WIAW#34 – Press Food Repeat


28. August 2013 by swissfitchick

Sorry! Just a quick announcement – I decided to skip blogging on Tuesdays. As a blogger, you know that this hobby is wonderful and fun, but it also takes up a LOT of time. I felt I need to break down my blogging days to 4 instead of 5, and Tuesday it is. Don’t worry, I will still provide you with recipes here and there, but just not every week. When I started to feel forced to spend time in the kitchen on my weekends to create something genius, I knew it’s time to stop. I want blogging to be fun, and feeling forced is no fun. I will post a recipe when I come up with one (which is still quite frequently), but it won’t be every week. I will take Thursdays for recipes, deeper discussions or surveys – that’s the plan. Are you ok with that? Good. So now let’s head on to the real purpose of this post, cause we all know it’s What I Ate Wednesday! Thank you Jenn!


Yeah – I think this is going to be a little boring for you. When I snapped through my pics, I realized, that they look pretty much the same like last week – obviously my creativity in the kitchen lacks a bit, and I definitely didn’t have a lot of time to go grocery shopping. If that’s the case, then my brain just follows the – eggs, chicken, salmon, whitefisch, berries, other fruits, ketchup and mustard (of course), veggies, curd cheese and some carbs like sweet potatoes or quinoa – kind of routine. Talk about repetition. So that’s what you are going to see here in a prepared form….

My beloved eggy oats for breakfast. I added more water to them and they turned out to kind of a sticky sweet porridge. Sounds strange, is absolutely delicious.


Lunch: I am not a fan of Lunch. Seriously, when I sit down and relax for food, I want it to be continued and not having to go back to work. Also, I might need to make more breakfasts for lunch, because about 2/3 of my day I crave breakfast food and not savory veggie meals. But since I can not survive my afternoon without some food in my belly, I take it.


Salad with Asparagus, Tunamess, Sweet Potato, Cherry Tomatoes


Roasted Chickenbreast, sauteed veggies

I don’t know about you, but I can not eat tuna just like this out of the can. I have to mix it with something creamy – either avocado, or lately I mixed it with greek yogurt and mustard and some spices. THAT makes it really enjoyable.

In between food:



Perfect Fit Chocolate Bars

Perfect Fit Chocolate Bars

Wine - err....sorry. That wasn't in the afternoon.

Wine. Err….sorry. That wasn’t in the afternoon.

Maybe you remember with me the time, when I used to do double workouts. One in the morning, one at lunch and one after work. Ok, that makes three. Yeah, I totally did three workouts a day. Not anymore. I know that I am still very anxious when it comes to my exercise routine, but I am so glad that at least I broke it down to 5 times a week 60-90 minutes per workout. I usually do it first time in the morning, which means when I finished work, I just go home. After years of stressing around to the gym or out the door for ANOTHER workout, this feels SO good and so relaxing. Especially when dinner is already prepared:

Tropical Scramble

Tropical Scramble

Monkfish with asparagus and other veggies

Monkfish with asparagus and other veggies

Monkfish  - YES, with ketchup!! Makes everything better.

You bet I added ketchup. YES, with ketchup!! Makes everything better.

Another bowl of deliciousness….

Curried Chicken, Sauteed Mushrooms, Spinach&Cherry Tomatoes plus avocado of course.....

Curried Chicken, Sauteed Mushrooms, Spinach&Cherry Tomatoes plus avocado of course…..

...more avocado added. There can't be too much avocado, believe me.

…more avocado added. There can’t be too much avocado, believe me.

…and dessert! I am in LOVE with white nectarines, so so yummy. Topped with the right nutbutter even more.


Happy WIAW! I hope you enjoy your nutbutter day!

What is your typical food for lunch?

Sweet or Savory for breakfast? Lately, I am a HUGE sweet breakfast fan. I think I won’t change this anymore.

Ketchup, Mayo or Mustard? No mayo. Only the smell makes me sick.

38 thoughts on “WIAW#34 – Press Food Repeat

  1. I’ve been hooked on pears with peanut butter this week but nectarines with chocolate coconut butter sounds all kinds of wonderful- yum!! I am totally with you about decreasing blogging frequency. When I started, I used to blog 5 times a week but then reduced it to 4 and finally 3, which I think is my “happy’ number i.e. I am blogging because I want to and I don’t have that constant pressure to put something up! As for breakfasts, I 99% go for sweet…unless I’m hungover then it’s savory please :)!

  2. All of your meals look delicious! I love love love oats and yogurt 🙂

    thanks for tagging me in this!

  3. Jessie says:

    Mmmm your yogurt bowl looks incredible. I pretty much want to hop on the next flight to Swiss so we can eat together.. and share different chocolate bars =)

  4. No worries about taking a day off, hun… Blogging should definitely be enjoyable, and when you’re feeling pressured to post and not having a good time anymore, it’s a good idea to take a step back… as long as you don’t leave us completely 😉 And omigosh… lunch. I’m not a fan either, and it’s pretty much for the same reason… I hate the idea that I have to rush around, and I’m not a big fan of the savoury thing. Lately I’ve been making smoothies or AB&J sandwiches, though, and it’s been helping a lot 🙂

  5. Blogging does take a ton of time! Best to do what’s right for you! It’s supposed to be fun, not a burden. 🙂 I’m a sweets girl. Oatmeal and chocolate protein bars are my favorite things. I’m lazy when it comes to lunch. I usually have a salad just because I don’t want to cook and clean up yet another meal!

  6. When I started blogging I was at it 7 days a week. When I went to Florida in February, I was having computer issues and went down to 4 days a week. I’ve stuck with it and even took a little break earlier this month. It will still be there. We have to live our lives and I know I would miss it if I didn’t have my blog, but it will be there when we come back. Have a great day, Lucie!

  7. Blogging needs to be fun, the minute it is not fun is the minute you need a break, take that day off and sip some of that wine instead 🙂 The food looks DELISH! I love ooegy gooey sweet breakfasts 🙂 I can’t wait to get really cookin again in my kitchen! A few more baking dishes and I am GOOD to go! Thanks for sharing LOVE YOU

  8. Sweet breakfasts are sooooo yummy. 🙂 Way to go with the clean eats! Lots of veggies!

  9. Your meals are always awesome. You are so creative in the kitchen! I’m all about sweet breakfasts! Nothing better in my opinion 🙂

  10. Cat says:

    I totally agree on your lunch views! When I’m in the office it’s worst of all – it’s no fun opening tupperware and not cooking from scratch sometimes! I was always a sweet breakfast fan too, until I went to Japan – I soon got to love eating fish, rice and miso soup for brekkie! Nice week of eats!

    • Yeah, I am not a fan of the tupperware thing either!
      Oh and I totally get the savory thing in Asia – I lived in the Philippines for 3-4 months and alway had fish and rice for breakfast!

  11. Colette says:

    I was wondering which brand of greek yogurt do yo buy for your “tunamess”?
    I love the organic ones from COOP!
    Wish you a lovely day,
    Colette (from Montreux)

    • Hey Colette! I use either the blanc battu from Weight Watchers (Coop) or the no fat curd cheese ( I think this is called séré maigre in French) – works perfectly for a yogurt substitute!

  12. No worries about taking an extra day off – blogging is supposed to be fun, so if it starts to feel like too much work or if you dread it, that’s a sign that something needs to change. When I started blogging I was actually going twice a day, every day, which I reduced to daily, then to 6 days a week…now, it’s 5-6. Gotta do what’s right for us!
    And ketchup basically just makes everything better 😉 Cannot go wrong! When it comes to lunch I usually just dump the contents of my fridge into a bowl, make a smoothie, or make eggs. All I can be bothered to do!

  13. I’m always craving breakfast too and make that a sweet breakfast! Your tropical scramble looks so good as does the chocolate bars, actually everything in this post looks wonderful!! I agree with you nectarines are so good right now.

  14. Lisa says:

    Always a sweet lover!!! Definitely my go to Breakfasts are always sweet. I can’t even remember the last time I had a savory Breakfast which may be a little sad.
    All your meals look super splendid. Yum.
    Oh and no worries on the days of blogging, I’ve been doing it lately sometimes it can just get super overwhelming when we have other things to get done!

  15. I love a mix of sweet and savoury for breakfast! Lovin’ your bowls. I’ve figured out a better blogging schedule for me too..it works for me 🙂

  16. Oh geez, everything looks amazing! I’m such a sucker for white peaches, but I can’t say I’ve had white nectarines yet.

  17. Whoa. Can you come be my chef?!

    I love lunch… but I probably spend too much time making it. That will have to change with my new job. Boo.

  18. So much variety here! I’m with you- lunch is probably my least favourite meal of the day, so lets all do breakfast for all meals! 😉

  19. liftsleepeat says:

    I’m not a huge fan of lunch either – its definitely my least favourite meal of the day; I never really know what to have!
    Sweet breakfasts all the way! It’s not often that I crave a savoury breakfast!
    Ketchup!!! Yumm. I can’t stand mayo either. Yack yack!

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