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6. August 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning!!

Today I have a guest post about JUICING for you! You know how much I love smoothie and juices, so I thought this is a great topic.

About the Author
Elaine usually reads the Mercola health newsletter. She loves vegetable juicing, and drinks at least three glasses of veggie juice a day. Her favorite combination is chlorella, lettuce, cabbage, and cilantro, with a splash of lemon and a teaspoon of organic spirulina powder.

5 Reasons Why You Should Drink a Green Veggie Smoothie
Vegetable juicing is the latest health and fitness trend today, and many people are now encouraged to add this habit to their lifestyle. Juicing vegetables is a good idea. Not only do you get to enjoy a fun and tasty drink, but you also get the daily vegetable requirement advised by your doctor. In fact, vegetable juicers have now widely experimented with their veggie smoothies, even going as far as adding chlorella and spirulina to their yummy veggie juice.
Not everyone is convinced that vegetable juicing is all the rage, though. Why go through all the trouble of mashing and mincing your veggies when you can easily enjoy them in your salads or your favorite dishes? What’s more, you’ll be making a huge mess.
Well, there are wonderful advantages to vegetable juicing. In fact, these may convince you to try this wonderful hobby! Here are five reasons why you should try veggie juicing.
1. It’s a fun way to enjoy your (raw) veggies.

Everyone knows that broccoli tastes bland unless it’s covered in some sort of sauce or cream. The same goes for other veggies like spinach. But, try this idea: juice and blend these bland veggies with cucumber, some parsley, or even some lemon juice and chlorella – you’ll have a delectable drink that you will surely enjoy sipping all day long!

This is one wonderful thing about veggie juicing – you can enjoy your vegetables in a variety of ways, mixed with different ingredients. Have fun experimenting with the flavors of different vegetables, and even some fruits. What’s more, veggies are raw when juiced, meaning you absorb all the nutrients in their unadulterated form. It’s healthier than consuming grilled or overcooked greens, don’t you think?

2. You can use it as a substitute for unhealthy sugar-loaded sodas and processed juice drinks.

Stop the habit of drinking too much soda and processed juice drinks that are loaded with unhealthy amounts of sugar and other chemical additives and preservatives. Switch to veggie juice, which is raw, healthy, and chemical-free.

But vegetable juice isn’t as sweet as these drinks, you may think. Well, there’s one solution for this: try adding some raw honey or some stevia to your veggie juice. It will not be as sweet as soda, but the flavor will greatly improve.

3. It’s easy – and cheap – to make.

Have you ever tried to compute how much money you spend for sodas and other bottled drinks? How about the costs of buying expensive salads and veggie side dishes at restaurants (which are even covered in unhealthy sauces or dressings)? Chances are you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on these products.

Vegetable juicing definitely cost less, especially because veggies are cheap (especially when bought from local farmers’ markets) and can be bought in bulk. You can simply buy a bunch of veggies, juice them, and store the juice in your freezer. You will need to buy a high-quality juicer, though. But since you can use this for many years, it’s a reasonable investment.

4. You can digest juiced veggies better than whole veggies.

Blending vegetables and fruits helps break down the plant cells, improving their digestibility and making nutrients more bioavailable and easy-to-absorb. No matter how long you chew on salad greens, juicing will still mash the veggies better!

5. It’s a unique and exciting drink!

As mentioned before, you can experiment with veggie juicing and make various combinations. You may even find yourself enjoying foul-tasting vegetables like kale and bitter mustard greens in their juiced form. Superfoods like organic chlorella and spirulina, which are not palatable on their own, can even be added to your exotic drink.

Don’t be afraid to try different veggie juice blends. Mix in some herbs, too, like parsley, ginger, and even turmeric.
Vegetable juicing is a wonderful and beneficial habit you can add to your daily routine. Try it today, and you will surely enjoy the many unique concoctions you can make!

Thank you Elaine!

So, here I made a little research for my favorite juice and smoothie recipes. Check these out:

The Green Giant Smoothie from Tone it Up!


Also love the combo of Lisa’s Glowing Green Juice….


Myself put up a few recipes when I invested in the Magic Bullet!


I am also intrigued by the smoothie recipes of the twins. They’re genius!


But the REAL smoothie Queen is Jessie!! You don’t want to miss one of those combos!! So yumm!


Happy juicing and blending!

Do you like to juice or blend your veggies and fruits? 

What is your favorite juice or smoothie combo? 



16 thoughts on “Juicing – Guest Post

  1. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    I LOVE this post 🙂 Thanks for all the linkups to great recipes, I always LOVe finding new ways to make my greens into something unique 🙂 Love + Shine CourtStar

  2. Aw! Aren’t you just the sweetest. Thanks for the shoutout girl. Excited to check out all the other link ups too 🙂

  3. Love all the linkups to recipes! Will be sure to check them out 🙂

  4. I don’t juice nearly enough, but seeing all the fresh and vibrant juices around the blog world lately has really got me craving them. Thanks for all the great info and recipe links, girlie!

  5. Lisa says:

    Love this post. I adore juicing so much, it’s made SUCH a difference in a lot of things going on in my body. It’s really quite amazing actually, I didn’t think it would change that much but I have way more energy, and well, I could go on.
    And thanks for linking to my recipe:)

  6. My brother started juicing and is loving it! Thanks for this great post!

  7. I’m definitely looking in to juicing these days. Lots of great posts out there with some delicious looking recipes! So healthy for you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are really fantastic ideas in regarding blogging. You have
    touched some good things here. Any way keep up

  9. Lorena Varea says:

    Hi Im living in Switzerland and I have no time to make my veggi juice Evert morning because university timetable also I love in a dorm with a roommate.I real y need yo find a solution for this would you tell me were can I buy fresh veggi juices here?
    Thanks so much

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