WIAW#32 – What I ate on a day in the life of….


14. August 2013 by swissfitchick

…ME! Ha! Are you surprised?? Excited?! Ok. Probably not so much, but if you go through this post you will have to read about how my workday looks like in a normal week (crazy is normal here).

AND this will be part of our all favorite campaign of the week – It’s WIAW after all and you don’t want to miss out stalking over all the food and meals of the other bloggers over at Jen’s page!


Ok, let’s get to this. Please note: my mornings routine is pretty strict, but the rest of the day varies a lot, depending on appointments, work etc.

5:00 My music alarm clock goes off. I am a morning person, so I don’t need ‘wake-up-time’. I get up, search my way to the bathroom (being a morning person does not mean you’re not blind when you wake up), wash face, clean tongue, dry brush and try to find my phone without demolishing several furniture in my bedroom. Go back to bed for a 20 minutes meditation.


5:25 Getting up, changing into my workout clothes. Stumbling into the kitchen. There I prepare my morning cocktail.


First, a huge glass of hot lemon water, then apple vinegar with some kind of organic juice as a shot. I add some green supplement powder to it too.

5:45 Brushed teeth and then either grabbing my bags and bike – off to the gym OR putting on my runners and heading off to the trail or the park for a morning workout.


My favorite combo.

5:45 am bike ride to the gym

5:45 am bike ride to the gym


8:00 Cycling to work.

8:15 Sitting down in my office, start to check emails, phone messages while sipping on my Protein Shake.


08:15 – 10:30: WORK!

10:30 My actual breakfast. Lately, I am all about oats with eggs and some kind of a vegetable. This one has avocado in the oats, since I had it for a brunch, normally it is just a small portion of plain glutenfree oats.

image (1)

10:45 – 1:00 WORK!

1:00 Lunch. I use my lunchtimes to meet my friends or to go home and doing some errands or have a nap 🙂 Anyway, food is a must. Here’s a box for an Avocado chicken vegetable Sandwich. I used low carb protein bread, but I need to stop it, since it gives me heartburn. I probably replace it with a small sweet potato.

image (4)

image (8)

I prepped the chicken for the whole week last Sunday – well seasoned and baked in the oven, LOVE IT!!

image (3)

image (6)

Ok, on with my day.

2:00 – 4:30 WORK!

4:30 Digging in a small yogurt mess while continuing with my work. I know. Not mindful eating in front of the PC. But it still tastes wonderful.

Foto 1

Then work until everything is finished and I my brain refuses to function. Cycling home.

When I spend my nights at home, I usually do some stretching or foam rolling when I get home, or do some errands. Sometimes I go downtown for a dinnerdate right after work.

Anyway, dinner at home looks a bit like this…..

image (7)

Saladgreens with baked chicken, chicken chips, cucumber

image (9)

Codfish and veggies cooked in Coconut Milk

Depending on my hunger, this is enough or I end my day with a little dessert. It involves Nut Butter almost all the time.

4fc4d3e9628bdf24_balls_xxlarge  IMG_0285

So that’s it! My day on average! Like I said, this is the ‘boring’ routine. Every day is different – and I wish you a great one today!!

Do you have the same routine every day? 

Do you eat out a lot? 



29 thoughts on “WIAW#32 – What I ate on a day in the life of….

  1. Love getting a glimpse into your days, especially when they’re filled with so much good food ❤ It's been forever since I've made savoury oats with avocado, and now you've really got me craving some. And how amazing is mashed avocado on toast? Gah! Okay I seriously want some now 😛

    Most of my days tend to follow the same kind of routine as well. As much as I love to shake things up, real life and work doesn't always allow for that. Ahh well. At least there are the weekends 😉

    Happy Wednesday, love!

  2. That chicken looks KILLER!!! YUM!! 😀

    And I totally follow a routine, sometimes TOO MUCH so! LOL! And I tend to eat the same thing every day, 😉

    I don’t like to eat out too much, but when I do I typically go for lunch and I am obsessed with Shawarma right now – I melt for it. And I just had it for lunch today, lol!

  3. …. and you talk to me almost daily 🙂 wooo hooo!! Oh & btw, can I come over for dinner? I want every single one of your meals.

  4. Love hearing about your morning routine! You’re so inspiring with your super early trips to the gym ;).

  5. The nosey parker in me loved getting a glimpse of your day! Although 5.30 is a tad early for me, I’m with you about morning time- love it and rarely ever need to set an alarm because I automatically make up early! Love the look of your sandwich at lunch- chicken & avocado is one of my favorite combos! Now that I’m back home, my weekdays will tend to follow the same pattern but I can’t complain- there’s always room for spontaneity over the weekend :)!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love all your healthy routines, like the dry brushing and how active you are! Plus the delicious food looks amazing!

  7. I eat out alot…I am trying to change that…your meals are right up my alley…my routein is similar but never the same lol…as you mentioned…

  8. Loved this post Lucie, so fun to see how you fill your day 🙂

  9. kepotts says:

    As strange as it sounds, I love checking-out other peoples routines! My WIAW post today was about my daily routine as well 🙂 Anything from Aritsana is pretty darn tasty I must say. Happy Wednesday Lucie!

  10. sloanepitman says:

    LOVE your morning routine! It sounds amazing! Dry brushing is fabulous–I need to get back into that on a regular basis. Your eats look nommy nom nom as usual! Love you!

  11. I’m impressed with your 5 am wake ups – I’ve officially given up on my 6 ams in favour of a later workout 😉 I follow pretty much the same routine during the week, but weekends I tend to mix it up quite a bit. I always like seeing what people’s daily routines are like!

  12. Leigha says:

    Oooh- avocado oats sound delish! So does that sandwich, yum! What are those balls?! They look wonderful!

  13. Mmm savoury! I’m loving avocado right now!

    My morning usually starts the same way…coffee. 😉

  14. […] WIAW#32 – What I ate on a day in the life of…. (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

  15. […] WIAW#32 – What I ate on a day in the life of…. (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

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