8. August 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning!!

I thought it’s been WAY too long since I did a Currently…. post. I think they are superfun, so here’s my survey for August.

Current Book:

The last part of the Rose-Trilogy. I am almost at the end of this book and I can already feel a tiny depression creeping in. Are you as sad if a good book comes to an end? Besides of the morning hours, my favorite time of the day is the moment when I fall into my bed and grab my book for my bedtime reading. There is no other time I am more relaxed. It’s the end of the day, I am unplugged, clean, ready to sleep and in peace. Paired with a good book – bliss.


I LOVE fiction stories of women in the 1800’s. Not that I would have wanted to live back then, but the stories and everything that is connected with it (the clothes, the horse-drawn cabs, the mentality) is so fascinating for me. It is so nice to dive into this complete different world and forgetting about all the rest around me.

Current Music:

Such an OLD classic. And I am obsessed by this song since YEARS. I LOVE MC Solaar and this one awakens all my teenager memories. Yes, I was a HipHop Girl for a little time. Hip Hop – even better in French.

Current guilty pleasures:

Listening to my favorite voices and music at work. Actually, I don’t feel guilty because my boss gave me wireless headphones to actually listen to my favorite stuff (> increases my concentration).


Current Nail color:

Naked! But they will soon be purple.


Current Drink:

image (1)

Water. It’s cooler today, but we had crazy hot temps since the beginning of July. With the amount of water I drink, I might be washed away one day.

Current Food:

image (1) image

FRESH. The choices are wonderful at this time of the year!! Not only fruits and veggies, but also baked chicken (inspired by this girl), quinoa, salmon or seafood.

Current Favorite Show:

They show old episodes of SATC on Monday night. All I need for a Monday night.

Current Needs:

Kettlebells!! I love my barbells and free weights, but to change things up, I love working out with kettlebells too. I am looking into ordering some for my home workouts.

Foto 3Current Triumphs:

I accomplished all my workouts first thing in the morning lately. It definitely is a lot more easier to get up in Summer!

Foto 1 Foto 2

AND tonight is weekend. I’ll be heading direction Zurich. And I can leave a clean apartment, done laundry and a bed with fresh sheets behind in Basel. I had a little help of this guy. He scares me, but is very convenient too.


Current Bane of Existence:

Mosquitos. Now seriously. I mean, it is definitely not ok that one of these little jerks bit my right eyelid the other night (BEFORE the wedding!!). I woke up and immediately realized that I am not able to open my right eye. Running to the bathroom just to figure out that I look like I was punched in my eye at night. And walking around like this all day in PUBLIC. But that’s not it yet, no. Another one had the nerve to bite me my boobs around my chest area THREE times. Left, right, left. PLEASE!! Hello?? Ever heard of something like privacy and discretion?!

Current Celebrity Crush:


I am going to see him in ONE WEEK!!! I even have a ticket for the golden circle. #groupie

Current indulgence:

I am planning to make more of the Almond Joy Cookies on the weekend!

IMG_0905 1

Or maybe the Almond Bliss Chocolate Bars….not sure yet.

image (2)

Not to forget about my White Almond Butter….



Can you figure there is a little almond obsession going on?

Current Blessing:

It’s summer, I am healthy, it’s weekend and I see my man tonight.


Current Slang:

Yay!! Is that slang??

My fellow American, Canadian and British readers, teach me some slang! I promise I will do my first vlog if I get enough slangs.

Current Outfit:



Current Excitement:

See current blessing.

Current Mood:


Current Link: I am investing in some work with Erin and it’s a success so far!


Current Music?

Current Food?

Current Excitement?

Current ANYTHING? Tell me!!



17 thoughts on “Currently….August

  1. So many amazing currently’s. Love your current blessing and your summer look 🙂

    Currently, I love running in the morning…although I can really only do that on the weekends or day’s off! (I ran every day in the morning while on vacation, it felt so good!)

    I’m currently loving zucchini!

  2. Listening to music at work is the best! I love having a great boss who doesn’t have a problem with it!

  3. So much happiness bundled into one post. Love it!! I hope you & your man have a lovely first night together. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Where has the week gone??

    … that white almond butter – my heavens! I want to lick the jar clean lol

  4. SATC will always be one of the best shows… I have the whole series on DVD and I still go back to watch it sometimes. And I’m loving all of the happiness and excitement in this post! You’re just glowing with it, and I hope you have an amazing time with Sandro tonight!

  5. Love this post! I may have to copy you and do one tomorrow. 😉 That White Almond Butter….. no words…..

  6. Growing up without cable meant that I never really saw SATC! I’ve seen the movies though, do I get points for that? 😉 Have a fabulous weekend love! Checking out both those recipes you linked to, I’m in a baking mood!

  7. Lisa says:

    I will have to agree on the SATC. I own all the seasons and I love just re watching them!
    Such a classic show.
    And I want those Almond Bliss Chocolate Bars now! They look awesome!

  8. I’m Looking into getting a kettle bell or 2 for my home workouts too! They really add a new dynamic to workouts and I think I want to get a nice heavy one to squat with and stuff.

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