The Pancake Queen or Welcome to Broccoliville! – Guest Post


14. June 2013 by swissfitchick

And today, my lovely readers, the STAR is guest posting. All of the guest posters are favorite bloggers of mine, but Heather’s writing just makes me laugh, smile and be amazed and inspired every time I read her blog. This girl has the best humor, the most genius and delicious recipes and a lovely cat. She also has a cute boyfriend character-wise, UNFORTUNATELY I haven’t seen him on a OPTICAL base so far 🙂 Read on and enjoy!!

Hello there Fit Swiss Chick readers! First of all, I want to thank Lucie for letting me commandeer her little space on the web for the day! I KNOW she has to be having an absolute blast in the states…and I’m praying her suitcase doesn’t bust with all those goodies she’s probably swooning over on the way back! 😉 (editor’s note: I hope so too, but I have serious concerns about that…..:-))

So umm, yeah…maybe I should introduce myself, huh? My name is Heather and I blog over at Kiss My Broccoli , which is full of well…a little bit of everything, but packed with plenty of veggies and a healthy dose of sass…you know, just to keep up the title! 😉

I started blogging back in November of 2011. I had discovered healthy living blogs only a few months before while searching for a recipe, which to this day I can’t (FYI: Google and ADD don’t mix). Shortly after my “Oh my gosh, what is THIS?!” moment, I started experimenting in the kitchen, running to Whole Foods with lists of alien-items (quinoa, chia seeds, wait…there is a whole other world beyond peanut butter?!?!), and basically waiting for the day when my head would explode from all the new ideas. I started snapping pics of my adventures but kept them to myself until a few friends convinced me to start my own. And well, here I am 2 ½ years later, creating recipes, sharing stories, and making fun of myself all in my little corner of the interwebs (kinda funny to think about since I still have NO clue what to do around a computer! Press every button till something works…if it quits working, turn it off OR just beat it with a stick, right?)

So anyhoodles, how about I tell you guys a little about the girl behind the broccoli stalk? Sound good? Of course it does…because I came up with it! 😀

I’m a southern gal from good ol’ Tennessee and I’m a mother to a handsome 9-year-old boy…


Don’t for a second tell me he’s not my child…where do you think he got that gorgeous hair color from??

I’ve been lovingly referring to my boyfriend as “the man-friend” since we started talking back in November of last year…I think it’s safe to say I plan on keeping him around for a while since it’s been over six months and well, he also happens to be the best gift-giver ever!


Who needs roses for Valentine’s Day when you can have a dozen kombuchas?!

But still, I’m having fun teasing everyone with my man-o-mystery…


Ahh, my boyfriend, the reptilian construction worker…what can I say, he’s a man of many accomplishments!

When I’m not forcing my cat or my “man-friend” into posing for pictures with me, you can find me wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles of my local grocery store (tell me I’m not the only one who goes even when I don’t need anything), snapping pictures of just about anything, and oh yeah, I kinda have a thing for pancakes… (editor’s note: If you don’t check out her pancake recipes, well, then….then I REALLY can not help you.)


A lot of my friends/readers call me the Pancake Queen…with golden spatula in hand, I rule a land of milk almond milk and honey syrup! 😉

Breakfast is definitely my specialty, but I also tend to be a little on the #strangebutgood side…beets in your red velvet pancakes ? Sure, why not?! But I bet you can’t guess the secret ingredient in the ones on the bottom right!

If you’re curious, feel free to c’mon over and see me sometime in Broccoliville …I’ve got PLENTY more where that came from AND I promise, if you’re not drooling by the time you leave, it’s FREE! 😉


Ha, well, I guess I need to pay a horrendous amount of money. For reading, and for the cleaning of my screen.

Thanks a million Heather for let us be part of your blog-life and pancake secrets!!



6 thoughts on “The Pancake Queen or Welcome to Broccoliville! – Guest Post

  1. Those pancakes have given me a serious craving – especially that drippy egg one. YUM!

  2. You seriously make the BEST pancakes EVER!! I am always drooling over them! 😉

  3. emmadotgem says:

    All of those pancakes look amazing! I think I know what I am having for lunch 😉

  4. I need to learn the secret to a good pancake, mine always are burnt and not perfectly shaped! Thanks for the pancake inspiration :-). Love + shine Courtstar

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