Friday Favorites – Beautifying, Massaging, Baking


5. July 2013 by swissfitchick

Hey Lovelies!!

I am sorry I left you postless yesterday, but my mind was off and even though I sat down on the computer to write a post, nothing came on. So I took a tiny break, which I hope you will forgive me. I hope all of my American friends had a great 4th of July with lots of celebrating!!

But today, is Friday and the weekend is HERE!!! I have some exciting plans with a lot of friends this weekend which you can read about on Monday.

But first, let’s talk about some randomness from this week.

Actually, the following 2 pics are not from this week, but from my vacation in the US – my beauty stuff I bought there! I completely forgot about it and it jumped on me lately when I switched through my iPhone pics and deleted 75% of it.

Foto 2-5

I love Shea Butter in my hair, it creates wonders. As does Argan Oil – I am not sure how I will survive without these masks! And I decided to get my hands on a tan-spray. Never used it before and will probably try it only in a few months – I pick up the color from the sun fairly quickly so there’s no use for it at the moment.

Foto 1-5

Essie. Do I have to say more? I am desperately obsessed.

Clearly, I wanted to buy tons of stuff more. Like with the food, I was in heaven. But….the weight. Effing weight!!

Speaking of body stuff – after reading Amanda’s post about dry-brushing I hurried out and got me one of these brushes. I used it daily since almost a week now and love it.


Let me just give you a tiny recap of the pro’s of drybrushing that Amanda listed in her post:

  1. Increased blood flow to the skin. This stimulates better circulation and helps anyone who suffers from chronically cold hands and feet. The process of releasing toxins through perspiration is also improved.
  2. Reduction of cellulite. This is actually a process of detoxification. Cellulite is a buildup of toxic material in your body’s fat cells and brushing dry skin helps tighten the epidermis and break up this toxic material, allowing your body to get rid of it more easily.
  3. Improved lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing speeds up the flow of lymph (which is responsible for cleansing the body of toxic agents) and helps the body get rid of toxins more quickly. This directly contributes to a stronger immune system and healthier body.
  4. Improved muscle tone. Brushing the skin stimulates the nervous system, and stimulated nerves activate muscle fibers and help improve muscle tone. This results in tighter skin, which is especially beneficial for those who have lost large amounts of weight.
  5. Improved skin appearance. Dry brushing helps remove dead skin cells which can cause the skin to look dull. It also encourages a faster cell turnover rate, which results in smoother, brighter, and healthier skin that glows.
  6. Other notable benefits: removes excessive fluid from the body, helps reduce bloat, improves digestion, unclogs pores, and stimulates oil/hormone producing glands.

For me, these are definitely enough reasons to get up 5 minutes earlier in the morning!

I also got a present from my dear personal trainer…..


Isn’t it pretty?? Love that color. Ok, it also has a purpose – massaging. It’s kind of like the little sister of the foam roller and it hurts so good. Definitely one of my favorite tools currently.

Now let’s hop over to the kitchen – I bought myself a mini-muffin-pan!! I always wanted to bake healthy muffin bites and now it’s finally happening. Though I must say, they turn out THIS mini, they go down in one gulp. I might have to go  back and buy another, regular one….


BUT, when you taste the Eggwhite Berry Bites and the Oatmeal Strawberry Bites which I baked with the recipe of Kierston, then it does not matter the size….they are simply delicious.


Overall, my week has been ok, but it wasn’t the best one to be honest. I did have some downs and fled into overtraining again, which leaves me tired out and a bit off today. I will address this issue in another post, but be sure I am so happy that it’s the weekend now and despite loads of fun plans I get some good hours of SLEEP and recovery!

Have a wonderful weekend all of you!

Ever baked something in a Muffin Pan? If so, what? 

Current favorite Beauty Product? 

Any fun plans for the weekend? 



20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Beautifying, Massaging, Baking

  1. Ooh this makes me want to dig out my dry skin brush – I noticed a big difference when I used it (used to use it twice a day in the winter) as my skin can get very dry and flakey but this makes it lovely and silky 🙂 Apparently it’s a good idea to do it before washing to that you wash away the dead skin that’s been flaked away! Love your choice of nail colours, so pretty ! Have a lovely weekend Lucie 🙂

  2. Ah I’m sorry to hear your week wasn’t great buuut thank goodness it’s Friday- hope the weekend more than makes up for it :)! One beauty product i am loving lately is the Dior Nude BB Cream..I just started using it and I’m a big fan!

  3. Sarah says:

    Yay it’s Friday! Are you going to the Zürifäscht? I have a question: when a recipe calls for egg whites, do you just use a normal egg and discard the yolk or do you buy egg whites? I know Migros/Coop used to sell them at some point but I don’t know if it’s still the case?

    • YES, we went to the Zürifäscht, both nights 🙂
      And I never saw just eggwhites unfortunately. I use the whites and then keep the yolks for another baking, or throw them away – not good I know, but oh well.

  4. Those muffins look so good! I have a mini muffin pan as well, though I hardly ever use it. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  5. I hope you have a brilliant weekend of rest and relaxation Lucie, it sounds very needed and well deserved! Love Essie nail polishes and as for the body brush – I’m heading out to buy one now 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    Totally understand the need of a break! We all need to once and a while.
    I love the argan oil too – it’s so great for dry strands, which I totally have.
    Hope you have an awesome weekend ❤

  7. Nothing wrong with taking a break! 🙂

    That brush…I must find me one and try!

    I’m having oatmeal protein bites as we speak! Thanks for linking up to my recipe! xox

  8. Even if you weren’t having the best day, I hope your weekend is getting off to a great start! I think I’m going to look for one of those dry brushes today, sounds like a great habit to get into. Happy weekend!

  9. I love dry brushing and have been doing it for years now it really wakes me up and gets my blood flowing! I even feel buzzed sometimes after a long lymph cleanse with my brush! I love muffin time, an automatic crowd pleaser and perfect portion size. Those muffins look delicious and you have encouraged me to bake again, I haven’t been baking lately ;( sending you lots of yummy muffin recipes one I know you will enjoy is egg whites nutritional yeast and veggies all chopped up so yummy in the muffin tin! Lots of love your way courtstar

  10. […] a not such a great week, I must say, the weekend was a blast. Our house was open all weekend and we had loads of guests […]

  11. […] Friday Favorites – Beautifying, Massaging, Baking ( […]

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