Marvelous in my Monday – 3 Highlights


12. August 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning everyone! I hope you are off to a good start and that the weekend treated you well. Thanks to the beautiful Mamma Katie with her little Rocco Angel for hosting MIMM today!


There is so much I could babble about today, but I will focus on 3 highlights of this weekend.

1. Open Air Cinema

2. Dinner at friends

3. Workouts

Every Summer, there are Open Air Cinemas everywhere in Switzerland. We have one of the biggest in Zurich, actually just a 5 minute walk from our house at the lake. Sandro got tickets for his birthday and on Friday we went. But not before we had dinner of course….

Sweet Potato 'Noodles', Spinach Salad, baked chicken, Avocado, Lemon-Mustard-Salsa on top

Sweet Potato ‘Noodles’, Spinach Salad, baked chicken, Avocado, Lemon-Mustard-Salsa on top



It was chilly cause it rained for 2 days, so after more than 5 weeks I had to dig out my jeans and boots. We watched ARGO – I liked it a lot.


The scenery of the cinema is beautiful and I love that it is equipped with a nice bar and different food stations.


Such a nice date night out!

Since Friday was LEG DAY, and I was so SORE that I could hardly sit down in the bathroom I did Triceps/Biceps and Abs on Saturday morning followed by 30 minutes Spinning Sprints. For the strength part I worked with free weights (barbell and dumbells), plus the TRX. I have’t used it in a while and now started to include it in my routines again. I so love this tool, it’s super multifunctional and a great addition to the heavy weights.


In the evening, we were invited to one of my best friends, Jonas, with his girlfriend and little son in Basel. It was beautiful weather again and we had dinner outside on the patio. Jonas’ menu was brilliant and definitely MY taste. We had a starter of giant scallops…..


Followed by roasted codfish, green beans and rice. I skipped the sauce but that didn’t have any influence on the taste – it was delicious.


Paired with a little wine….


….and long, good talks and laughter. Dessert was a piece of this one:


It was too dark to take a pic at that time.

We decided to get up early on Sunday to hit the trail. There aren’t many weekends we spend in Basel and I wanted to take advantage to run with the man. This route is only a 5 minute jog from my house and I absolutely love it. It is a trail in and out the forest, with hills and stairs and different exercise stations along the way. It is one of my favorite workouts to do!









Love the stair sprints! Up and down between the Push Ups!

Love the stair sprints! Up and down between strength!





IMG_4486It gives a great Interval/Whole Body/Cardio/Strength Workout in 70 minutes. Perfect.IMG_4563

I fueled immediately with a yummy Vanilla-Blueberry-Protein-Smoothie….


These are my highlights!

Happy Monday everyone!

What was one of your highlights from the weekend? 

Do you trailrun? 

Is there an Open Air Cinema where you live?

30 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – 3 Highlights

  1. Those trails are gorgeous! I don’t do any trail runs per say, but I definitely prefer exercising outside… especially now that it’s so nice out. It actually started cooling off for a while here, which just reminded me that Eep! But enough doom and gloom. The highlight of my weekend was definitely meeting up with a fellow blogger. Why are bloggers such great people? And why do YOU have to live so far away?!?

    • Oh no, please don’t talk about winter! I really don’t even want to think about it….
      That’s so great that you got to meet a blogger!! And YES, please come and live closer!!! Or should I move direction Canada? Wouldn’t be too bad either 🙂

  2. So much to say about this post…

    1. Your hair is getting so long!
    2. Your looking fabulous, Lucie
    3. Love your workout attire. Asics are the best 🙂
    4. Sweet potato “noodles”.. GENIUS!
    5. Good food, and good drinks with your man & friends sounds perfect

  3. Natasha says:

    that looks like a super duper fun trail run!!!! I love how there were obstacles!!!!

  4. kepotts says:

    YEA Trail Running! So much fun! Looks like you got in an awesome workout too! The outdoor cinema sounds really neat! Argo was a great movie, we watched it about a month ago. We threw my Mom a SURPRISE party this weekend so that was pretty marvelous. Hope your week is off to a fab start!

  5. Looks like such a fun weekend! Love the trail path. The open air movie seems like such a fun summertime thing to do! Happy Monday Lucie!

  6. Girl, are these going in Shape Magazine? Cause it sure looks like it!!! 😀

  7. Your weekend sounds rather fabulous – perfect mix of activities if you ask me :)! I am so jealous you went to the open-air cinema…I didn’t get a chance to go this summer. I can’t really complain though as going to the open air theatre more than made up for it ! I saw Argo last year and thought it was fabulous- definitely Oscar-worthy! Love that flavor of Lindt…have you dried Dark with Caramel & A Hint of Sea Salt? If not, please keep an eye out for it- super yummy!

  8. That trail run looks gorgeous! The route that we used to take in high school gym class was a trail around a pond and I really enjoyed versus running on regular road. Love the idea of turning it into a full body workout too, so cool!

    I love the idea of an open air cinema – we have one here, but it’s mainly directed at little kids (although, I love Disney movies so I shouldn’t be letting that stop me ;-))

  9. That trail run looks so much fun!

  10. WOW I love the trailrun that is SOOO COOL! We don’t have anything like that (at least that I know of) here in LA! I know there is neat tracks like that in Bangkok so I will have to check it out, looks like a great Saturday morning change up! Smoothies are the BEES KNEES, I had one for dinner last night they are SO addicting!! Hope your week keeps going just as well as your weekend 🙂 Love + shine CourtStar

  11. I haven’t tried sweet potato noodles yet, but I really want to. Are they hard to spiralize? Love your blue workout capris! Happy #MIMM!

  12. Omg, I love everything in this post! The outdoor cinema, the stair workout, the sea salt chocolate (my favourite!) and of course the wine! I also need to try those sweet potato noodles. How did you make them??

  13. Hold up…sweet potato noodles?!! Yum!

    Sea Salt dark chocolate is my fave! So good!

    Cod looks amazing.

    You are simply marvelous xo

  14. sloanepitman says:

    Yummm sweet potato noodles!! You’re so cute in your blue leggings! Love it!

  15. […] Marvelous in my Monday – 3 Highlights ( […]

  16. […] Marvelous in my Monday – 3 Highlights ( […]

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