WIAW#25 – What I ate in Cape Cod and all the American Goodies!!


26. June 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

It’s Wednesday, and we all know what that means…..it’s WIAW Party hosted by Jen and her chickpea! Make sure you click in and check out all the delicious eats flying around the blogger world.

wiaw sensible snacking button

I have still so many photos in store for you with all the good food I ate on my trip!! Also, I owe you a recap of all the goodies I found and brought home. So let’s get straight to it, here’s a little peak into the (mostly) seafood deliciousness from Cape Cod. Some of the pictures you already saw, but I think they just need to be included in this feast today.

I was so happy that we had a fully equipped kitchen at the resort in Brewster. We immediately went grocery shopping and I was so ready for some homemade eggs after my morning workout the next day.

Eggwhite Omelett topped with a slice of light Swiss Cheese, random veggies on the side

Eggwhite Omelette topped with a slice of light Swiss Cheese, random veggies on the side

After about 10 days of on the road food, this tasted like heaven!! Side note: the Β kitchen wasn’t fully equipped. There was no juicer, no blender (how can a blogger live without these things, right?!) and worst: No spatula!! So this omelette was flipped with a spoon and a fork. Talk about improvising.

This was my lunch – SO healthy and nutrient dense.

Hmmmm. Chatham's Cookie Company. Such a CUTE coffeeplace and these cookies.....aaaaahmazing!!!

Half of a Chocolate M&M Cookie, Iced Green Tea


Mini Bag of Cape Cod’s organic potato chips

Well, some days these things are needed. Thinking about all the healthy and Superfood Salads I had on the other days…..

Grilled scallops on Greens in Provincetown

Grilled scallops on Greens in Provincetown

Salad Bar Choice from Stop'n Shop: Beets, Cottage Cheese, Lettuce, Broccoli, Chickpeas

Salad Bar Choice from Stop’n Shop: Beets, Cottage Cheese, Lettuce, Broccoli, Chickpeas, Cucumber, hardboiled egg

Greens topped with Crabmeat, Lobster, Feta, Avocado, hardboiled egg, Shrimps and random veggies

Greens topped with Crabmeat, Lobster, Feta, Avocado, hardboiled egg, Shrimps and random veggies

But the real stuff came on the last night we were there – we went to a restaurant in Orleans calledΒ ABBA. It was such a pretty place, and the food…..oh, the food.

But FIRST, we had predinner drinks on the terrace of our resort:

. IMG_4084 IMG_4098Because we were still too early, and the man was about to faint from hunger, we stopped and he grabbed his long wanted Lobster Roll (predinner snack, haha :-))


And then finally we started with a starter to share.

Grilled scallops on salad greens

Grilled scallops on salad greens, light tomato paste/sauce

For the main course, I went with Tuna Steak. Sorry for the poor picture quality here!

I failed so many times cooking Tuna, as it always gets too dry. So I sometimes take the chance to enjoy one made by a chef. This one was PERFECTION. it was served with a little sweet potato hash cake and topped with a ton of arugula and grilled zucchini. Oh Bliss.

IMG_4101 IMG_4102As it was our last day, I made sure I get a treat to eliminate the post vacation blues. I nearly felt guilty when eating this, but Sandro supported me by eating more than the half of it. Now let me tell you friends…THIS was the most delicious chocolate treat ever (EXCEPT Mom’s chocolate cake). It was a Banana-Caramel-Chocolate-Tarte topped with a scoop of chocolate mousse and surrounded by strawberry sauce. I died and went to heaven.


Soooooo, and now ON to my finds I brought home!!! It was hard for me, believe me. There was SO much I wanted to bring, but I had to restrict because of the weight (of my suitcase) because it gets ridiculously expensive when you have too much weight.

I realized, that protein bars and protein powders are not the best thing for me to eat, since they affect my stomach and real food just does better. But I still love them once in a while, so I bought some of the stuff – more to have like a dessert or a treat-snack occasionally. My alltime favorite bar is Quest. I am hooked by the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor and Banana Nut Muffin!! I haven’t tried the Peanut Butter/Jelly yet though….This is about 1/8 from the amount I brought πŸ™‚


I snacked on the berry flavor one of these – not too much a fan, they taste a little artificial to me. Curious about the Cinnamon Crunch, haven’t tried that one yet.


I took this one on the plane – it was ok, almost a bit too rich and very high in calories.


Well now, these became my favorite. I absolutely love the little squeeze packs of the classic almond butter!! So practical and perfectly portioned!! And delicious….


Of course I had to get a taste on the other flavors too – unfortunately I could not find the Vanilla one, but I love the Maple AB too. I only bought a few single ones, since the raw almond butter is still my number one.


Betty Louis Fruit Bars – I tried the Strawberry one of these! They are very sweet, so they will be an occasional dessert.


And of course I stock up on David’s Tea!!! I bought so many flavors and so far I love them all. Chocolate Mint Roibos, Movie Night and Birthday Cake are absolutely marvelous already. Can’t wait to try Roasted Walnut and Creme Caramel.


David's Tea!! Can not wait to try them all!! I love the Birthday Cake on, it has sprinkles in it!!

I brought these two…..ok, no, I didn’t. πŸ™‚


Yup, I had to bring Cooking Spray – not available in Switzerland. Absolutely in love with the Butter Flavor one.


Crack-Tastic!! Cocoa roasted almonds in tiny bags. Too bad the whole packages were so big, I would have brought a ton more. Also love the Cinnamon roasted ones!!


Think Thin Bars are my other favorite when it comes to Protein Bars. They might be higher in calories, but have a great amount of protein and the flavors….I love them all, SO GOOD! Caramel Fudge is probably the first choice, or Cookies and Cream.


I read a lot about the Lean Shake and I wanted to give it a try. I liked it, but the whole bag is too much, I always divided it into 2-3 meals. I mixed it in plain Chobani Yogurt, added some ground flaxseed and blueberries – perfect postworkout brunch.

IMG_0548Now there were a few things I bought and tried in the beginning of our trip but could not find anymore in the end, which was sad!

Emmy’s Macaroons – also loved the Cocoa ones!!


Coco Roons. I LOVED them. I was looking for them desperately, but nope. That’s why I hadΒ to make my own….

Vega Smoothie Chocolate! I found this one in the Whole Body Shop, but didn’t see it anymore after and didn’t get to a Whole Foods in Boston or Cape Cod. Also, Chobani – I didn’t dare to take some in my hand luggage, cause I was sure they will take it away from me, besides that, I just had no space anymore πŸ™‚ The PLAIN low fat Chobani is my absolute favorite. The flavored ones are good too, but I am more fan of the plain taste when it comes to yogurt.


So, now you know what I wish for, in case you like to send me a package, haha πŸ™‚

What is your favorite product from a foreign country?Β 

I probably will do a Vitacost order soon, any recommendations on what else to get? I will definitely order a ton of the Cocoa Coconut Butter Bliss packages….heavenly.

Happy Wednesday to all of you!!



26 thoughts on “WIAW#25 – What I ate in Cape Cod and all the American Goodies!!

  1. Jessie says:

    Oh hunnie, I think it’s safe to say you are stocked for a little while… okay okay, maybe 2 weeks max because I know how you much you love your nut butter! I bet you only have what, 2 or 3 sample packs left? Ha Ha!

    SEriously though, I am so happy you had such a great time and you were able to try all the goodies that America has to offer! Loved that you even brought back some nonstick cooking spray. I never would’ve thought to do so.. so thanks for the idea come September πŸ™‚

    • Oh believe me, I have to hold me back to not eating them all in one sitting, haha πŸ™‚ But seriously, I am doing pretty well with it, as I want to save them as long as possible!
      Yes, bringing Cooking Spray is great!!

  2. Danielle says:

    So many fun finds! I love it! All the things we take for granted here in the US. I love the individual packs of Justin’s. They are amazing πŸ˜‰

  3. I had to lol at the cooking spray – I had no idea you guys didn’t get it over there! But I definitely know how you feel when it comes to seeing a lot of amazing things on blogs and not being able to find them in stores… I get that up here in Canada too, but definitely not to the extent that you do over there in Europe. Oh, and plain yogurt is always my favorite too πŸ™‚ I like some of the flavored ones once in a while, but plain is always best.

    • I always order the Cooking Spray, I love it and so annoyed that it can’t be found here πŸ™‚
      I think I might need a job where I can travel to the U.S. at least 4-5 times a year πŸ™‚ like I did while being a Flight Attendant, that was great!

  4. liftsleepeat says:

    Banana caramel chocolate torte?! Um wow that sounds amazing!
    It looks like you’ve been having some delicious looking food whilst you’ve been away!
    I always end up picking up loads of goods when I go to the U.S I love all the food out there, you managed to show a bit more self restraint than me when it comes to Quest Bars haha. I think I bought about 20..the woman in the shop thought I was a tad strange to say the least lol.

    • Oh believe me girl, this was just a small selection of the Questbars. I brought MORE than 20. The guy looked at me as if I was a freak. I had the urge to explain myself, seriously πŸ™‚

  5. ER JACKPOT MUCH??! You really stocked up and I’m kiiinda jealous ;)! I hate the name “Think Thin” but they might just be my favorite protein bar- so tasty!

  6. Lisa says:

    You got so much stuff! I’m so impressed and a little envious of all your goodies;)
    I kind of feel the same way when I travel to the States, I totally get blog envy – and feel like I want to pick up everything!

  7. Is it bad that despite all of these awesome looking food pictures, I really just want that M & M cookie and some cheese balls?? πŸ˜‰ haha…

  8. kepotts says:

    Oh wow, awesome finds! It’s easy for us living in the States to take advantage of these things! Aren’t packages of cheese balls that size just ridiculous?!? As for Justin’s Nut Butters, amazing product! Happy Wednesday Lucie πŸ™‚

  9. Julie says:

    I love bringing home food souvenirs. The Quest bars are amazing as are the thinkThin bars! I have to try those raw macarons!

  10. Wow I love your finds and eats! I love the cocorons I used to buy them as my once a week splurge treat since I would end up eating more than half the bag in one sitting lol* Happy you had so much fun!!!! xoxoxo

  11. Your face with those cheese ball tubs!! Haha….

    You seriously got a boatload of awesome stuff. I have never ordered anything off of iherb before so I’m interested to hear how your experience goes!

  12. kimathungryhealthygirl says:

    That tuna steak looks absolutely amazing! I love getting them when I’m out, but I’ve never attempted to make them on my own. Looks like you found some pretty great snacks and treats….definitely love the Quest bars!

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  14. I love the quest bars! Have you tried the brownie flavour? Love to cookie dough and banana muffin too!

    Your salads look awesome!

    I have yet to try Justin’s PB!

  15. […] may wonder, that you see hardly anything from the stuff I brought home from my vacation…..believe me. I don’t DARE to touch it. It’s so precious, and I just don’t […]

  16. […] WIAW#25 – What I ate in Cape Cod and all the American Goodies!! (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

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