Personal Training – WHY?


30. May 2013 by swissfitchick

Hi everyone! It’s Thursday, my last day of work for this week and only 8 sleeps until my take off to NYC! So exciting!

Today I would like to address a subject, that I am asked a lot by people when talking about my recovery, and about my training and fitness routines.

Through many phases in the last few years, I hired a personal trainer. I am working with one currently too, and I absolutely love it. Personal Training is not very popular here in Switzerland yet, though it becomes more and more common. To have a personal trainer ‘means’, that you have a lot of money and it is a luxury good. When I tell people, that I work with a personal trainer, the reactions mostly are:’ Oh wow! Do you need that? Can you afford that? Pretty vain!’

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Well, the reasons why somebody works with a personal trainer are all individual. Some hire one because they have medical reasons, some need one to stay motivated, some hire one just for a few weeks to get into a fitness routine. For me, my personal trainer was always a GREAT support besides my psychologist. In therapy, I talked about my emotions, about my anxieties, where they are coming from and how to handle them. My trainer taught me how to get back to normal eating and training. I did not eat normal and most of the time I overexercised and without a structure, without a direction, just as much Cardio as possible.

It was in 2007, when I came back from my trip to the Philippines and my binge-purge-habit started to come back. I didn’t want it to settle in, so I immediately contacted – in my opinion – the BEST personal trainer in my town, Markus Latscha.


From all my binges, I weighed over 60 kilos at that time, my self-confidence was at the lowest, I starved and then binged again and had no idea where to start to escape that vicious cycle. So I started to work with Markus. We had weekly appointments, he explained very patiently (it needed a lot of patience with me, believe me) how I can get back to balance with food and workouts. I broke down my workouts to half, yet they were double intense. I learned to eat regularly without skipping meals but also without stuffing myself. I got suggestions for healthy food and foodcombos that would make me feel good and satisfied. And the great thing was – he didn’t write up any fancy meal plans, complicated workouts or tons of advices – everything was PLAIN and SIMPLE. Easy to remember. Short and clear facts. Clean, plain and simple foods, fun, short and effective workouts. DOABLE.


Markus watched my amount of exercising, as well as my food journals to make sure I eat right and don’t over exercise. Our appointments consisted of a talk about how my week went and a killing (read: KILLING) workout. When I relapsed or had a slip, I could turn to him and learn, that one binge or one slip isn’t the end of the world. He taught me all about meditation and how I can change and train my mind and thoughts to overcome any crisis. I loved every moment of our work together. By incorporating this balance in my life, I dropped the kilos down to a healthy weight and I did maintain it until today with a variability of 2-3 kilos up and down (which I consider as pretty normal). I felt so much better about myself, my self confidence came back and with it my happiness.

After almost four years of talks and training, I had to start and try to take action on my own or/and take the chance to work with different trainers.

Today, I work with Courtney as my nutrition and mental coach to stay balanced and to watch my emotional eating issues. This helps me a lot to understand, why I have anxieties, why I struggle with slips, emotions and body image. I learn how to use mental and spiritual strategies and tricks (meditation, affirmations) to stay centered and I am finding out, what ‘diet’ works for ME, what workout routine feels best for me and how I can live a happy and healthy life in MY way. I am doing progress every day in my recovery and in reaching my goal to lean out, and especially, how to live on my own without coaching. Working with Courtney is simply AMAZING. Additional to that, I work with Daniel as my personal fitness coach, to structure my workout weeks, to observe the ratio of exercise and rest days and to train in the most effective way. I absolutely love it, it makes my workouts FUN and since working with him, I did a lot of progress in my strength, tone and condition and I have a much more relaxed attitude towards exercising.


This all does not mean, that I am stable and a ‘perfect eater’ everyday. I have my down days, I do starve or overeat here and there, I have days when I go crazy with workouts. But I know much better how to handle these situations and most importantly, I train the habits which work for ME in order to be able to live on my own in the future without support.


I also love to try out Personal Training when I am away from home! Check out this list of brilliant and professional people:

My absolute favorite personal trainer in Germany is Tim!!


There is a great Personal Training Company in Australia


Courtney is running her Star&Shine Business in Los Angeles


Danielle is an excellent nutritionist based in Boston.


I am trying out the Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp in NYC


In Zurich, there is Tanja, in my opinion the best Yoga Teacher I met and a great spiritual teacher (find here also on Facebook)


My current coach, Daniel is also teaching Open Gym in Basel


And last but not least Markus Latscha and his wife Arlette Herzig Latscha who run the best (my opinion) and most professional Personal Fitness Company and Yoga/Pilates Studio in Basel!!


Did you ever spend money for a personal trainer or a nutrition coach? For me, all the money I spent was TOTALLY worth it since I ALWAYS worked with brilliant people.

If you ARE a personal trainer or nutrition coach, what was your most formative experience?

I hope you liked this post and I wish you all an amazing day!!



31 thoughts on “Personal Training – WHY?

  1. Letizia says:

    That trainer sounds amazing!! I really wanto get one in Lausanne (where I live) or in Geneva (where I will start working in the fall), but it’s very expensive at my current gym! I go to Let’s Go Fitness I don’t know if you have heard of it. It’s popular in the French- speaking part of Switzerland. I really would like to try having a personal trainer though, because I (like you) have a lot to learn in terms of over exercising, restricting, eating, purging etc. If I end up finding a good one, do you recommend weekly sessions? Or more/less?

    • I have not heard of Let’s Go Fitness yet. I think it is worth to invest some money in this kind of help if you are struggling. It does not mean that you need it forever, sometimes already a few weeks give a great kickstart. Also, you could try to cut down the appointments to 30-45 minutes, but have weekly ones which I think is important in the beginning. When you start to feel more comfortable on your own, you can lengthen the time between the appointments until you feel safe on your own – that is how I did it! Let me know how it goes!!

      • Letizia says:

        Ok, thanks for the advice!! I will definitely keep that in mind and let you know 😉

  2. Wow what a great post Lucie 🙂 Thank you for my SHOUT OUT :)))))) LOVE YOU!!! I love being a trainer because I LOVE teaching women that you can eat and have the body that you want! It took me many years to discover this and I am so happy I am able to share this with others! Have an amazing day!! Love + Shine CourtStar

    • You are very welcome my Dear!! You know how grateful I am to be able to work with you and how much it helped and supported me so far.
      I absolutely think that it is key that you went through all this so you know what you are talking about and how it is possible to overcome!!

  3. What a great post Lucie. I;ve never worked with a personal trainer but actually I think it would be a good thing to do. It is so hard to know where to find a good one that doesn’t cost a fortune though!

    • I know, it takes some time and effort to find one that fits your needs. Best thing is to ask around and also maybe try a few out and then decide. There’s nothing wrong with that and in the end it has to be right for YOU so you can get all the benefits out of the work!

  4. Lucie, you are beautiful. For the time I’ve gotten to know you, it’s so clear to see how far you’ve come. Not only have you improved with eating, but you’ve accepted that hours upon hours of workouts each day just aren’t good for you. You have this desire in life to accomplish everything you put your mind too. You don’t give up, and your outlook on life is so empowering. Never change who you are hunnie, but always continue to grow ❤

  5. You know yourself best, and you know what YOU need both physically and mentally. I think that what you have found with your personal training experience has been great. Keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

  6. Firstly, this is my first message on your blog, and just to say I love your blog! As someone who has had difficulties with food in the past, I love how you have managed to find balance and happiness amongst it all 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this, especially as I’ve been lucky to have been given the chance soon to train with a personal trainer over a certain period, and after some apprehension, from what you say it looks like it could be a really positive chance for me to make some structured changes in a safe environment. I’m also a big advocate for meditation and I’ve just joined a weekly sitting group to help me stay motivated – I wish I could preach about meditation all the time (but don’t want to sound like a looney 😉 ) so glad to have found someone else who has really benefited from it!

    • Hey Lucy, thank you SO much for that wonderful comment!!! I am so happy you stopped by and commented and I am so excited for you that you get to work with a personal trainer. I absolutely wish for you, that you are lucky with the person, because the connection is SO important. And I love that you meditate too! It took a lot of time for me to get into it and to really see the benefits I can get from it, but it’s so worth to stay consistent with it, because for me, it was one of the key factors for making progress in my recovery!!

  7. Interesting post Lucie! I’ve only worked with a PT briefly, but it’s something I would think about doing in the future. Glad you’ve found something that seems to be working for you!

  8. Lisa says:

    That’s great for you Lucie! You know what you need to do, so I think that’s awesome that you’re doing what’s right for you. I think we all prefer different things, so it’s great you’ve stepped up and said what that is for you!
    I’ve worked with a personal trainer a few times (when I was a lot younger – like 13 or 14) and while they were okay, I don’t think the things they taught me were the…healthiest haha.
    Keep it up love!

    • I am sorry to hear that you weren’t lucky with your personal trainer and I know, that there are people out there who do not work professional at all. This can be very dangerous and I am glad you recognized that and know today wha is good for you!!

  9. I worked with a PT in the later stages of my recovery when I was just starting to get into lifting and wanted to learn the proper form and technique. I only had about 10 sessions with him, and while I found it pretty helpful in terms of the physical aspect of things, I don’t think I was as lucky as you in terms of who I was working with because I didn’t really feel that connection, and in the end I don’t really feel like I was getting what I paid for 😕

    • I totally know what you mean. The connection is SO important, especially with a background that we are coming from. I am sorry that this person did not fullfill your needs, because it IS a lot of money and it should ‘fit’. It also should be absolutely professional to justify the amount of money spent and to cover all the requirements according to your expectations!

  10. Girl in the House says:

    Hey! Great post. Did you exercise in your recovery when you were underweight? I am trying to recover from anorexia and I feel like i HAVE to do a certain amount of walking each day and if i dont i feel bad. I want to have a healthy relationship with exercise but i dont know how to really.
    Did you stop exervsie for a while as part of recovery?

    • Hi! Yes I did, exercise but i can tell you that I did way too much. If you are struggling, just try to listen to your body and never ever force yourself into workouts. Do some light stuff like Yoga or Walks, but keep it simple. Don’t obsess over it and don’t put pressure on yourself or your body, it needs full attention and good, good care!

      • Girl in the House says:

        Thanks! I do try and go for a walk everyday but if I honestly don’t feel like it or cant due to other arrangements then I feel guilty. Eating is more comfortable when I know I have exercised but at the same time I know that if I want to get better then exercise should feel fun not forcing. Sort of in a lose, lose situation.? :-s Great new post by the way! x

      • Take your time!! It needs patience until you get to the place where you don’t feel guilty anymore. Take a restday and try to appreciate it – just try every time for the new. Your body NEEDS rest and it is OK to eat even though you don’t move, because we need fuel no matter what we do! Even if we sit all day we need to eat! There’s nothing wrong with resting, just try to enjoy it and see it as something that is good for your body. It takes time to accept it, but it will come!

  11. I completely agree that a trainer is worth it! It’s so much easier to stay motivated and push yourself with the help of someone else. I would never THINK to load the weight my trainer does on leg day.

  12. Dear Lucie
    What an outstanding advocate you are for Personal Training!! The PT community is owing you gratitude! You certainly have my deepest respect for all your strength, your willpower (yes, you have geat willpower!) and your immense energy. I haven’t seen you for a while and we stay in contact once a while – and what I hear in this blog looks just fine and right to me.
    I feel honoured that you have chosen me as a PT and I feel very comfortable seeing that you are so capable and skillful in sharing your experiences with the girls in this blog: I bow to you.
    An advice to the girls in this blog thinking about working with a PT: It really matters who you are working with, there are some great trainers out there who can make a difference to your workouts. So take your time to find out who is best for you. Ask friends, see who has a good reputation and a strong background. Be careful with hiring bodybuilders And stay away fromPTs who sell nutritional supplements too, that’s not only unhealthy but is leading you in the wrong direction.

    Keep it simple. Your best tool to find out what is good workout and healthy nutrition is your very own body, no one other person. They all can help and assist you, yes, but it is the way YOU treat your body every hour of each day that makes the difference.
    One thing to do every day: Be MINDFUL of how you treat your your body. It is your mindset that leads to a happier life. To be happy is a choice you make, not a result of any activity 🙂

    That is why meditatiom can be an important tool. To meditate is learning to listen to and get in a intimate contact with yourself.

    You were a fine client, Lucy, and became a dear friend. Shine on!

    • Well, I have no words for this Markus!! Thank you so so much for that beautiful comment!! It gave me a huge smile and really means a lot. I will share it in my next post to make sure that everyone can read your tips which I know are so important.
      Thanks a million for everything!!!

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