WIAW#29 – What I ate Wednesday – Phases and Obsessions


24. July 2013 by swissfitchick

When I go over my camera – , iPad – and iPhone-pics I can tell that I am not the MOST exciting eater. I always go through phases when I am obsessed with something and then I eat it every single day until I am fed up with it or a new obsession hits in.

Still, I am showing you my boringย current food routine on today’s What I ate Wednesday Party!! Head over to Jen’s page and check out more FOODspiration!

wiaw sensible snacking button

It all starts with Meal Prep. I do this on Sunday and Monday and it is SO nice to just grab and go when I have a busy week.

Foto 1

Wanna join the tupperware party?

Chopped Juice Ingredients

Chopped Juice Ingredients

After my morning sprints/run with a matching watch and iPod, I pack everything on my bike to take to work. You better believe, my workoutbag is on my back while the bicycle basket is filled with my handbag and foodbag. And yes, I cycle in every weather. Rain and Snow included. I can not stand public transport.

Foto 1


Here, I have a #notsonicelooking Veggie-Fruit-Juice for breakfast. It’s made of Cucumber, Spinach, Grapefruit, Blueberries and Strawberries. And believe me, it tastes SO good. Nicely shaken from the bicycle ride.

Foto 3

Combined with a chopped up and yummy Perfect Fit Pancake. Definitely hit the spot.

Foto 1-4

I don’t plan my snacks, because I am not always hungry for one. But I always make sure I have something on hand, in case the hangry Monster turns up.

Foto 2-3

Cocoa Roasted Almonds (coming to an end ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

Foto 2

Pure fresh berries

Lunch could be a Eggie-Veggie-Noodle Bowl….

Foto 5

…or chickenbreast with a ton of different veggies and mustard.

Foto 3-3

It depends on my hangriness, if I need dessert or not. Sometimes it is one of my homemade treats, or store bought junkfood. #sorrynotsorry

Foto 3

Sometimes I cycle directly home after work, or I add a weight lifting session at the gym. Either way, around 7, dinner calls.

Currently, I am obsessed with my Eggplant Hummus and raw veggiesticks on the side.

Foto 3-4

As well as with this Thai Buddha Bowl.ย 


Not to forget Flaxseed-Omeletts!

Foto 1-1

I spotted these No-Bake Almond Joy Cookies on Pinterest….could be my newest obsession! They will definitely happen this weekend!


What is your current food obsession?ย 

Do you go through foodphases as well?ย 

Happy Wednesday friends!!



28 thoughts on “WIAW#29 – What I ate Wednesday – Phases and Obsessions

  1. Enora says:

    Hello Lucie!

    Nice food! And you are so brave to cycle to work everyday!! How do you manage the winter time and the snow we have every winter??

    I am definitely a food phase person. I sometimes eat something until I can’t anymore!! Or I always have fruit phase. For a month I want only mangos, then grappes, then oranges,….

    I also pack my lunches with me everyday. I usually prรฉpare a bunch of stuff on sundays or I take the leftovers from dinner.

    Have a great day!

    • Well yes, the snow in winter is a bit a problem and I have to take the bus or tram sometimes – but I really only do that if we are buried in snow! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Leftovers from dinner is a great idea too!!

  2. I’m currently obsessed with your chocoroons! I made them last night and they are great! I swapped the sweetener for a mashed banana (that was all I had) and they worked perfectly. Perfect for a little pre-workout snack to tide me over until dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  3. Ohh I definitely eat am a repeat food-offender..if I like something, I’ll continue eating it until I am bored! Lately I have had the same breakfast to the point I almost feel like assembling the bowl has become automated for me: strawberries, banana, and banana slices topped with Greek yogurt, honey, almonds, bran flakes & PB…and a drop of vanilla essence ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I used to eat the same meals day in & day out, however I’ve been trying to spice things up a little bit in my life.. you know be spontaneous, Ha Ha! So far, I think I’m doing a good job with succeeding.

    I love your little bike get up. How cute that you have a little basket on the back! You should totally add a horn to the front though ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha Ha!

  5. Your “notsonicelooking Veggie-Fruit-Juice” sounds great! and love that its shaken by your bike ride to work! And am fascinated by your eggplant hummus – thanks for linking it, am gonna have to try this!

  6. kle105 says:

    Everything looks so delicious! So impressed you bike to and from work everyday! I always worry i will be too sweaty. Love the chicken, veggies and mustard and the no bake almond joy cookies! Stopping by from WIAW.

  7. Everything looks Yummy! I really admire you, Lucie for biking to work regardless of weather. I never worked anywhere close enough for that. I LOVE your new photo! Have a great day!

  8. kepotts says:

    100% a creature of habit when it comes to food! Right now I’m digging massive salads for lunch with roasted veggies & avocado! Summertime has my craving smoothies too! Your flaxseed omelet looks amazing. Happy Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Danielle says:

    I’m dying to make those almond joy cookies too! They look amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Lisa says:

    Yum!! Major deliciousness in your day. That buddha bowl and white reese! Why have I never seen one before – it looks amazing! Oh, I’m a total food phaser, I go through them ALL the time and I can never switch it up until I’m sick of it haha. Not good.

  11. I do the SAME exact thing where I’m obsessed and eat something till I can’t stomach it anymore. It’s a problem. Hahah meal prep SAVES me!

  12. Umm, I’ve never had a white chocolate Reese’s. This is unacceptable and must be changed immediately. And absolutely on the food obsessions! I find something I like and then eat it until I never want to look at it again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Ooh looks like such a great, balanced day of eats – lots of fruit/veggies, a few treats…perfection! LOVE that you ride your bike everywhere, and that you’re so good with meal planning! You go girl!

  14. Your noodle bowl looks AWESOME!! And are those chocolate chips in those pancakes? Those are my fave!

  15. Yes to food obsessions! Lately mine are flavored almonds, chobani flips, and everything coconut. It’s a little out of control. Ok, a lot of out of control.

  16. Ttrockwood says:

    I started biking everywhere this summer and love it!! I have had the same breakfast nearly every week day forever…. Plain nonfat greek yogurt with blueberries, almond butter, puffins and chia seeds, plus my double espresso. So good! I also make fresh juice every morning that i have midafternoon for a pickmeup, the ingredients change often so it doesnt taste the same.

  17. […] WIAW#29 – What I ate Wednesday – Phases and Obsessions (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

  18. […] WIAW#29 – What I ate Wednesday – Phases and Obsessions (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

  19. […] WIAW#29 – What I ate Wednesday – Phases and Obsessions (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

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