Marvelous in my Monday – Summer isn’t gone yet – and pancakes.


2. September 2013 by swissfitchick

That’s true! Summer came back! Not super hot, but still – perfect with sun and warm weather to be outside. This is MARVELOUS! 


Thursday evening, my weekend started. I took advantage of the sun and went for a cycling tour over lunchtime – coming Saturday I am going to ride crazy over the highest pass of Switzerland to Italy – need to get fit for that!!


Post cycling meal: Roasted chicken with cucumber, half-burned cauliflower and a sweet potato – I swear it is in this bowl somewhere.

IMG_0474Other happenings throughout this weekend – a surprise! I did another Foodie Pen Pal exchange with my lovely friend Heather and cause she did not tell me that she sent it off, I was totally caught off guard! It felt like christmas. Look at all this STUFF!!!! She even sent me some of her homemade Almond Joy Granola, oh yumm!!


Friday night I picked up the man from work and we strolled along the lake and stopped at the lounge. SO summerfeeling!

Yelling: 'Sit upright for the picture!' - of course I did not yell. I am nice.

Yelling: ‘Sit upright for the picture!’ – of course I did not yell. I am nice.

IMG_4741IMG_4735 IMG_4734



Shirataki-Zucchini-Bowl with perfect baked salmon

Shirataki-Zucchini-Bowl with perfect baked salmon

Saturday morning: Leg Day and Speedy Incline Walk for some Low Impact Cardio. The Boobsweat shows that it was a great workout. And my legs are dead’n sore.

IMG_4743Post Workout Breakfast: Heavenly Protein Pancakes. I made this recipe, but adapted it slightly (only the milk, really), here’s my version:

1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

1/3 cup of oats

3 eggwhites

2 tbsp coconut milk

1/2 tbsp coconut flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

Blend all ingredients and cook in a skillet.

Topping: 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 tbsp sugarfree maple syrup – mix and add water until it is liquid enough.

Take 93747889 pictures (and upset your table partner because he/she is waiting for you to start the meal – but be selfish, because everyone’s know you are a friggin’ foodblogger and you must do this)

Stuff your face and freak out because it’s so darn delicious.

IMG_1040 IMG_1042 IMG_1044 IMG_1046Daytime Saturday? I have no idea what we did. I made a dessert for the BBQ party we had at night and we ran some errands – and then took off to Basel to meet friends for said BBQ.

Appetizer and Pre Drinks

Appetizer and Pre Drinks



Main Course (can you tell the host was greek - greek salad, Tzatziki, Beef Steak) SO GOOOOOD

Main Course (can you tell the host was greek – greek salad (and macaroni salad), Tzatziki, Beef Steak) SO GOOOOOD

Chilling and Chatting along the night

Chilling and Chatting along the night

No dessert pics because it was too dark, but I photographed the lights for you instead.

No dessert pics because it was too dark, but I photographed the lights for you instead. Ok?

Sunday: we drove back to Zurich after the BBQ (I did not drink so I drove) and slept in on Sunday. The weather was nice, but not warm enough to lie on the lake, so we decided to grab breakfast and take the train to the ‘Uetliberg’, which is the ‘mountain’ (more like a hill) of Zurich. The view was breathtaking, but the iPhone shots just don’t do it justice.

IMG_4756 IMG_4753 IMG_4757

Along with the view, I had my eggy oats with fresh figs and syrup…..hmmm.


The walk down and through the city back home is around 2 hours, so we did that. It was my restday, so a little walking was nice to get moving and catch some fresh air.


Tricolor Quinoa, in coconut milk baked chicken with mushrooms, broccoli, spinach

Tricolor Quinoa, in coconut milk baked chicken with mushrooms, broccoli, spinach

IMG_1059Another nice week ahead of us weather wise – now we only need good weather on Saturday for the big tour! Cross fingers!

What was the best thing you ate on the weekend? 

What do you do on your restdays? 

Favorite season? SUMMER and then Spring. All year long, please.



35 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – Summer isn’t gone yet – and pancakes.

  1. Wow, those pancakes sure do look good!! Great job on the cycling and LOVE all of your beautiful pics!! Looks marvelous! 🙂

  2. Are pancakes not the best thing ever?? I actually LOVE making them for brinner the most!!

  3. Those pancakes look soo good!! And what a fun foodie pen pal box!

  4. LOL at that food blogger comment- I can totally relate! I made a smoothie for my mom yesterday and spent about 20 minutes trying to photograph it in the “perfect” light…luckily she waited rather patiently! I need to recreate those pancakes asap- do you think replacing the coconut flour with oat or wholewheat flour will work fine?

    • Haha, I KNOW!! Exact same thing here!
      You can definitely substitue the coconut flour with an other flour no problem! I guess the taste and consistency will be a bit different, but nonetheless delicious!

  5. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!

    Great pictures! Your food always look so yummy!
    Favorite season is definitely Summer!! I am already sad that days are much shorter and température much cooler.
    Rest days? Difficult for me but I am working on it! Then i would go for a walk, or take a light class like body balance. I know its important for muscle revovery to take rest days but i am far away from it and really working on it.
    Those pancakes… Definitely going to try it soon!! Thanks for the récipe!
    Enjoy today!

    • I am with you on summer – my favorite – and it was way too short!! So glad that it’s at least still sunny!
      I had a hard time with restdays too, but I feel SO much better since I take them regularly, I can highly recommend it!

  6. Thank you x 1000 for the pancake recipe- I’ve been drooling since seeing them on instagram! One of my best friends interned in Zurich over the summer for the film festival and loved it there- its on my bucket list! This weekend was procrastination and study filled, but the highlight was eating pancakes twice in one day 😉

  7. Nothing beats starting your day off with boob sweat & pancakes =) & Um cooking your quinoa in coconut milk = GENIUS!

  8. I LOVE the foodie pen pal box! I used to participate but had a last minute vacation and was not able to blog on the day so I got kicked out 😦 haha Love you loads and I hope you have a great week ahead! Love + Shine CourtStar

  9. It’s been so hot there. I did a 17 mile training run in 95 degrees! I can not wait for fall! All of your food looks amazing. My boyfriend always knows to ask… can I eat or do you need to take a picture first?

  10. Love the look of those pancakes, actually all of your food looks delicious! Gotta love that boob sweat! 😉

  11. Sounds like a great weekend! Sweaty workouts are the best!!! Those pancakes look super tasty too!

  12. Summer is making a comeback here as well, and while I don’t mind, I’m still more than ready for fall 😛 It’s my favourite season, and although I’ll be eating my words and wishing for summer when the colder weather hits, I’m going to soak up fall as much as I can. The colours, the smells, the fashion, the FOOD! Eeeee. And I saw that pumpkin on your IG this morning! Don’t try and tell me you’re not looking forward to the season at least a little 😛

  13. I’m pretty sure that I am literally drooling over those pancakes. I like your idea for syrup as well! I think I’m ready for Fall weather…but it’s still been pretty hot over here!

  14. Lisa says:

    Those pancakes look amazing!! Totally my thing.
    And looks like an awesome weekend for you. Glad you had some fun:)
    I was pretty excited we were greeted with some nice weather too, but it is starting to look a bit more like Fall which makes me just a tad bit sad.
    And my favorite season is definitely Fall above all else! I love it.

  15. Your salmon bowl looks amazing. I love shirataki noodles!


    Looks like you had a fab weekend! We had lots of fun in Lake Placid.

    Best thing I ate…Menchies and a burger 🙂

  16. […] Powder, Blueberries and topped with a blend of Coconut/Lentils/Almond/Quinoa Crunch I got in my Foodie Penpal package. SO […]

  17. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Oh my gosh, SO much to comment on!!

    1. I’m SO glad your package arrived safely and you’re enjoying all your goodies! Not sure if you’ve tried the chocolate coconut Oskri bar yet, but I just had one yesterday for the first time…I was “saving it for a special occasion” since I only had one (haha!)…and omg, it was FLIPPIN’ AMAZING!! Like ^%^$#@@ amazing! 😉

    2. Seriously? “Need to get fit for that” in regards to the biking? Puhhhhh-lease! You are like the fittest chick I know…and that boobsweat proves it! Way to go, killer! 😉

    3. OMG you are showing me UP on the pancakeporn!! I seriously want to lick the screen!

    4. Oh an I’m jealous of your spiralizer! Ugh, I keep talking myself out of buying one! And now summer is ALMOST over and all the spiralizing vegetables will be gone! Ugh, I’m a goober!

    5. FIGSSSSSSSSS! <- that is all! 😉

    I love you and your face and your pancakes and that pic of you and Sandro! Awwww!

    • Awwww, thank you for that huge comment – love you!! Well I am definitely NOT a competitor when it comes to Pancakes – believe me, I was just lucky with the lighting! 🙂
      That Chocolate Coconut Bar will be with me on the cycling tour! I can not wait to try it!!

  18. […] Marvelous in my Monday – Summer isn’t gone yet – and pancakes. ( […]

  19. […] Marvelous in my Monday – Summer isn’t gone yet – and pancakes. ( […]

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