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17. June 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

Welcome to a new round of guest posting during my US-Trip. Today, I would like to introduce you to the lovely and amazing Aimée. I know AImée only since a few months but reading her blog makes me feel closer to her and I love to read her daily stories. Aimée came a long way and I am so impressed by her story. Read on and you will agree…..

Hi! I am Aimée and I blog over at Cinnamon Castle. Lucie has very kindly allowed me to take over her space today and let me share a bit about me with you!

I like to refer to myself as an ‘everythingtarian’. This phrase is getting used more and more lately, as people realise that a label free diet is the way to a healthy relationship with food, and more overall happiness.


While I don’t have anything against people wishing to exclude meat, grains, dairy, etc. I think leaving yourself open to being able to enjoy all types of food will prevent the feelings of deprivation that we can sometimes feel when on a diet, or eliminating certain foods from our diet (unless you have an intolerance/allergy). Sometimes I might eat a vegan meal, or a paleo meal, or (god forbid!) even a processed ‘junk food’ meal, but you know what? It all balances out in the end.

Something I’ve sort of had an ‘epiphany’ about lately is that our bodies are kind of incredible. If we truly take the time to listen to their needs, everything sorts itself out. If you don’t eat enough for your body’s needs one day, the next day it will make up for that by sending out more hunger signals. And I’m sure you all can agree with me that after an indulgent weekend or holiday, all you want is salads, green smoothies and refreshing fruit!

I’m not going to pretend that my relationship with food has always been this comfortable. I was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 8, which was mostly fuelled by OCD (which I seem to have grown out of) and depression (still a daily battle for me, unfortunately), and my recovery meal plan (which I followed for quite a long period of time due to being young, and hence not having a say), went as follows:

Breakfast – Cereal (usually a sugary cereal, or sometimes Weet-bix) with a glass of milk + Sustagen and Milo powder (both flavoured powders like Nesquik) in 250ml of milk

Snack – 2 oreos

Lunch – Ham or jam sandwich + fruit bar

Snack – 2 oreos or pizza shapes (overly flavoured crackers)

Dinner – With family


 Let me just add that this was devised by a registered dietician.

A few years later, at the age of 11/12, due to not fully building a proper relationship with eating, I relapsed (this time with more ortherexic tendencies) and was hospitalised for four weeks. Three years later I managed to get to a healthy weight, but hadn’t exercised or eaten that healthy, so I was pretty out of shape and unhappy with my body. So, unfortunately, I relapsed again. I was not put in hospital this time, but I did develop an anxiety disorder, which has pretty much changed my life. I now am very limited to what I can do without having anxiety/panic attacks, which means I miss out on a lot.

For about 6 months now, I have been at a stable, healthy weight. I am currently 17, but by the time you read this I’ll be 18. I got my first period a few months ago, and I finally feel at peace with my body.

I now lead a balanced lifestyle. I would consider myself fit, however I do not have a gym membership, and instead prefer long walks and bike rides, and my jobs are also quite physical. I eat whatever I feel like, and am able to finally listen to my body’s needs. I no longer weigh myself, and feel very happy and content with who I am.

For a while I tried to cut things out of my diet just to see what happened, but I got to a stage where I would get angry at my friends and family as they ate the things that I loved, and I would angrily think ‘why can they eat that, but I can’t?’. That is until I realised that I can enjoy those things.

It won’t happen overnight, and it’s definitely an ongoing journey, but if you just trust yourself, and trust your body, you’ll find that everything will balance out in the end, and it will all be okay.



Thank you so much Aimée for this honest post!! I admire your strength and I am happy for you that you are in a much better place now. Keep up the great work!!



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4 thoughts on “‘Everythingtarian’ – Guest Post

  1. Good for you, sweetheart! You are an incredible woman and your story will be such an inspiration to others that they CAN overcome an ED.. it just takes time & trust ❤

  2. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lovely blog. Hope you are having a great time in America! (: xxx

  3. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    Wow what a story! You are one strong gal and I admire you for it 🙂 thanks for sharing and being so honest ! LOVE + shine Courtstar

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