Friday Favorites and Giveaway Winner!!


24. May 2013 by swissfitchick

It’s already Friday – can you believe it? I only came back to work on Wednesday and now it’s already weekend again. Not that I would complain.

I have a few amazing things to share. Be sure to check the end of this blog, cause there I announce the winners of the giveaways!!

Back from my vacation, let’s look at some purchases I made lately and in Spain.

I love this Sea Salt Spray for my hair to give it  that beachy look. It contains lavender oil to protect the hair and it smells so good!!


I stocked up on some spring fashion in Spain, yet we are still waiting. I can not believe that it is STILL cold and rainy most of the time. This week, we had 1°C on one morning. This is NOT acceptable!! Though I refuse to give up hope. If worst comes to worst, I wear my spring collection with goosebumps.

Silky blouse, Shorties, Brown/Golden Leather Sandals

Silky blouse, Shorties, Brown/Golden Leather Sandals

Silk blouse, Shorties, Leather Sandals

Invested in some shiny color pants….


In Love with these Essie colors. My first Essie polish ever! There was a beauty store in Spain which was supercheap and we all went crazy.

Lilacism and Too Too Hot

Lilacism and Too Too Hot

My Mom was away in Prague too during this time and brought me back a ton of new workout tops&a watch. The stuff is so cheap there, she obviously couldn’t stop shopping for me – extremely fine with me!! 🙂

IMG_0249 IMG_0244

Right on time to get back on clean eats and weight WOD’s!!

WOD Thursday:

5 Power Snatch (20Kg)

5 Clean&Press

5 Overhead Squat (15Kg)

5 Dead Lift

>> 5 rounds!!

Post Workout:

Roasted chicken, cucumber, Mustard

Roasted chicken, cucumber, Mustard

Cinnamon Eggwhite Scramble with Coconut Flakes

Cinnamon Eggwhite Scramble with Coconut Flakes

Now, the news of this week came from one of my best friend who lives far away from me in Canada. I told her, that Sandro and me will be in the U.S. during June, and that it would be so nice if she could make it over. AND SHE WILL!! Her and her boyfriend will meet us in Boston, I can not freaking believe it. I haven’t seen her since 6 (read: SIX) years, and I am so thrilled, excited and happy that we can make it!!! I will freak completely out when I see her.


DSC00577And now to the best part. The winners of the package full of organic swiss goodies are…..drumroll….


Foto 1


Foto 2

Please email me your address on, so I can send this delicious package your way!! Congratulations!!

So this post was short, and I will dive into weekend now. See you Monday for good old MIMM!

What is your favorite beauty product currently? 

Weekend plans???



32 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and Giveaway Winner!!

  1. Love the shorts and sandals

  2. Sunil says:

    These all things are very beautiful

  3. flo says:

    aaaawww! I can’t believe it’s me! 😀 thank you so much! I’m going to write you an e-mail now… xx

  4. flo says:

    aaaaawwww! I can’t believe it’s me! 😀 thank you so much! All your things look so awesomely beautiful. 🙂 I’m going to write you an e mail now…

  5. I’ve been really curious about those sea salt sprays, and I love the clothes you picked up! I really need to find myself a nice pair of coral pants for the summer. One thing that I picked up recently and fell in love with is a blush from Tarte and the perfect baby pink nail polish from OPI.

  6. Danielle says:

    Love the outfits! You’re getting me excited for summer fashion! Definitely my favorite time of year.

  7. Great style Lucie! I love those leather sandals, where did you get them from? Anywhere online by any chance? 🙂

  8. Lisa says:

    YAYYYY!! SO excited!!! What a great message to receive on the day with my worst pain along with the stomach flu! Haha. Whooo…off to email you lovely 😀
    Oh I’ve heard good things about that hair spray but haven’t tried it yet!!
    Your outfits are all kinds of adorable!!! You’re getting me so so excited for summer with those cute clothes. And the bright polish too:)
    Have a great weekend!

    • I am so happy for you too! And so sorry about your pain, I hope you feel better soon love!!
      I love the Sea Salt Spray and it would be perfect for your hair too.

  9. You have such amazing style LUCIE! Like seriously, I need a personal shopper ASAP! I am ORDERING that Sea Salt Spray, love that it is ORGANIC what a great find 🙂 That is so great that your friend is able to meet up with you! I hope once I move to Thailand, I can shoot over to see you 🙂 I would love to meet you! Hope you have a great weekend! Love + Shine CourtStar

    • Thank you Beauty, I would be MORE than happy to shop with you!!! I love the Sea Salt Spray, you should try it.
      It’s so exciting that you move to Thailand, totally want to visit you!!

  10. I love those first 2 outfits!!!

  11. I love that summer outfit! Those shorts are fantastic!

  12. I love love LOVE the bright orange pants! I have an almost identical pair! They’re super cute, and perfect for summer! Add a coat or two of Essie polish to your nails, and you’re going to be one killer fashionista (which of course you already are)! I just bought two new summer line colors yesterday: “DJ Play That Song” (purple) and “In the Cab-ana” (aqua blue). Love them!

    How exciting that your friend is going to meet you in Boston!!! That’s so wonderful! I’m probably not going to be in DC (tear!), but if I end up going back, I’ll definitely hop up to NYC to see you! Huge hugs, and happy happy weekend! LOVE YOU!! xoxo

    • I am absolutely obsessed by Essie!! I think I can never go back to a different one 🙂
      And I hope the weather is finally clearing up so I can rock these pants!

  13. I had 5 degrees and raining here this morning…I just want the summer weather! I could use some new summer clothes though…
    And cannot go wrong with Essie nail colours…I had Bikini So Teeny on recently, and Torquoise and Caicos is so pretty!

  14. Love Essie and those shades you picked up…or consider yourself warned! Once you start buying them, it’s kinda hard to stop ;)!

  15. I love that shorts and top outfit! I just bought some summery clothes today and I can’t wait to wear them!

  16. Christine says:

    There’s nothing I love more that workout clothes- especially cheap ones! Your shorts and blouse are SO Cute too!

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