough. Scary. But good. #scarybutgood!


Protein Pancakes with Almond Butter Syrup. Died and gone to heaven.


On the go: A Questbar. Thank God second breakfast came soon after!


Eggy Oats soaked in sugarfree syrup and added Justin’s.

IMG_0481 1

Warm meals:

Baked curried chicken, tricolor quinoa, spinach&broccoli

Baked curried chicken, tricolor quinoa, spinach&broccoli

Tuna Salad (canned tuna mixed with greek yogurt), sweet potato, roasted veggies

Tuna Salad (canned tuna mixed with greek yogurt), sweet potato, roasted veggies

The weather is still summery and it makes for smoothies or salad – but honestly, I am so in love with all the roasted and baked goods, it happens even more than salads around here. Berries are still in full force too, as well as nectarines! I can not get enough!


And now, click over to Peas and Crayons and check out who else is joining in the WIAW and the Pumpkin Party!! Thank you for hosting Jenn!


Ok, excuse me now I need to make food. These WIAW posts just quicken my appetite, it’s ridiculous.

Tell me your favorite pumpkin recipe, or even better LINK it up in the comment section!Β 

Hot or cold food? I LOVE cold food like smoothies, salads and of course all kind of cold oats, yogurtmesses….but I am also pretty obsessed with my healthy bowls filled with roasted and baked stuff.

Happy Wednesday friends!!



48 thoughts on “WIAW#35 – #pumpkinobsession

  1. I am so beyond excited for all things pumpkin!! I think that Quest needs to make a pumpkin bar!

  2. I have to say, I’m not the biggest pumpkin fan… Don’t hate me!

    I love hot foods mixed with cold foods. I always mix the hot and cold foods on my plate. Soooo good.

  3. I had my first roasted kabocha of the season for dinner tonight, and I literally died and went to heaven. So.darn.good! I do love fresh cold foods in the summer, but I also really love warm bowls of comfort that fall brings. I guess the change is just nice in general, and I’m more than ready to embrace fall and all that it brings. It’s still pretty warm around here, but things are supposed to cool down a little by the end of the week and I can’t really say that I’m disappointed πŸ˜‰

    • Haha, I know you are the fall-girl! Yes, I admit, I love fall too, but it makes me scared that winter is near.
      I need to get a Kabocha as well, really one of the best – especially topped with coconut oil and nutbutter of course πŸ™‚

  4. Spotted spaghetti squash?? I have been buying it all summer long! Ah ha ha ha!! I live on it, literally 15 pounds eaten in 2 days, it’s NUTS! ah h ah ah ah! I dooooo LOVEEEE roasted butternut and pumpkin though, however, they’re kind of obnoxious to prepare!

  5. Your so lucky that Zurich has access to spaghetti squash- here it is near impossible, and when you do find it… so expensive haha!

    Great looking meals- Strangely, I never eat in season/weather. During Summer, I’d eat warm oats and during Winter, always cold. Those powerbowls look so good!

    • Actually, it was the first time I found Spaghetti Squash! I can not wait to get one and get cooking!
      Oh it’s the same for me – I can totally eat hot food in summer or cold smoothies in winter!

  6. Ah! Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin – love it!!! I’m always afraid I’ll turn into one big pumpkin by the end of the year w/ how much i eat Ha!

  7. I’m sure I am going to get some shocked expressions after admitting this but I really don’t like canned pumpkin. I know a lot of HLBs love it but I was not impressed at all when I tried it. I much prefer the fresh kind- roasted in the oven topped with either feta & balsamic or nut butter and it’s perfection…mmmm might have to buy some for tonight :). Unsurprisingly my food temperature preferences vary according to the seasons- whereas the idea of eating soup in the summer sounds unbearable, I can’t think of anything more comforting when the weather starts to cool down..

  8. I was THIIISS close to buying pumpkins at the market this past weekend but didn’t because I do not have a car and carrying one of those suckers home seemed not so fun! Your post made me DROOOLL! LOVE it! I love baking things so pumpkin squashes + of course spaghetti squash are my favorite things to bake and bake with! Lots of LOVE C

  9. I don’t think I’ve actually ever tried pumpkin…is that awful? I wouldn’t know where to start with one or what to do with it! Maybe I should start with something simple like soup! Happy Wednesday Lucie πŸ™‚

  10. I love Pumpkin season! Aside from summer it is definitely my favorite time of year πŸ™‚

  11. Lisa says:

    Yess! Pumpkin makes me all kinds of excited. I’m so excited to start experimenting again with my favorite little squash. I have so many recipes I’m dying to try out. It’s just one of those foods I can’t get enough of, but I feel it’s more appropriate if I wait until Fall to start eating again.
    Even if I have been eating roasted squash like crazy though the Summer. Kabocha is one thing I won’t give up on;)

  12. liftsleepeat says:

    I’m on such a pumpkin kick at the moment too – I made a pumpkin protein cheesecake this morning – its incredible!! I don’t have the recipe up yet though :(.
    So jealous of your huge squash baskets!! I wish my store had stuff like that! mmmm.

  13. Spaghetti squash is my favorite! I love fall! My son had been searching the store for pomegranates those should be out semi soon too!

  14. Once we hit Fall, I am all about the warm food…give me another couple of weeks and salads will be a thing of the past for a few months! I’ve never actually bought a whole pumpkin for roasting, I usually just buy the canned stuff. Some muffins or bread will be happening soon for sure though.

  15. Everything looks sooo good! I’ve never tried fresh roasted pumpkin but now I am intrigued. Can you send me those pancakes please?!

  16. I’ve never cooked pumpkin before! Putting that on my list!

    Loving your eats and yay to Quest Bars!.

  17. That all looks awesome! Add some cocoa powder to that squash to roast. SO GOOD!

    Love the BLUEberries and the #scarybutgood. LOL!

  18. cottercrunch says:

    so i just bought more kabocha and pumpkin because of you. Let the obsession continue!!

  19. Juli says:

    Pumkin seems to be everywhere! I need to get one for myself. I like the idea of adding cinnamon and roast it! Your salads always look so good!

  20. kate marrin says:

    LOVE pumpking protein pudding http://katemarrin.com/2013/04/02/eat-pumpkin-protein-pudding/
    But honestly, anything pumpkin is okay in my book!

  21. Fitcupcaker says:

    I am also pumpkin obsessed…and pancake obsessed, I think I had protein pancakes 3 or 4 days this past weekend and this week so far

  22. I’ve been on a pancake kick too and now that pumpkin is back… I am so getting pumpkin butttttter! Your salads look super good! Totally craving one right about now πŸ˜‰

  23. […] WIAW#35 – #pumpkinobsession (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

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