And the trip goes on…..


19. June 2013 by swissfitchick


Remember me? aaaaah, it’s so good to check in. I hope you are all well!! Today I am posting a long update on the last week here in the US and tomorrow my last guest post will be up before it all goes back to normal.

So after last Wednesday’s post, Sandro and me stayed for one more day in NY before we headed off to Boston with the car. We spent it on our fave places we spotted in NYC…


no words….


Skylounge Rooftop Bar

brooklyn1 brooklynOne thing I found in a restaurant which I totally disliked was that they wrote the amount of calories in every dish. Seriously. If I want to enjoy a piece of cheesecake, I absolutely don’t want to know the amount of calories!I see no reason behind this, do you? Or is this maybe for people who are on a diet for medical reasons and need to know that? Then I would certainly understand.


The next day, we caught the train and then picked up our car to drive to Boston….oh em gee. Let me tell you that this wasn’t the nicest day on our trip. We got lost several times, it rained and it took us 3 hours longer than we thought. But however – we got there safely!!


The hotelgym was GREAT!! So far, I managed to stay on track with my food and workout routine which is great. I definitely indulged a bit more than usual with chocolate and alcohol, but I kept it in moderation and most of the time I am on a healthy track and I get my regular workouts in.

18After this workout, something really really great happened – I got to see my Canadian best friend again!! We met in the Philippines 6 years ago and haven’t seen each other since then. We screamed and yelled when we saw each other and I think our boyfriends were a little embarrassed, since the people in the lobby were slightly irrated 🙂jenWe were SO happy to be together and got to spend a few days in Boston with the men. I tell you, these were some of the best days I ever had. My abs are still sore from all the laughters and all the 4 of us got along SO well, it made travelling and this trip even more wonderful and fun.



David’s Tea!! Finally!!

Later in the afternoon I got off to meet Danielle!! I was so excited to finally meet her. We went to Pure Barre in Boston and took a class together which was so fun. After the class we had tea and a chat and I loved to finally talk to her in person!!

danielle purrebarreWhen I got back, we met up with Jon and Jen again and went for dinner. We went to a really great Italian Place in the North End. I loved this area!! So busy and nice with all the bars and restaurants. I chose seabass and it was SO good. It was so big, I hardly got to eat the sides….

seabassWe met up the next day to rent bikes and made a looong (thanks Jon, my a** is till sore! LOL)and beautiful bike ride along Charles river to Harvard Square.

11 24 25

Jen is an Improv actor, and so we wanted to see a show. We don’t know Improv in Switzerland and I loved to find out about it. I loved it!!

16 17Next day, I got up early to hit the gym and then the two met us at the hotel, where we started off to Cape Cod. I was so happy that they decided to stay with us for a day longer until Monday, as we had enough space in the hotel at the beach anyway. First, we checked out the beach, and after we spent the rest of the day in beautiful Provincetown. Love that place!!


20 3

Cape Cod means Seafood, right?? But first – DRINKS. Oh, they were GOOOD. Maybe a little too good. And maybe a little too much, whoops!!


My first time to eat Oysters! Err….yeah. They were ok, but not very special.



Grilled Scallops…..


Huge Salad with Lobster, Shrimps, Crabmeat, Avocado, Feta Cheese, Greens

Seafood is my FAVORITE food!!

We stayed at a really nice resort in Brewster, where Sandro and me still are, and spent the next day at the beach. I was sad to say goodbye. Oh so sad. 

4After they left, we headed to the store to do some grocery shopping!! The little appartement we have in the resort has a fully equipped kitchen, which means I finally get to cook up my own food again. As much as I loved trying all the stuff on the road, I am glad I can enjoy some homemade stuff now.


#Oatmealoverload anyone?? Gosh, this is crazy!! I can not even buy regular oats in Switzerland!

13 10 We are so lucky with the weather, as today was a glorious day again. After checking out and using the gym and spending some time in the huge pool on our own, we had our ‘brunch’ picnic-style at the beach.  14Also, I am hooked with my daily smoothies. I tried to catch a fresh one every where I could….

Carrott, Celery, Cucumber, Apple

Carrott, Celery, Cucumber, Apple

But if that wasn’t possible, I went for this one….#strangebutgood!15Other finds…. 

David's Tea!! Can not wait to try them all!! I love the Birthday Cake on, it has sprinkles in it!!

David’s Tea!! Can not wait to try them all!! I love the Birthday Cake one, it has sprinkles in it!!

23 7 12 oikos

I am still amazed by all the stuff I can find here!! To be honest, sometimes, I am so overwhelmed, that I turn away and just go with the simple stuff. It was just too much and some things look so appealing but then don’t meet my expectations (I am Swiss, ya know….) I tried a lot, but actually just bring home a very selected choice of things, like Cooking Spray, Almond Butter Packages, Think Thin Bars, Quest Bars, Cocoa Almonds and the different teas from David’s Tea. I’d love to get me some of the Oatmeal, but the packages are huge and as you can guess, I did some clothes shopping here too 🙂 The Yogurts would be too tricky to get home unfortunately. And the smoothies? You bet I get my juicer or blender to work daily from now on with all the greens squeezed in!!

Ok Lovies, that’s it for today!! I will post a ton of pics of my professional camera on Monday, since these are all crabby iPhone Snaps and the beautiful ones are on the camera.

Check in and have a GREAT week!!



29 thoughts on “And the trip goes on…..

  1. So many awesome products here Lucie – I’d love to try David’s Tea too! Looks like you’re having an amazing time 🙂

  2. Jessie says:

    This post just makes me smile. I am so happy you have been having such a wonderful time in the States. Is it wrong of me to say I want you home though so we can talk again? I miss you!!!!!

  3. Danielle says:

    I love seeing everywhere you are going on this trip! Hope you are loving the Cape. It was such a blast meeting you! Now I want you to come back to Boston so we can meet up again 😉

  4. Lisa says:

    Looks like such a perfectly amazing time!!! It looks like a ton of fun already, and can’t wait to hear more!

  5. I’ve been missing you like crazy, but it’s so nice to see that you’ve been having such a good time 🙂 The calorie thing on the menu is insane though… I’d definitely rather remain blissfully unaware of that sort of thing when it came time to enjoy dessert. Why ruin the experience with something like that?

  6. I love seeing all of the things you are amazed with in the US! 🙂 YOu have to do a recap of everything you do manage to get home. I reallllly wish you were coming to Atlanta too!!!

  7. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    What an amazing trip you are having 🙂 Its so awesome to see how excited you are seeing + visiting all of the beautiful sites! LOVE the photos 🙂 Love + Shine CourtStar

  8. kepotts says:

    Oh my gosh with the seafood! My mouth is watering. We are heading to Boston in a few weeks & I’m so looking forward to a proper lobster roll! And the calorie counts on menu’s everywhere would really stress me out! They should at least provide the option to have them or NOT have them. Enjoy the rest of the trip 🙂

  9. I’m glad you’re having such a great time Lucie! Looks like you picked out some awesome products to try too.
    I really hate the idea of calorie counts on a dessert menu. If I’m ordering dessert, I really don’t want to know!

  10. BAAAH! So much fun! You guys are a riot to hang out with. This trip is in the books. 🙂 Love this blog and love this post and LOVE our new TOOTHBRUSH. Yes that has two meanings.

  11. It’s making me so happy to see how much you and Sandro are enjoying your vacation in the US! Especially that you got to reunite with Jen and see her act at the theatre, too. I’ve only ever once been to an Improv theatre play before – it really doesn’t seem popular in Germany, either. I’d be curious to find more about it, too.
    Calories on a menu would bug me, too. I wonder how many people are actually still ordering dessert after seeing the numbers?!
    Wait, you can’t buy regular oats in Switzerland? Not even plain Haferflocken????
    I hope your remaining week in the US will continue to be awesome!

    • Oh yes, we can find Haferflocken. But not all this real oatmeal and not to speak of all the flavors!!
      I saw an Improv show on German TV a while ago a few times (Schillerstrasse) and thought the idea of it is great. Though it wasn’t particularly funny 🙂
      Well – I was too full to have dessert, but I think I would have totally avoid it when knowing I would indulge on another 1000 calories. Not necessary!

  12. I am living vicariously through all of your pictures and I am loving it!! 😉

  13. It’s official – I need to move to NYC…so yummy! I’m with you about calorie counts on menus- no thank you! I did a post on it a while ago and it seems that many people share our sentiments! If I’m indulging, I rather take on the “ignorance is bliss” approach….a slice of cake kinda loses its appeal when it has 1000+ calories plastered all over it!

    • Let’s be roommates!! I want to move to ny too! And YES about calories on the menu. It totally irritated me, I even chose an other mral on the menu – so annoying!!

  14. So pleased to see you’re still having a wonderful time! 🙂

  15. […] And the trip goes on….. ( […]

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