Marvelous in my Monday – Off Weekend / Update Whole30


6. May 2013 by swissfitchick

Good morning, happy start of the new week!! I hope you are all well and ready for the marvelous party this Monday with the healthy Diva.


I am sorry for that negative title!! But it’s the truth – I didn’t have the best weekend and don’t want to pretend here that I had. I’ll get later to that. First off, I want you to give the promised update on my Whole30 challenge.

I would say, my experience was 50% vs. 50% – 50% great, 50% not so great. Let’s start with the benefits and good things I figured out with the program. My priority was to learn as much as I can about my body and to observe my stomach/digestion issues.

1. My stomach issues were a LOT better with the programm. The bloating came up way less than ususal, and I had NO cramps at all. Digestion was with the exception of a few days very well.

2. I learned to listen to my body and did great in portion sizing. I did not overeat or undereat, and felt satisfied all day long. The structure of my days was nicely balanced.

3. I lost weight.

4. I experimented with different eating habits to figure out what helps my body with digestion and what makes me feel good. I found out, that I feel the best when: I only have 1 protein per meal (not egg AND chicken for example), only 1 fat per meal, cut down or skip veggies at dinner, eat 4-5 small meals instead of 3 large meals, cut down dairy and grains, cut out processed food, limit the consumption of protein powders and protein bars, alcohol and sugar. 

Even though I am not a fan of cutting out entire food groups, I must say, that I felt better without the grains and dairy. It doesn’t mean that I won’t eat it at all anymore but I will just limit the consumption of it. The same goes with powders and bars. That I will reintegrate alcohol and sugar in a moderate way goes without saying 🙂


So let’s look at the less good experiences I made:

1. After 2 weeks I was bored by the choice of food – it is very limited and I was too lazy to get all that creative, so my eating days started to look the same every day. I am fine with that, but I like to change up my routine once in a while or at least at the weekend.

2. I did not go out because I wanted to make sure that I could prepare my own food. That made me feel lonely and miserable. I am a social person and I need to be with people and have fun once in a while.

3. Obsession crept back in. I focused entirely on the challenge, on food, on making sure I eat the right stuff. I even started to count cherry tomatoes (a BAD sign). I felt like a failure when I allowed myself to eat a chewing gum (not ‘allowed’ in the program) and was full of guilt when I had a day that included non-approved food.

Please note, that these are MY experiences and habits I found out. This was how I sampled the program and these are the things that work for me – it may be totally different for others. 


Fact is, I stopped the challenge last Friday this weekend instead of next Wednesday. Sure, I could have pulled me through for these last few days, but let me tell you something: I had a breakdown on Friday. I already felt it throughout the week, that I was fed up with the rules and that I had the urge to ‘rebel’ against the guidelines of the program – which I did. I realized, that there is no way for me anymore to live by rules made by somebody else. If I find out diet habits ( I like that word much better than RULES ) MYSELF, that work for me (see above), then I can totally live with them. But I realized, that if I get told by someone else how I am supposed to eat, I just can not do it. Too many years I was living by advices given by diet programs, I think I am a little traumatized. So from now on, I will do my own ‘diet’ – I will eat the way I want and the way that makes me feel good, light and balanced. I will still integrate or try out tips&tricks from nutritionists, but only the ones that work for me.

Many of you will probably shake your heads now, thinking ‘I could have told you that before, Lucie’ – YES, I know. But for me, it is SO important to do my own experience. Even if I fall on my nose by doing it, it is a great experience that makes me aware on where I stand and on what I need. And besides that, I am proud I made it through more than 3 weeks successfully and picked out the things that work for me.


So I did not have the CHANGE OF MY LIFE which they predict, because I had too much non-approved food. I am fine with that – I still feel great today and know that this challenge taught me a lot for my progress in recovery.

Whole30: ‘The only way this will work is if you give it the full thirty days, no cheats, slips or “special occasions.” This isn’t Whole9 playing the tough guy. This is a FACT, born of education and experience. You need such a small amount of any of these inflammatory foods to break the healing cycle – one bite of pizza, one splash of milk in your coffee, one lick of the spoon mixing the batter within the 30 day period and you’ve broken the “reset” button. You must commit to the full program, exactly as written.’

So my goal for the future is: RELAX. I know what food to eat to feel good. I know what food to eat and how to exercise to lean out. I know it all – I just need to relax and do it. Besides all that, my priority is to have fun, to enjoy life and to spread and receive love. I think that sounds pretty marvelous, right?


And I want to do a shout out to someone who helped me so much through the last 4 weeks and with all these realizations – my coach Courtney. She ALWAYS made me refocus on life and not on food, she encouraged me to take away pressure and to LIVE. I can not thank her enough. I will stay with her for the next 4 weeks to practise my losen-up-relationship with food and I am so much looking forward to it.

As we all know, the food I was craving while the Whole30, lost its appeal the moment I stopped the challenge and actually were ‘allowed’ to eat again. It felt so good to DECIDE to eat clean and not to be ADVICED.


So I am sorry that this time it wasn’t a fun weekend recap. But don’t worry – I still took a lot of pics during the days and I think they turned out pretty marvelous.


Walks and Morning Runs along the beautiful lake

IMG_3472 SONY DSC IMG_3469





Farmers Market

Farmers Market

SONY DSC IMG_3473 IMG_3464

Seriously guys, these are CRACK-tastic. I saved them religiously - got them in Heather's ( package and I swear I fought back tears when they were gone.

Seriously guys, these are CRACK-tastic. I saved them religiously – got them in Heather’s ( package and I swear I fought back tears when they were gone.

I hope your weekend was wonderful!!!

What do you think about such programs like the Whole30? 

Tell me one goal you set for yourself for May! 



30 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – Off Weekend / Update Whole30

  1. Thanks so much for your thoughts Lucie, I loved reading your honesty. I have to say I don’t think there is one set diet that works for everyone, I think you have to figure out what works for you at a certain time. I like to think of what I eat as a work in progress – trying new foods, experimenting and learning to manage cravings etc.
    Diet aside, your weekend looks very pretty!

    • Thank you Claire, I couldn’t agree more!! It helped me a lot to experiment with different combos and food, so that’s the benefit I could take out of the diet!

  2. I think that the Whole30 has its good points, and it will obviously probably help you feel lighter and healthier, however it is not sustainable, and cutting out so many things is not only mentally detrimental for those prone to disordered eating, it’s secluding and not fun! I think that being ‘healthy’ is focused SO much on diet and exercise, that mental wellbeing gets left behind. Diet and exercise probably account for 40-50% of health, the rest is happiness, love and friendship. With being on something like this, you can’t eat out with your friends (or if you do, you might become angry or envious that they can eat pasta and you can’t), and it becomes depressing to go out to social occasions.
    I really think you were courageous to stop it early. I too am like you, and sometimes feel the urge to change my diet up (I lasted TWO days on a vegan diet), but I realise now that the only time I will ever be happy or healthy is when I listen to my body and don’t restrict anything.

    • Aimee – thank you SO much for this. Everything is SO true what you write. I could literally feel my happiness fading away the longer the challenge went on. That’s why I stopped it, I didn’t feel well with all that restricting anymore. And as you say, going out was hardly possible and IF, I wasn’t relaxed at all. Listening to my body is key!!

  3. Girl, can we please have another video messaging date soon? I miss you!!!

  4. Thank you for this open and honest post! I know that I, too, often need to RELAX when it comes to food and food choices. I am glad to know that I am not alone in this. Oh, and those almonds?? Um, yes please! 😉

  5. kepotts says:

    Happy Monday Lucie! I think it’s impressive that you are able to recognize the pros & the cons of the Whole30 program as how the applied to you. Being aware of how certain things affect our bodies & minds is a huge step in the right direction. I’m really trying to pay more attention to the “feeling” rather than certain “rules”. And gorgeous snapshots as always!

    • Thank you Katie! I think it is a good thing to experiment with food and watch and listen to our bodies. Once we found out, we can stick to ‘OUR’ ‘rules’ rather than any given diet.

  6. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the honest thoughts love!
    Of course, there will never be one size fits all diet suited for everyone, but it never hurts to try. I’m really proud you were able to identify those pros and cons and make a great decision for yourself!
    I’m glad your new goal is to relax around food! I think that’s so important! Food shouldn’t be a stressor in our life since it’s a necessity. However, obviously other things contribute to how we act and feel around food. You have made amazing progress already.
    Happy Monday!!

    • Thank you so much Lisa!! I couldn’t have said it better – it really shouldn’t be a stressor, but nourishment and enjoyment. We all came a long way and know how hard it is. Sometimes failures lead to new knowledge!

  7. I did a Whole21 (only ever intended on doing 21 days, not 30) in January and it was kind of life changing. I lost 12 lbs and felt amazing. It really taught me how to cook with spices (as opposed to flavoring my food with marinades or sauces) and made me branch out from my regular meals.

    I just finished a Whole30 in April but my heart really wasn’t in it as much this time. I was much more relaxed with the rules and definitely cheated. But it still helped me to build more healthy habits! I’m much more aware of what goes into my food, how each thing affects me (booze = ugh!), and I feel like a meal planning champion.

    I’m definitely not going to eat Whole30 compliant, but I have found some compliant meals that are so delicious I’d be crazy not to eat them. I like the idea of self experiments and I think it’s great to challenge yourself once in a while.

    Good job!

    • Amber, I want to thank you so much for your short review on your experience with the Whole30!! That was so interesting to read and it’s great to see how you felt with the program!
      I can totally relate on finding out about great healthy habits which I will continue to include in my diet. I am also glad I took the challenge, it did make me feel good the days when I was determined and also when I had the awareness that it is time to stop.
      Thank you so much!

  8. I really enjoyed reading your honest Whole30 recap, Lucie; it was so refreshing to hear about both the negative and positive components of the program–especially because it seems like so many people have nothing but amazing things to say. I’ve always thought the program sounded too restrictive, and think that while it *might* be an ideal way to eat physically, it’s not so ideal emotionally. I’m really glad you listened to your heart and stopped when you needed to. As you said, you learn best through experience (so do I!), so satisfying curiosity can often only be done by ‘doing.’

    Gorgeous photos, my dear! When I come visit, will you teach me some of your photography skills?

    Happy Monday! Huge hugs! ❤ xoxo

    • Thank you Darling! It definitely IS restrictive, well at least for me who likes chocolate or a yogurt here and there. I just don’t want to force myself into a cage of rules when parallel the joy of life fades away. This is just me. I also hear many people loving the challenge, so here we see again how different we all are.

  9. I really appreciate your honesty. People are always posting about how great paleo is but I hated it. There’s something that seems wrong about elinating whole food groups, and I agree with you on the restriction thing. People think too much about special diets, I think. All you really need to do is eat good, clean, whole foods! And enjoy chocolate cake with the mood hits. 😉

    • I couldn’t agree more!! I might feel better without dairy, sugar and alcohol, still I love it so much, I want to enjoy it here and there. Life is about fun and not about restriction and rules, right? Except you are prepping for a competition of course!! 🙂

  10. Aw Lucie! You are so sweet for ,mentioning me 🙂 I am so proud of you and happy you are sharing your experience with others, that we are all not made to be perfect eaters and follow strict guidelines but have fun and use food to fuel the body! You rock and those almonds look amazing. Your photography skills are so amazing and I love seeing what your world is like through photos the farmers market looks fun! I can’t wait to start going to mine again. Love and shine

  11. I really enjoyed reading about your experience – and it’s so good that you listened to your body and stopped when you needed to. I also learn from experience – I can try these sort of restrictive programmes, but I never make it to the end as I have to rebel!

  12. missymiller says:

    Hi Lucie, We haven’t properly “met” (lol) but I have been reading (and loving) your blog here for quite some time.
    This post is FANTASTIC. Your insight into what works for you vs what doesn’t is applaudable and I think you did the absolute best thing by ending early. Take the best, ditch the rest …etc.

    Also, I really resonate with what you say about making my own rules/habits.

    I experience that on every meal plan I am on. As soon as someone says “4 oz” I am either helping myself to 6 or cutting back to 0.
    I want to thank you for helping me realize what was going on — I never could pinpoint it before.

    • Hey Melissa, thank you so much for your comment, means so much!!
      This challenge was really eye opening for this ‘trauma’ I have when someone gives me rules. I didn’t even change so much in the last few days, but it was all so much more relaxed because it were my own choices. We just need to do what is good for US – our bodies are the only ones who know it, no meal plan does!

  13. […] you read Monday’s post, you know that I stopped the Whole30 challenge earlier than planned. So instead of today being the […]

  14. Haha! I’m so glad you liked the “crack” nuts! 😉

    As far as the challenge goes, I’m glad you did it. I can tell that you learned a LOT from this process and like you said, sometimes you just have to see things for yourself instead of being told that something may or may not work for you. I’m sorry that you had a rough time toward the end, but I’m glad you had the sense to end it early instead of trying to go that extra few days. I like my Lucie happy…not sad and frustrated!

    • Yes, totally agree. I really could learn some great things about me and my body and that really made it a good thing. I couldn’t stand being miserable anymore, it felt really good to stop!

  15. […] Lucie – “I absolved the Whole30 challenge for 21 days. I planned to finish it and do the 30 days. Though after 21 days my body kept telling me that the program is too restrictive and that it needs a change up in diet. So I stopped. First, I felt like a failure because of stopping earlier than planned. But then, I figured out that I did it very well for 21 days and that I learned so much during the challenge and also lost weight. But I also figured out what wasn’t good for me and I am so happy I did listen to my body.” […]

  16. […] wait, what?! Nope, I am not going Paleo. After failing miserably at the Whole30 (I ended up eating chocolate for breakfast as an act of defiance – at least I […]

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