Meditation – why it works for me


29. August 2013 by swissfitchick

I know that this topic is not for everyone, but I still want to bring it up. Because – I think meditation is one of the main tools that makes my recovery going forward. I am a huge advocate that you can change almost everything about your life with your mind and thoughts. I am convinced, that a healthy mind creates a healthy body. And that’s why I meditate.

Bena 2013 060

Meditating @ Beach Benajarafe / Spain

The worst in my Eating Disorder are the thoughts. It’s not the food, not the crazy exercising, not the bingeing or purging, it’s the thoughts. That’s where it all starts. Binges happen on days when I have negative thoughts. Thoughts that beat me up (‘you’re not good enough, you’re not perfect enough, you don’t do any progress, you ate too much, you look ugly’) and drag me down. Sometimes, I have days when I just feel sad. I don’t even know where it is coming from, but I just want to cry and I do cry over everything (talk about the computer is slow, I spill tea on my T-Shirt, I mess up my Make Up – I cry). Yup, these days happen and meanwhile, I am not ashamed anymore of those feelings, because I know I just have to accept them and stay calm and centered until they disappear again. Sometimes though I feel too overwhelmed and that’s when the danger of a binge comes in. I start to THINK that I should be happy and smiling everyday and that I am weak and lame for being so whiny.


I always struggled with these thoughts, they dominated my mind, they made me feel like I am pilot-controlled and not myself. The strongest of all was/is the ED voice – telling me to binge, then telling me I’d get fat, telling me to purge and exercise it all off. This voice accompanied me for so many years and put me through hell sometimes. I was a slave of my thoughts and they followed me all day long and at night in my dreams. It was until I told Markus about it and he suggested that I start meditating. He said, this way, I can dissociate myself from the thoughts and get centered. With meditating, I could train to stay calm and to figure out what these voices in my head actually are – thoughts. Nothing else. If I don’t listen to them, nothing happens. They are not my master or boss, they are rules that got created in my head and that are taking a big influence which is so unnecessary. No one needs to be the slave of his/her thoughts because we are independent human beings and we won’t get hurt if we don’t follow any food/ED or exercise rules.


It took me a while to get into meditation. I didn’t get it. I was impatient. I was too tired. I had so many excuses not to do it and without practicing, the result I wished for didn’t happen. I started and stopped again, over and over. Markus didn’t stop telling me that I need practice for it to create the effect. So in November 2011, I fully committed to meditation. Religiously, I sat down 15 minutes every morning. No excuse was good enough for me to skip and even though I was discouraged once in a while, I stuck to it. 3 months later, my thoughts started to change and some big steps happened throughout the whole year of 2012 in recovery. Not only did my ED thoughts calm down, I also got a lot more relaxed about everything I did. I do not feel guilty anymore if I don’t accomplish my To Do list as planned (I don’t really make To Do lists anymore). I don’t beat myself up if I don’t look as I wish for on a given day. I don’t stress around to have an ‘exciting life’ – if boring evenings and quiet weekends are what I need, then I am fine with that. A LOT of all this pressure got off me since I meditate. Many of the ED thoughts disappeared. I don’t freak out if I have a slip up (small binge), or if I feel too full after a meal – I know it will go away. I look forward, not back. If something negative happened, I try to forget it and move on, letting bad memories go. If the thoughts creep in, I am AWARE of it. Which is probably the main focus in meditation – being Aware of what’ s happening. Distinguish thoughts from reality. I do so much better in letting go off thoughts that make me miserable or that drag me down. I am so much better in seeing the positive in everything I do and enjoying and appreciating what I have in life. And MOST importantly – I learned better to live and savor the MOMENT – not the future and not the past, but the present.


I switch the way of meditation up every day. Sometimes I use affirmations. Sometimes I just do a quite meditation with no mantra or anything at all. Sometimes I need a guided session or music. Just what I feel like, but I appreciate these 15 minutes as my very exclusive ME time in the morning to just sit and breathe. No thoughts, no duties, no to do list, no disruption. I am not meditating successfully every day, many many times my thoughts fly around everywhere and I can not stay calm. But I stick to it. I stay seated and I finish my meditation. The changes are seen in my every day life, not IN the meditation itself. Practising to be centered, calm and away from the ego and its thoughts makes a big difference throughout the day. I can DEFINITELY tell when I did not meditate in the morning. I know that meditation isn’t something everyone wants to do – for me, it is a tool that changed my life and I can only recommend it!

If you struggle where to start – I sometimes use my APPS on my iPhone to be guided:

ZMeditations - Mindfulness Audio Guides

ZMeditations – Mindfulness Audio Guides

…and there are a lot more to be found in the App Store!

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Do you have experiences with Meditation?

What do you do to calm yourself down?

What is your favorite way to relax?



27 thoughts on “Meditation – why it works for me

  1. Anja says:

    I have been thinking about it lately. Great idea with the app, will try that. Sounds awesome as you described it 🙂

    • Thank you Anja! I think it is great to have a little support in the beginning with a guided meditation. With practise, you will be able to reach the silence and relaxation on your own!

  2. Jordyn says:

    this is so inspirational to read! I went through an ED as well and am still struggling with the thoughts. I have been able to increase my weight to a healthy weight but the thoughts creep up on me once in a while and it is tough! I totally agree! I still struggle with food and intake and if I am getting enough….. if you know what I mean, it is tough to explain! I will definitely try meditation!

    • That’s exactly why we need to work on our minds – we might be physically healthy, but that does not mean that our minds are cured from the ED. I totally get it when you say the thoughts creep in here and there, it happens to me too. Meditation can truly create calmness and making you focus on your body and feelings rather than the voices in your head.

  3. I couldn’t agree more that a healthy mind contributes greatly to a healthy body, which is why I’ve been working so hard on changing my attitude and trying to practice more positivity and gratitude. I don’t do any meditation specifically, but I put aside time each morning to do some journalling and write down any thoughts that might be running through my head, as well as goals and intentions for the day. I felt kind of strange doing it at first, but it’s something I’ve grown to love, and I find that it really makes a difference with how my day pans out.

    • I love the thought of journalling too! Such a great way to reflect what’s going on in your mind. I think anything that makes us dissociate our thoughts for a while is a benefit.

  4. Meditation is such great coping mechanism! I’m actually envious of people who meditate regularly…as much as I would love to, I am yet to be able to completely zone out while meditating. Hopefully a bit more practice will do the trick. Thanks for linking those apps- going to check them out :)!

    • This is exactly why practising is so important – your mind will learn to slow down and be quiet. But it takes time and even after almost 2 years of daily meditation I still suck sometimes and my thoughts are everywhere!

  5. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!

    Great post! You are really dedicated with the meditation. I also truly believe you need to be healthy from the inside.
    Would love to start meditating as well but i know the process Will be long. To calm myself down I need to run, move, etc … Also a great way to relax is a massage if you can afford one. And a nice cup of tea, capuccino, with a piece of good chocolate (swiss one are the best) and a good book!
    Enjoy today!

    • Yes, it is a process, but it gets easier by the time you get used to it.
      I would LOVE to go to massages more, but as you say – not so easy to afford! I agree on all the other relaxing tools – focus on Swiss chocolate of course 🙂

  6. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    I use affirmations as you know to help me out although I really need to get back into meditations 🙂 I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since I stopped doing my 15 minutes a day its crazy but meditation really calms me down and sets my mood! Love this! Have a great weekend Lucie!! Love + Shine Courtstar

  7. This is a great post Lucie – I dabbled with meditation for a while when I was diagnosed with stress-related illness a couple of years ago and found it very helpful – I don’t know why I stopped really! I think starting again would really help me as I often find that my thoughts get on top of me, especially during stressful times. Out of interest, do you think it matters if you do it in the morning or the evening? I was thinking to do it in the evening would be easier in terms of time (and I could combine with a bit of journalling, which is something I have wanted to start for a while), but perhaps there would be more benefit from doing it in the morning in terms of setting myself up for the day? Thank you for the links and the app idea – I’m sure they will be helpful to someone like me who like all the information first! 🙂

    • It does not matter when you meditate. You can also meditate twice a day (even better) – in the end, it has to work for you because then the chances are high that you stick to it. You can start with 10 minutes and then increase the time. Just try different times a day and then you will figure out what suits you best! I am a sucker with evening meditation, even though it would be good for me. I am just too lazy or busy. At 5am in the morning is not a lot more to do than to meditate 🙂 I hope you will find your way back to meditation – if you have questions, I am always here!

  8. I’m all about meditation! I also take the time and write down every day what I’m thankful for and what I see for my future. (Always positive) I truly believe that what we think about, we bring about.

  9. I’m definitely envious of people that can quiet their mind enough to meditate…I’ve tried in the past, but I always gave up on it. Quite often in recovery though I would journal, which would definitely help me a lot of quiet my mind and organize my thoughts. I’ve actually been thinking about taking it up again – we’ll see if that happens.

    • I gave up many times too, but one day I decided to go for it whatever happens – and I am so glad I did! I think journalling is a great way to sort the thoughts too!

  10. This is a wonderful post! I too firmly believe that a healthy mind creates a healthy body. I’ve heard a lot of great things about meditation, but haven’t really gotten into it seriously. It sounds like something I really should start doing. I think it would really help clear my mind of some things and just help create a better attitude about some things going on in my life right now. Actually, one of the main ways I try to calm myself down and relax is through exercise. It helps to release the stress from my day and completes changes my attitude.

  11. My therapist has me do small mediation sessions each day, sometimes multiple times a day depending on what’s going on. Just relaxing and embracing the quiet can really help!

  12. Sarah says:

    I’ve been trying meditation randomly in the past, but of course it doesn’t work if you don’t do it constantly. I would really need to do it more often and using an app was a great tip, so thanks for that. Unfortunately, ZMeditations doesn’t seem to be available for Droid, but I’ve found something else.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic – it’s a good reminder for something I definitely need to do more!

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