Marvelous in my Monday – A party, eggs and new workouts


1. July 2013 by swissfitchick

First of all, a warm welcome to Baby G in the world!! Congratulations to Katie and her family finally your babyboy made it out here and we are all beyond happy for you!

If this isn’t a reason to celebrate MIMM, then I don’t know what is!


Around these parts no baby, but other things that made the weekend marvelous.

Friday was my day off and I spent it in Zurich, just hanging around and doing errands love to have a day like this! I rocked a heavy weight session first thing in the morning followed by some proteinload.

Scrambled cinnamon eggwhites, Smoothie (Beet, Cucumber, Raspberries, Ginger, Coconut Water, Flaxseed, Stevia)

Scrambled cinnamon eggwhites, Smoothie (Beet, Cucumber, Raspberries, Ginger, Coconut Water, Flaxseed, Stevia)

I also squeezed in a little kitchen session and made the Chocolate Chia Protein Tahini Bites from Purely Twins – they turned out perfectly and are delicious!!


The 2-workouts-a-day time is over for me, but Friday was an exception. While browsing the web in the morning, I found out, that there is an Outdoor Bootcamp in Zurich too, like the one I went to in New York. I love these kind of workouts, they are so multifunctional, entertaining, intense and fun. Perfect thing about it: It’s right down the lake, 5 minutes from my home. So I signed up spontaneously and went over lunchtime!


I loved it!! Being at the lake is my favorite thing to do, and doing a fun workout at the same time is just perfect!

Lunch was leftover eggs from breakfast that I turned into a chicken frittata and added some veggies….


Friday night we drove to Sandro’s hometown for a party. It’s actually the dragonboatrace that lasts all weekend including a huge Beach Party. So that’s how it normally looks like – it’s one of my favorite weekends, because it’s just Summer Fun all day long.

Drachenboot-Titel 20120623-eglisau_261Unfortunately, the weather was awful on Saturday, it rained almost all day and was 14°C. There was no way to stand outside for the whole day. So we only joined the start-up party on Friday.


It was a long and fun night. I love parties, yet I am SO tired the other day since my whole routine is up side down, and of course some drinks were included, hehe…..We slept in and despite the rain we headed outside to inhale some fresh air and run. 50 minutes in the end, even though we only planned half an hour. It’s just the best way to get that kick for the day and to say goodbye to the drinks from last night.


I can not even remember what I did the rest of Saturday. We drove home, went gorcery shopping, stopped at the coffeeshop…..and then cooked dinner.


This is totally #strangebutgood. Seriously, delicious!! Recipe coming tomorrow!

Sunday morning I hit a Sprint Session early in the morning – there is nothing like the morning hours at the lake. Simply beautiful.


Rest of Sunday was low key, some blogging and a walk – the man was so sweet to bring my favorite Starbucks Drink home while I was blogging – Unsweetened Passionfruit Tea, um, so refreshing!


Food Pics coming on WIAW next Wednesday!

Are you a party animal? I am not going to parties often ( I think I overdid it in my younger years, haha) but IF I go, then yes, then I am a party animal and dance all night, IF the music rocks!!

What was the last workout you did? 

How was your weekend? 



26 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – A party, eggs and new workouts

  1. I love running by the water! I don’t have a nearby lake, but I live right by the coast in California and beach running is the best :). I’ve never been to an outdoor group workout like yours, but it looks like so much fun!

  2. Jessie says:

    I literally sat here for like 5 minutes trying to figure out what in the heck that thing you made is. I’m not quite sure I can wait until tomorrow missy!!!! Whatever it is does look strange but I believe you 100% that it’s delicious 🙂

    Aw! Sandro, so sweet of you to bring my beautiful friend Starbucks!! (Let him know I said that lol)

  3. I am SO intrigued with your strange but good creation- it looks yum though so I shall be staying tuned ;)! I spy broccoli! I’m heading to Starbucks in a bit and although I was set on a cappuccino, I might have to go with an iced tea instead! Happy Monday, Lucie 🙂

  4. That green looking wrap thing has me mystified! You encourage me to get my butt off of the couch and work out for once! (;

  5. Glad you had a good weekend Lucie! I’ve never done a bootcamp, but it’s something I would love to try sometime. Unfortunately my apparent inability to stay up past midnight and eliminated a lot of party-animal traits but once in a while, I love to have a girls night out downtown 😉

    • Oh well believe me when I am home, I am on bed at 10 pm. So these party nights are very rare, but that’s also why I love them so much. I need at least 2-3 days to recover though, since getting older 🙂

  6. Danielle says:

    Looks like such a fun outdoor weekend! So happy July and Sunshine are here!

  7. I’m not much of a party animal either anymore… I used to go out pretty much every night when I was younger, and I guess I must have gotten it out of my system because I usually prefer quieter nights these days. Still, there are those times where I’m definitely craving a little craziness, and you better believe that I’m on the dance floor all night long 😀

    Happy Monday, love!

    • Same here!! I wnet out SO much when I was younger, so I really enjoy quiet nights. Though I never turn down a good dancing session – I think we should organize one so we can shake it up together 🙂

  8. Chrissy says:

    What a lovely weekend!

    I agree- I’m not much of a party girl anymore, but get some good tunes on and I can dance all night, no alcohol necessary!

  9. I cannot wait to see what is in that strange but good meal. You have me totally intrigued! 🙂

  10. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    I LOVE that you found a local bootcamp! I have always wanted to bootcamp and host bootcamps as well as being outdoors and working out in nature just sounds to me like a BLAST! I am all about dancing ALL night long + did so on Friday :))) Sandro is the sweetest!!! I love passion fruit tea as well, I am actually sipping on one now! Sending you much LOVE for the rest of your week + congrats to your friend for her new baby!! Love + Shine CourtStar

  11. Your recipes seem so creative and look delicious!!

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  13. […] Marvelous in my Monday – A party, eggs and new workouts ( […]

  14. […] Marvelous in my Monday – A party, eggs and new workouts ( […]

  15. […] Marvelous in my Monday – A party, eggs and new workouts ( […]

  16. […] Marvelous in my Monday – A party, eggs and new workouts ( […]

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