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10. June 2013 by swissfitchick

Hi friends!!

This is a hello from NEW YORK CITY!! How it is and an update will follow later this week. Before I will post myself, I let some of my favorite Bloggers take over the word. Today, as the start off for this great line up is my Coach Courtney from Since working with her, I did so many steps forward in my recovery, in reaching my goal of leaning out and in incorporating balanced eating habits into my life. She became a dear friend and I am very grateful to have found her! Read on, she has some GREAT motivation and information in store for you!!


Hi Star,  I am so honored that Lucie has asked me to guest post on her blog and look forward to inspiring you to live a healthier lifestyle after reading this post. I blog over at Star Systemz ( am a personal trainer in the West Hollywood area as well as online. I ADORE Lucie, she is a BIG supporter + an ABSOLUTE delight, BRIGHT soul. She is heading off to America while I am heading off to Bangkok, Thailand, dreading the fact I am unable to meet her and that she will be in the states when I am abroad.

For those of you who don’t know me, I go by the name CourtStar, am obsessed with Shih-Tzu’s and have a passion for fitness. I am an NASM CPT, NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist, NASM Youth Fitness Instructor and I also have a degree in Nutrition. On my blog I focus on women’s fitness, health and share workouts, recipes and also host Fit Friends Friday.  I am passionate about educating women on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and showing women that you can eat and still have the body that you want. As some of you may know, I also coach Lucie on her journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I often get asked how one can make being healthy + working out fun. There are many ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and for some it can be a dreadful one. When I moved back to LA from Cabo San Lucas, I took advantage of LA’s hiking scene, farmers markets + healthy eateries all while catching up with girlfriends. Each and every girlfriend I met up with to catch up, called, texted or Facebook’d me that the hike, market foods and healthy eats made them be more conscious of their health. It felt good to make these changes amongst my friends, and also have a great time while doing so. My best friend and I also work out together most mornings and those days where the alarm goes off and I start making excuses to skip the gym, I remember my bestie is there waiting for me, so I end up going and that one hour session always makes my day.


Fit Friends: Holding Someone Accountable

Before I became a personal trainer, I used to workout, thought I ate healthy and had the desire to have a thin and “toned” body. I used to eat 100 Calorie Oreo Packs pre workout, drink Diet Sodas, and run on the treadmill for about an hour 3-4 times a week. This is what I knew, and what others around me did too. It was not until I met a man, who is now my husband, who taught me how to lift weights and showed me the value of real food nutrients. Take it from me, I thought lifting more then 3 lb. weight was going to make me bulky and eating real food meant calories which meant gaining weight, which I was not a fan of. It took about a month before I started noticing but my butt was firm, my arms were not saggy and I had a stomach I wanted to show off, not only was I proud of my appearance, but my run down self had now turned into an energizer bunny.


A few years later, and I am now a certified personal trainer with clients all around the globe, hosting series’ and teaching children how to live a healthy lifestyle ( It took ONE person to change my life and I want to encourage you to do the same.

The Science Behind Fit Friends

Scientific studies prove that having someone who supports motivates you or even educates you on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle creates that surrounding for you as well. A fitness buddy is someone who helps you in any way possible to reach your fitness goals and vice versa. You get to chat, laugh and workout all at the same time! What more could you ask for? Having someone to encourage you to add some more weight to your load, do those last few reps, and eat healthy meals makes reaching your goals a heck of a lot more FUN! It is hard to skip the gym, eat crap food and avoid that grocery store trip when you have someone holding your accountable and you the same.


Who Could Be Your Fit Friend?

They say the five people you surround yourself most with reflect who you are. Think of these five people, could you maybe inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you know someone who inspires you to workout and eat better that you would like to ask to be your fit friend? We all need encouragement and motivation, and sometimes all it takes is ONE person to call you and ask you to take a hike with them. All it takes is an email to your college girlfriend asking her to take a yoga class with you and catch up. These are simple ways to implement fitness + fun all at the same time.


Ideas for Fit Friends:

-Take a HIKE (Best Hiking Trails) (

-Visit a Farmers Market (FIND one near YOU) (

-Use websites like Groupon, LifeBooker + Living Social for discounted group classes and have a friend sign up too

-Ask a coworker to take a walk with you on your break

-Ask a neighbor to jog with you after dinner

-Challenge your friend, lover, child to 100 jumping jacks everyday, boot camps and running races

-Invite your gal pals over for a healthy dinner each bringing a healthy dish for a potluck

Being a personal trainer, I change lives all the time (Not to sound vain), but it is true. I educate, showcase and even hold seminars on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Now, no one is perfect, but getting someone off of diet coke and switched over to mineral water is a whole heck of a lot better or even cooking a healthy meal and having a friend over and introducing them to quinoa, lentils or even a green juice can change that person forever.


How are you going to change someone’s life this week? How can you implement girl time into fitness/health time? What are you going to do to impact a friend?

Share your story by using hashtag #fitfriendsfriday on instagram + twitter anyday of the week and lookout for your story on the following Fit Friends Friday post on You can also post a link up to a blog post every Friday! Inspire others + share your story!

A big THANK you to Lucie for having me guest post!


Courtney, thanks a million for this great info, tips and for sharing your story! #Fitfriends will definitely be included in my healthy lifestyle!



4 thoughts on “Star Systemz and Fit Friends – Guest Post

  1. Thank you so much for asking me to guest post Lucie! I really appreacite it 🙂 I hope you are enjoying New York and all it has to offer (WHOLE FOODS ANYONE???) Sending you loads of LOVE + great times!! Love + Shine Court

  2. Lisa says:

    Hope you’re having fun Lucie.
    Great guest post Courtney.
    I don’t typically workout with others, unless it’s my Mom haha. Since I tend to do best alone, but I’m all for it some of the time, like walks and hikes and some classes!

  3. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    Aw that’s so sweet! I’ve been trying to get my mom into fitness for years! Cheers to life 🙂

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