…..and that’s how we met.


18. July 2013 by swissfitchick

Last Friday, I posted the ABC Survey and asked you guys if you would be interested in the story of how Sandro and I met. The feedback was very positive, so today it’s not about Food or Fitness, it’s about a lovestory 🙂

Sandro and me have known each other since 15 years now. Yes, that’s right. Though we’ve only been together since 3 years and 9 months.

The first time we met, was in June 1998 (yes, we’re that old!) at the education center of Swissair, where we both became Flight Attendants.

Sandro is left behind, I am the one looking away with the SHORT BROWN hair. Yes.

Sandro is first on the left, I am the one in the second row looking away with the SHORT BROWN hair. Yes.




Foto 3-2

Well, let’s say, we were both in ‘different phases’ of our lives and I wasn’t NEAR to be interested in Sandro, nor was he in me. I didn’t mind at all that I never shared a work experience on the plane with him, actually I more or less forgot about him (sorry Babe :-)) – but one thing I always remembered was his last name. Ferrari. (man’s note: I rather wanted to be a Pilot, than a Flight Attendant – but someone had to take care of the female Flight Attendants, ya know ;-)) Oh my Gosh. He just said that. On MY blog. Sorry Girls!!


10 years later, we found each other in a Facebook Group of Swissair Flight Attendants (so classy, I know) and became Facebook friends. Nothing more happened. We were just friends stalking seeing each other’s facebook updates. More than one year later, in Summer 2009, Sandro posted a really handsome pic of himself. Out of a habit of commenting pics on Facebook, I said that I like his photo (or maybe I just wanted to be nice? Awwwww sorry Hunn, bad joke!). That’s when the conversation started. For weeks, we kept writing messages on Facebook ( I still have them! Hilarious!) almost daily (Sandro did not reply immediately. He thought he needs to make himself interesting, by letting me wait for his replies, haha.). After 289374898427092 silly messages back and forth, we finally agreed to meet in Basel. We had drinks on my balcony (man’s note: it was really a hot day & night ahaha), and I was so nervous, I drank way too much and was already off the limits when we headed out for dinner.


The evening was a success, we had so much to talk about and so much fun. And YES, it ended with a kiss – while I was babbling along nonstop with my drunken voice, Sandro made me shut up by kissing me. Smart. (man’s note: Haha… that’s true! And it worked!)


It was undeniable that the question arose:’What now?’ Before that first date, I just got over some not so nice experiences with affairs and blue love feelings and I wasn’t in the mood for another affair AT ALL. That’s what I told Sandro before he left: ‘If you want an affair, then you better get the hell outa here don’t call me ever again. I want a serious relationship. If you are interested in this, then feel free to contact me again. If not, piss off – don’t.’ BAM. Bahahaha, I was terrified that this was the last time I would ever see him!


BUT – he texted me every single day after that first date, even when he was on vacation with his boys (you know that means something.). It was him who called me up for a second date. In Basel again. We both were not sure, what our status was at that time. Are we a couple? Friends? At least, we behaved like a couple all afternoon. When we sat down for drinks, he said: ‘Well, I think we should talk about us. ‘ (this made me gulping down champagne hysterically) And then he told me that he wants to be my boyfriend 🙂 MORE CHAMPAGNE!! It reminded me so much of my teen years, when we used to write notes:’Do you want to date me? Check: Yes / No / Maybe’. 🙂 So we AGREED that we are officially a couple and cheered glasses:’ Welcome to my life, girlfriend – welcome to my life, boyfriend!’! It was such an exceptional start of our relationship and exceptional it is today.

Some pics from the beginning….

29282_391187891845_1239216_n 20776_235414341845_2671058_n


189905_10150094119486846_2207670_n 37866_411795991845_6801980_n

Man’s note: My parents own a small flat in Spain where we get to spend a lot of our vacation – which means, we’re most of the time totally relaxed and our moods turn crazy sometimes – so u can see the result by watching the pictures….Sillyness is a HUGE part of us.


Oh.my.GOD!!!! Seriously, this is the most stupid photo existing!! I want to die from laughter LOL


See the panic in his eyes? Bahaha, I scare him.


Oh well.


No idea what happened here. I can not comment this.

No idea what happened here. I can not comment this.

533783_10151086592591846_941691340_n 225981_10150169478211846_8000437_n 60335_10151052131441846_716323787_n

And today….

20025_10151158987056846_1393936214_n foto Foto 1 Foto 2 539129_10150999050576846_1087370546_n

Man’s pics: These are the ones saved on my PC since the beginning of our relationship.

Lucie Lucie2 Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 5

We rent a sweet and pretty appartment together in Zurich 2 minutes from the lake (BLISS). Sandro works in Zurich in the Human Resource Department. I work in the Real Estate Area in Basel from Monday to Thursday. Thursday night I travel back to Zurich and spend my weekenddays with Sandro until I travel back to my office and small appartment in Basel on Monday morning.

And yes, after almost 4 years of being together, people start to wonder, if we will get married soon / have a family. Well, we probably will, one day. And yes, I know that I am too old to wait 10 more years, but I definitely DO have some time left to enjoy my life with Sandro independently. For the moment, our life is perfect for us and we don’t feel the urge to change that. Both of us are very relaxed when it comes to these ‘big steps’. If it happens, then that’s wonderful, if not – then our lives will still be filled with love, smiles, fun and beauty.

I get also asked a lot about how we manage to live with my Eating Disorder or today with my recovery. I am open about these subjects and I will do a separate post about this.

Thank you for reading friends and have a wonderful day!!



18 thoughts on “…..and that’s how we met.

  1. I loved reading this post Lucie (and Sandro!!), so sweet to hear how your love blossomed 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this post – you are such a cute couple, and your story is a beautiful one! May you have many, many happy years together 🙂 x

  3. Danielle says:

    Such a sweet story! Gives me hope for the future 😉 You and Sandro are so perfect together!

  4. Katy says:

    You 2 are so adorable!

  5. You used to be a flight attendant? How cool! What is your favorite place that you ever traveled?

  6. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    I LOVE this story because its so SWEET + feels MOVIE like! You two are so wonderful for each other and I love how Sandro supports you so much! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful tale, this truly made me SMILE! Sending you two lots of LOVE! Love + Shine CourtStar

  7. You guys are SO cute and I loved reading your love story! The man notes also had me giggling ;). Great post!

  8. I finally just read this, and this is adorable!!! My mom and dad met when they were flight attendants, too, and my mom didn’t like my dad at first either hahah! By the way.. I had NO idea you were 35?!?! You look sooo young!!!

  9. Awww x a bazillion more w’s!!! This is the sweetest most adorable post EVER…so heartwarming! And I love the “man notes”! Haha! You two look so great together! All the pics are so adorable, but that black and white pic of you? Whoa mama!! H-O-T!!!

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